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AP Photo/Charles Krupa

We’re ticked off. Friend know, no one likes losing.

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— QB Lamar Jackson ~ the game

Let’s no downplay things or beat roughly the shrub . . . This loss sucks. Baltimore was greatly favored to win this week and also for an excellent reason. The Ravens came into this game excelling in ~ the things the Patriots struggled with, and also the weather looked to assist them out also more. Credit goes to new England for a spirited effort in pulling off the upset, but this is a game Baltimore need to have and could have won.

As the franchise quarterback, Jackson is not just the challenge of the team however the leader as well. As such, Jackson set the tone because that the Ravens, and also right now, he’s “ticked off.” when it’s regrettably Baltimore lost, it’s kinda pretty to check out Jackson clearly upset through that performance and seemingly itching to boost upon it. If that perspective rubs off on the remainder of the team, they’ll bounce ago quickly.


That’s the number of games Baltimore’s defense had actually come up v at the very least one interception. Through the Ravens failing to forced a fumble or interception versus the Patriots, it’s where the streak ends.


That’s the number of regular-season games Baltimore’s offense had scored at the very least 20 point out — i m sorry is every game Jackson has started in the NFL. Similar to the other streak, the Ravens’ 17 point out on Sunday note the end of the streak.

It’s the video game everyone has had actually circled ~ above the calendar this season . . . The Tennessee Titans. After gaining knocked out of the playoffs critical season by the Titans, Baltimore has had to be looking forward to this matchup.

Not only is it a chance at part revenge, however it’s additionally a possibility to get a foot up ~ above a conference adversary in the AFC playoff picture. With seven games remaining top top the schedule, anything is possible but locking increase a potential tiebreaker currently would it is in incredibly helpful when January roll around.

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The Titans mark a two-week stretch against probable playoff contenders. These two gamings will ultimately specify Baltimore’s regular-season and also give very early indication of just how the Ravens’ postseason can fare. It’s a opportunity for Baltimore come prove themselves against one that the much better teams in the league, through the potential come send a post to the rest of the NFL that the Ravens are still an extremely much because that real.