Who doesn"t love eat a banana? carry out you recognize this usual fruit is lauded for its taste and also numerous health and wellness benefits? follow to the book, "Healing Foods" through DK Publishing, bananas are very resourceful. They are enriched through potassium, i beg your pardon is vital for keeping blood pressure. Fine while it may be the "perfect" fruit for many, it has come to be the center of lot debate about constipation.

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According come Macrobiotic Nutritionist and Health Coach, Shilpa Arora bananas are loaded through fibre and also nutrients that defend the gut lining. The is the food for healthy and balanced bacteria in the gut. Fibre help to get rid of toxins from the colon, which helps v constipation. However one requirements to understand that bananas don"t healing constipation magically. That is necessary to avoid eating particular refined foods that are claimed to cause chronic constipation. One has to avoid biscuits, bread, and all other items do with sleek flour and also processed sugar. The book "Healing Foods" says that the banana"s high fibre content helps bowel regularity and also eases constipation.

A Delhi based dietician, Ritu Arora states that ripened bananas improve the bowel condition and also let the microvilli current in the small intestine to duty better. They further aid in digestion and also relieves constipation.

Ripe and also Unripe Bananas

Unripe bananas (green-coloured) come some level may cause constipation due to the fact that they contain high level of resistant starch. This strength is pretty hard for the body to digest. Therefore, instead of picking the yellow-coloured ripe bananas is always a healthier option.


However, green unripe bananas are in general believed to assist in treating diarrhoea in infants. Together the banana ripens, the amount of resistant strength reduces and is converted into sugars. Ripe bananas are fairly high in fibre content. And has lengthy been asserted to prevent and ease constipation. Fibre has tendency to absorb water much more thereby helping stools to happen easily.

Can we take into consideration Bananas together a an excellent Option for Infants?

Dr Deepak Bansal, a Delhi-based Paediatrician is the the opinion the breastfeeding must be ongoing till the age of 6 months as per the human being Health organization (WHO) recommendations. Gradually after six months, weaning should be started. And the banana is a excellent weaning food, that have the right to be safely began at six months of age. It has actually much compensation over various other weaning foods or cereals.

He additional said the Banana is soft in texture, therefore it is easier to mash. Together it has a thick organic covering, therefore, the possibilities of pollution are also negligible. Because banana is wealthy in fiber that helps store stools normal. Another included advantage that Banana is that it have the right to be softened further, if essential by adding water, milk or curd right into it. For the one has to start through a little amount in ~ the starting - that is when or twice a day. Yet it must be kept in mind the it can be provided with various other cereals, only if the infant is no under the threat of food allergies. Some children may be allergic to bananas. In together cases, the is always far better to must consult a paediatrician soon.

Worth mentioning, ripe and unripe bananas are used for various purposes. Unripe bananas are the best medicine if you room suffering indigenous diarrhoea; on the other hand, ripe bananas are ideal to relax constipation.

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So, go for bananas and don"t hesitate to eat one every day! also at the very same time save in mind the bananas have actually a high quantity of herbal sugars, the is suggested that diabetic patients have to consult their diabetologist prior to consuming them.