Ball in the Family: Season 2 – The Ball family members is transforming the video game on and also off the court. Meet LaVar, Tina, and also their 3 sons– all born to go pro. For LaVar, it’s all going according to plan. Yet in life, there space some points you just can’t prepare for. Watch only on Facebook.

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S2:E1 School’s Out

The Ball family members is speak high, however not all realms are built overnight. In the Season 2 premiere, Lavar starts losing confidence in the direction that Melo’s High institution basketball program and pulls the from Chino Hills High, sending shockwaves through the community.

S2:E2 The first 48 Hrs.

Get one exclusive watch behind the scenes of the first 48 hrs of Lonzo Ball’s suffer going pro in this week’s illustration of ball In The Family

S2:E3 Mr. Sweet Tooth

This week on sphere In The Family, Denise help launch Tina’s passion project, ‘Lady Baller Brand,’ if Tina and also Melo setup a an extremely special and an extremely ‘sweet’ surprised for Lavar’s 50th birthday.

S2:E4 Happy Birthday, Lonzo!

On this illustration of sphere In The Family, Denise and also D-Mo collection out to litter Lonzo a large birthday bash because that his 20th date of birth to get him the end of his shell. Meanwhile, Melo enjoys the freedom of not being in school.

S2:E5 Gelo has actually Been Detained

The huge Baller household prepares for their expedition to China to host some BBB pop-ups and also to support Gelo as he dram his first game with the UCLA Bruins in Hangzhou. Melo take away Mandarin lessons and also he is ravaged to uncover that over there is no social media permitted in China. Lavar and Tina gain into an argument when they succumb to the stress and anxiety of moving into their mansion prior to leaving. Gelo travel ahead that the household with the UCLA Bruins Team if Lavar, Tina, and Melo fly separately. Unfortunately, what starts as a fun family trip conveniently turns into a nightmare once the family finds out that Gelo has actually been arrested for shoplifting.

S2:E6 A Mother’s Love

In the wake of Gelo’s arrest, Lavar and also Tina space powerless to assist their son encountering imprisonment in Hangzhou, China top top this week’s episode of round In The Family.

S2:E7 Gelo’s Fate

Gelo to write a thank you very much letter that apology the proves an important in identify his future and eventually returns residence much come the relief of his whole family. Meanwhile, BBB goes an international with pop-up shops in Shanghai and also Hong Kong, ~ above this week’s episode of sphere In The Family.

S2:E8 A an extremely Thankful Ballsgiving

Upon returning back to the joined States, Gelo releases a declare apologizing because that his actions. V everyone back together, the household finds time to celebrate Thanksgiving at the ball Estate and Tina gets emotionally at having all her boys house with her.

S2:E9 Gelo’s date of birth Wish

Gelo and also the Ball family members celebrate his birthday, however the occasion is bittersweet ~ they discover out he’s been suspended. Fearing the this decision may impact Gelo’s chances at a pro-career, Lavar yanks Gelo native the program trying to find other options, top top this week’s illustration of sphere In The Family, only on on facebook Watch

S2:E10 The Future the the sphere Boys

With Gelo no much longer in the Bruin basketball program, that moves the end of his apartment at UCLA and back at residence much to the happiness of his mother, Tina. Meanwhile, Lavar has actually Gelo and also Melo’s certified dealer on the hunt for a pro-team overseas for both his guys to authorize with. The family members then takes a pilgrimage to the East coastline to show support for Lonzo together he wins a clutch game against the Philadelphia 76ers, inspiring Gelo towards greatness wherever he lands next which is revealed come be one of two people Japan, Lithuania or Croatia.

S2:E11 Melo and Gelo walk Pro

The sphere fam top to NYC for their BBB pop-up shop, but it’s Tina who steals the show. Meanwhile, the boys do some large plans because that Tina’s 50th birthday. Melo and Gelo give her the ideal present yet… she watching them sign pro-contracts through a team in Lithuania.

S2:12 strong Moves

In NYC, Lavar says goodbye to his sons to go back to Los Angeles on pushing BBB organization while D-Mo bring away Melo and also Gelo come Cleveland to see Lonzo play against his childhood idol, LeBron James. Earlier in LA, Lavar renders an notice that sends out shockwaves through the sporting activities world, the formation of the junior Basketball League.

