Sunscreens space a vital part the a sun safe regimen, protecting the skin against sun damage and also reducing a person’s risk for developing melanoma and other develops of skin cancer. Please describe the frequently asked questions below to find out more. If girlfriend have any other questions, you re welcome don’t hesitate come reach the end to ours customer business team at 1-800-SAFESUN or on ours website. Every media inquiries have the right to be command to vxcialistoufjg.comMediaRelations

To assist you gain the many from every minute at the beach and beyond, below are answers to several of the questions we hear most from our fans and customers.

- No, benzene is no an ingredient in any of our products. When benzene is no an ingredient in any type of of our products, it may be present at exceptionally low levels. Importantly, any type of potential residual benzene levels in our assets do not present any type of consumer safety concerns and also meet FDA’s prescribed borders for benzene in drug products.

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- Consumers can feel confident using our assets for the greatest level the sun defense when used as command by the product label.

- Yes. Every one of our sun care products experience rigorous testing to ensure castle are appropriately labeled and meet all relevant FDA regulations, including the forced FDA tests.- Our choice of ingredients, in addition to meeting all regulatory requirements, also complies with our own principles, i m sorry are based on scientific definitions for the safe usage of ingredients and strict standards established by regulatory agencies about the world.


Spray until you can see the product on her skinRub that in after sprayingAsk a girlfriend to aid with those hard-to-reach locations so you’re totally protected


Apply in public locationsApply near open flamesSpray straight on face—instead, spray right into your hand and also gently obstacle it in

UVA is long-wavelength (320-400 nm) UV and accounts for approximately 95 percent of the solar UV radiation reaching the earth surface, according to a press release indigenous The Skin Cancer structure called “Shining irradiate on Ultraviolet Radiation.” UVA can penetrate the deeper class of the skin, and has because that years been believed to beat a major part in skin aging and wrinkling. Importantly, current studies strongly suggest that it may additionally initiate and also exacerbate the advancement of skin cancers. UVA rays are present during all daylight hours and throughout the winter months.

Although UVA beam are much less intense than quick wavelengths, (UVB) castle are present all year round, and also depending upon the moment of the year, have the right to be 30 to 50 times an ext prevalent than UVB rays. Furthermore, UVA radiation have the right to penetrate glass and clouds. Thus, we are exposed to huge doses the UVA throughout our lifetime. UVB is the middle variety of UV v wavelengths in between 290-320 nm. It is an extremely biologically energetic and is responsible for burning, tanning, and acceleration of skin aging, and plays a very key role in the advancement of skin cancer. The strongness of UVB different by season, location and also time the day. The most far-ranging amount the UVB access time the U.S. In between 10am and also 4pm between April and also October.

SPF stands for Sun security Factor. This is a multiplier that tells you how much longer you have the right to remain in the sunlight without a burn when wearing a sunscreen. For instance, if you have the right to usually pardon the sun for 10 minutes there is no a burn, an SPF 15 will carry out you with 15 times that, or 150 minutes of protection without burning. Regardless of the SPF level friend use, you need to reapply sunscreen every two hours, or instantly after swim or sweating to help keep your skin protected.

Everyday face lotions through SPF are great for your skin and provide protection against incidental sun exposure. Because that a work in the sun, look because that a sunscreen with UVA & UVB protection and water-resistant protection. When used as directed, these assets will carry out broad-spectrum protection and will also protect friend if you will do it be in and out of the water. If you’re walking to it is in active, they will certainly not “sweat off” your body.

IF I apply A LOTION v AN SPF 8 and also THEN placed AN SPF 15 ON peak OF IT, does THAT typical I’M in reality WEARING one SPF 23? + -

SPF numbers don’t include up the method you might think. Utilizing an SPF 8 and also SPF 15 together won’t enable you to remain in the sun 23 times much longer than without protection. It’s not an additive. You must determine exactly how long you will do it be in the sun, along with your skin type, and also choose the ideal SPF level because that you.

For same and an extremely fair-skinned people, one SPF 15, and in plenty of instances an SPF 30, does not administer enough protection on a really sunny job in the summer, especially in southern parts of the U.S.—and remember, the much longer you’re in the sun, the higher SPF level friend need. Don’t forget to carry sunscreen with you ~ above all-day outdoor tasks so that you can reapply.

We offer a broad range of sun care products through varying SPF level to fit consumers’ different preferences, and also we encourage consumer to choose the appropriate sunscreen for their skin type, task level and also exposure need. Our sunscreens v SPF levels listed below 15 space labeled to alert consumer that the commodities have no been displayed to be effective in preventing skin cancer or beforehand aging. Our commodities with SPF 15 or greater are recommended for everyday sun security whereas SPF 30 or higher are recommended for extended sun exposure.

Photosensitization, an increased sensitivity to sun exposure, is a possible side impact of details medication, including specific kinds that antibiotics, heart and also blood pressure medicines, antihistamines and also antidepressants. Top your medical professional or pharmacist concerning photosensitization associated to any prescription medications.

Our testing protocol tests ours product and packaging (including transparent packaging) in ~ elevated temperatures and also sun light to check efficacy and durability. It is best to store assets at room temperature, but they can tolerate boosted temperatures once exposed.

While we have actually never done experimentation with regards to DHA and tattoo ink, we believe there would certainly be no interaction. However, we suggest trying a test spot on a tiny section that the tattoo first. The color produced by the sunless tanner may affect the figure of tattoo, specifically if the tattoo is a lighter color. If it does impact the appearance, the great thing is that the sunless is just a temporary shade on the optimal layer the the skin therefore it will certainly fade, tattoo octopus is more permanent due to the fact that the ink is down in the lower levels that the skin.

As a general rule, sunscreen constantly goes top top first. The reason is the the sunscreen needs to bind through the skin to make absorb or block the sun"s rays. So, sunscreen first, and also make-up second—even if your moisturizer has an SPF in it.

Yes, but we formulate our assets with kids’ and babies’ or adults’ distinctive needs in mind, and also so it’s essential to very closely consider the formulation when choosing sun care products for you and also your family. For instance, we understand that parental look for gentle assets for your children, and also so we sell specially formulated, tear-free and also sting-free kids and baby products that are also alcohol-free and milder top top the skin than our adult products.

Experts agree that for sunscreen to supply the benefits stated on the package, the sunscreen should be provided within three years that the produce date and applied as directed on package.

I used YOUR SUNLESS SUMMER COLOR and I DON'T LIKE exactly how IT LOOKS. How DO I remove IT FROM my SKIN? + -

If your skin figure is too orangey or dark, shot speeding the fading process by utilizing an exfoliating scrub or cloth. If your skin is streaky, be certain to exfoliate and moisturize BEFORE using the sunless tan for a more even appearance.

Please click the connect to check out of our coral-reef-friendly products. We room working to ensure that every one of our commodities will be reef friendly by the finish of 2021.

The ingredients in our commodities are expose on the labels making use of ingredient surname assigned by experts and also recognized by governments roughly the world. We execute not add to our products common food allergens such together tree nuts, peanuts, eggs, soy, wheat, fish, dairy products or gluten. Nonetheless, us recommend the consumers constantly read the label and check the list of ingredients. We likewise suggest consumers very closely test the product before use or top their medical professional in breakthrough if concerned around the opportunity of sensitivity to details ingredients.

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We’ve to be protecting funny under the sun for 40 years and also counting. Ours dedication come safety and also high-quality sunscreen way guaranteed fun-in-the sun protection that you have the right to trust every day. Even if it is spray, scent or stick, ours easy-to-apply assets are designed v one idea in mind: to aid you and also your household enjoy every minute outdoors.