Band-Aid is launching a variety of bandages in light and dark shades that black and also brown to do its products an ext racially inclusive.

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The agency announced the new products top top its Instagram with picture that reflects adhesive strips in five various colours including pale shades to darker hues.

Band-Aid, i beg your pardon is a component of Johnson & Johnson, created the bandages to display its appointment to promoting diversity and also in support of those protesting because that racial equality adhering to the death of african America George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis on Monday 25 May.


Johnson & Johnson has actually pledged the over the next three year it will give $10 million (£7,944,923) to fight racism and injustice in the united States, when Band-Aid brand it is donating $100,000 (£79,455) come the black color Lives matter Foundation.

Following George Floyd"s death and also protests roughly the world, a number of artists and also illustrators have produced visuals as component of the black Lives matter movement to spread out information and also resources on exactly how to help.

Many designers and also architects have talked out in demand for much more equality and also diversity, while others joined countless on Instagram in posting a black square in solidarity v those protesting for racial equality.

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