S2:E13 A huge Baller Christmas

Melo and also Gelo prepare for your upcoming trip to Lithuania and also purchase part cold weather gear. Meanwhile, the Ball household gets come celebrate a an extremely special Christmas together at the ball Estate just before their big trip. Europe, right here they come!

S2:E14 Welcome to Lithuania!

The Ball family arrives in Lithuania in true huge Baller fashion with a grand reception by the Lithuanian press and also the executive staff from Team Vytautas. In between the 5 star hotel accommodations and red carpet treatment, the family members is confident this will certainly be a good opportunity for Gelo and also Melo. Lavar strikes increase a friendship v the coach while Gelo seamlessly integrates himself through his team and also impresses the coaching staff with his layout of play. Melo, however, battles in practice and also with meshing with his lot older teammates, souring his feel on being in Lithuania altogether. Finally, when the team loser its next game by practically sixty points, the family members turns suspect in the direction of their future through this team.

S2:E15 fully Committed

Despite a rocky begin with the Lithuanian professional basketball team, Vytautas, Lavar commits his youngest son Melo to two years with the organization because the coach has assured Lavar he will certainly prepare him because that the NBA. The household cuts ties through ESPN reporter, Jeff Goodman, because they feel he falsely represented Lavar in an interview.

S2:E16 The Two-Year Plan

Lavar breaks the news to Melo the he has committed him come play in Lithuania because that the following two seasons. Unhappy v the move, Melo cops a little of one attitude. When Lavar finds out they will certainly be drop a division if the team does not win seven of the following twelve games he pledges to turn up the heat.

S2:E17 meeting Halfway

After witnessing an additional embarrassing loss, Lavar’s patience through the coach and his losing ways has involved an end. In the end, Lavar decides come coach the next BBB game himself placing the load of the team future top top his shoulders. The boys attend a cryotherapy session and Gelo exposes a secret he’s to be hiding.

S2:E18 Tina’s Courage

When Lavar is invited to the M.A.M.A. Awards together a presenter, Tina is a bit insecure around walking the red carpet because she there is no attended a windy event due to the fact that her stroke. However, Tina is identified to trudge forward and also attend the ceremony through her family on this illustration of round In The Family.

S2:E19 infant Baller Alert!

In this episode of sphere In The Family, Lonzo and also Denise happily expose that she is five months pregnant and also they room eager to do a formal announcement to the world. Lavar voices his problem thinking the the couple is also young come be parental while the rest of the family share their support and excitement end the brand-new ‘Baby Baller’ ~ above the way!

S2:E20 London Bound

The Ball family travel come London because that a pop-up shop and to explore the possibility to play an exhibition game with a local team. While sight-seeing, Lavar and Tina reminisce end the days when they were a young couple and Lavar proposed to her in London. After ~ heading earlier to LA, Lavar it s okay a surprised from Lonzo in ~ his album release party.

S2:E21 Fatherly Advice

Lonzo takes a quick boys expedition to Miami when the NBA is ~ above break and expresses his excitement over being a father. Lavar imparts part fatherly advice ~ above Lonzo and also Denise ~ above a trip ago home through Tina. Earlier in Lithuania, v their parents in LA, Melo and Gelo acquire into part mischief if on rest from Team Vytautas.

S2:E22 naming The next Generation

Lavar returns to Lithuania v a confident attitude and also determination to turn the losing society of the team right into a win one. Meanwhile, Lonzo and Denise expose the surname of their infant girl come Tina and the family during their very first sonogram.

S2:E23 functioning Vacation

Lavar decides to take his sons to Barcelona because that a three day work extensive vacation to get their minds and also bodies back on track. Meanwhile, Denise gets some high quality time through Tina and also Noni learning how to make organic infant food and also discovering some funny facts about how the ball brothers were raised.

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S2:E24 draft Eligible

With the team ~ above yet one more losing streak, Lavar has actually lost every confidence in the coach and also sets his sights on a brand-new plan. Ago in the unified States, Denise joins Lonzo in new Orleans top top his road expedition with the Lakers. As they guess the bear of their infant girl, a i was sure Zo is sure that that doesn’t should take a ‘baby class’ resulting in his friends and also Denise to action in and also encourage him.