“The Tonight display Starring Jimmy Fallon” fans may have noticed that house band The Roots have actually a lot much less to carry out at the begin of the nightly routine now. The NBC late-night present quietly reduce its opening credits a few months ago, squeezing the cold open up down to a fast intro indigenous announcer Steve Higgins, a few “hey-hey-hey-hey” bars indigenous The Roots, and also then straight right into Fallon’s monologue.

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The decision to drop the opener is the many notable change made so much on “The this evening Show” due to the fact that former “Today” executive, management producer Jim Bell took over as showrunner in October. Fallon said vxcialistoufjg.com that the idea because that excising the opener was motivated by Netflix’s “skip intro” feature, which enables viewers to bypass a series episode’s opened credits and also get straight into the action.

But it’s also clearly a bid to organize on to more viewers from its local news lead-in together the late-night ratings wars when again warmth up. Because that the 2018-2019 TV season, “The Late display with Stephen Colbert” held a commanding lead in complete viewers, through 3.82 million (to “The this evening Show’s” 2.44 million). Both mirrors are bound in adults 18-49 (0.5 rating). “Late Show” stop a narrow lead over “Tonight” in adults 25-54 (0.8 vs. 0.7), which is additionally the news demo — so perhaps NBC believes any extra viewers the anything lock can acquire in transition from neighborhood news helps.

“The this evening Show’s” initial opening sequence, command by Spike Lee, featured Fallon and various brand-new York landmarks, and also had been a part of Fallon’s “Tonight” show because its 2014 launch.

“You don’t have actually on network TV,” Fallon said. “So you’re compelled to clock this, every night. And also you go, ‘I acquire it, Jimmy Fallon’s going come walk out. We obtain it, you’re in brand-new York City and you’re notified a hot dog.”

The idea, the said, is simple: “Get to the funny, gain to the comedy. walk to song in in ~ 11:35 and also want to see you be funny. ‘Gimme the jokes, what’s keep going in the world. Gimme the headlines. What is the chairman doing? What’s the brand-new pop society thing human being are talk about? show me a viral video clip and let’s go! game me, I’m tired. I functioned all day! i don’t should see you walking through new York! I gain it!"”

Sacrificed in the change, however, is that catchy “Tonight Show” layout song, i beg your pardon the Roots and also Fallon revealed throughout a 2017 panel at the Paley center was created out the bumper music the band wrote as soon as they first joined “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” in 2009. Fallon picked that track out of several choices to end up being his signature “Tonight Show” theme.

“Literally, the first song we wrote came to be the ‘Tonight Show’ theme, the ‘Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey’ song, which is weird since when you approached us around coming up through a brand-new ‘Tonight Show’ theme, we did about 20 other compositions,” The Roots’ Questlove told Fallon top top the panel.

The intro likewise included a minute where Questlove would shout the episode number of that night’s “Tonight Show.”


The new protocol also way the night’s guest aren’t immediately announced, till Fallon bring them up later in the monologue.

Soon after ~ the change, one fan began a petition top top Change.org to “bring the old ‘Tonight Show’ intro back.” just 43 civilization have signed on therefore far, back a viewer that did admitted that she misses “the old vibes the old intro had.”

One late night observer detailed that the decision to scrap the intro in order come seamlessly move from late neighborhood news into Fallon’s monologue is directly out the the NBC playbook. The Peacock network famously introduced its internal “NBC 2000” to plan in the late 1990s to reduced down opening theme songs, shrink end credits and immediately change from one show to the following without advertisement breaks. The goal to be to store audiences indigenous flipping channels.

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“They have an entire department in ~ NBC that goes, ‘what can we carry out to seize people prior to they change the channel?” the insider said. “‘What room some feasible off ramps for the lead-in audience, and boy if we can just hook them right away from the neighborhood news then maybe we save a tenth of a ratings point.’ that strikes me the that’s what that is.”

Local news stays a heavy lead-in because that late night shows, and also in many top markets, the NBC-owned train station outperform CBS-owned stations in late news, presumably giving “Tonight Show” a little bit of an advantage. (ABC stations lead in the peak markets.)

Fallon claimed the readjust remains one experiment. “We’re do the efforts it, we’re always up because that trying brand-new things and we always love any brand-new ideas,” the said. “There are constantly ways to adjust things and also grow in the right direction and see.”

And indeed, it’s nothing brand-new for late night reflects to experiment with changing up the form. NBC’s “Late Night with Seth Meyers” eventually started opening the episodes through Meyers sitting at his desk, ready to riff ~ above headlines — fairly than the was standing up, in front of a curtain, desired by most hosts. Colbert embraced an ext political humor, when Conan O’Brien just completely retooled his show, as it go from an hour come half-hour.