Banished is an eye-opening, deep personal account the life inside the cult known as the Westboro Baptist Church, and a fascinating story the adaptation and also perseverance.You've likely heard of the Westboro Baptist Church. Perhaps you've viewed their pickets top top the news, the members holding signs with messages that are too offensive to copy here, protesting at events such together the funerals the soldiers, the 9-year old victim the the recent Tucson shooting, and Elizabeth Edwards, all in front of your grieving families. The WBC is fervently anti-gay, anti-Semitic, and anti- nearly everything and also everyone. And also they aren't going anywhere: in March, the U.S. Supreme Court rule in donate of the WBC's appropriate to picket funerals.Since no organized religion will claim affiliation v the WBC, it's perhaps an ext accurate come think that them together a cult. Lauren drainpipe was thrust into that cult in ~ the period of 15, and then spat ago out again 7 years later.Lauren spent her beforehand years enjoying a typical life through her household in Florida. But when her previously liberal and also secular father collection out to develop a documentary about the WBC, his detached interest gradually developed into fascination, and he moved the whole family come Kansas to join the church and live on your compound. End the next seven years, Lauren completely assimilated their too much beliefs, and also became a member that the church and also an active and vocal picketer. Yet as she matured and began to an obstacle some the the church's tenets, she to be unceremoniously actors out from the church and also permanently reduced off from she family and from anyone else she knew and also loved.Banished is the story the Lauren's hit to find herself amidst dramatic changes in a people of extremists and a life in exile.

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Lauren drainpipe works together a registered nurse. She stays with her husband in Connecticut, where she enjoys outdoor tasks including endurance races, hiking, dust biking, and also camping. Banished is her very first book.Lisa Pulitzer is a former correspondent because that the new York Times. She is the author and also co-author of more than a dozen nonfiction books, consisting of the bestselling stolen Innocence.

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A move with her family members to Topeka, Kans., in 2001 precipitated year of immersion in a virulently antigay, hate-fueled church, i beg your pardon Drain, currently in her late 20s, depicts in this somewhat incongruously matter-of-fact, emotionally one-note memoir. The drain family moved from Florida in ~ the instigation of her father, a documentary film housing whose critical work about the well known gay rights–picketing Westboro Baptist Church evolved into a highly admiring portrait of this tiny Calvinistic sect that believed in the imminent finish of the world, the frightening wrath the God before the innate sin the mankind, v a slim few chosen because that “election.” A small, insular sect began in 1955 through the loud curbside preacher Fred Phelps, the WBC was largely run by his dozen children and also grandchildren, that all resided in a compound about the Topeka church, preserved tight manage over communal behavior, and also regularly picketed occasions such as gay pride and also AIDS marches with incendiary language and signs designed come provoke outrage (e.g., “God no fags”). Obedience and also conformity to be pillars of the church, and also increasingly difficult to swallow because that the then-teenage author whose few forays into adolescent flirting got her branded a “whore.” her narrative of these horrifying pickets are thorough (“we became nearly possessed”) and an especially chilling in her recitation of being absolutely cast out by her own family members without any compunction. Agent, Lisa Grubka, Fletcher & Co. (Mar.)

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"In gripping detail, mirrors on her fall from grace, just how it opened up her eyes and how she"s built a brand-new life filled v love, not hate. Three out of 4 stars."—People

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"In gripping detail, shows on her fall from grace, exactly how it opened her eyes and also how she"s constructed a new life filled through love, no hate. Three out of 4 stars."


"In gripping detail, reflects on her fall from grace, exactly how it opened up her eyes and how she"s developed a new life filled v love, no hate. Three out of four stars."

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The inside story of a small hate group that captured big headlines. The Westboro Baptist Church is infamous for having lugged picket signs reading "Thank God for 9/11" top top the day it happened. They carried the blog post "God hates America" to the funerals of servicemen killed in activity and picketed George W. Bush"s second inauguration with signs that read, "God hates Fag Enablers." Considering themselves the messengers that a wrathful, vengeful God, they warn of one upcoming apocalypse in i beg your pardon all however the elect members of your church will be plummeted to hell. Through the assistance of former New York Times correspondent Pulitzer (co-author: Stolen Innocence: mine Story of cultivation Up in a Polygamous Sect, becoming a Teenage Bride, and Breaking complimentary of Warren Jeffs, 2010, etc.), Drain defines the life that this pernicious cult and also the seven years the she spent in that is clutches. Situated in Topeka, Kan., the Church"s congregation lugged together 70 people at most, plenty of of them family members members of pastor Fred Phelps, whose id system was based on a fundamentalism the targeted homosexuals. The author"s father converted if filming a documentary about the group. In 2000, that coerced his wife and the writer (then 15) to join and also accompany that in a relocate from their Florida residence to Topeka. She defines how she struggled come adhere come the group"s doctrine, a struggle caused by too much social pressure (including her father"s physical abuse and threats come disown her.)Even so, she was at some point banished native the team (and any type of contact through her instant family) in 2007. Drain describes how her own identification eroded during the time she was a member the the cult, as she sought to quell her doubts in stimulate to obtain acceptance, and how the dynamic of an extensive family intensified your paranoid delusions. A chilling however illuminating account the the inner workings of a hate group and also Drain"s eventually successful battle to complimentary herself.