Good news for a slew that Bank of America client in Houston who received $100 bills instead of $20 bills at a regional ATM — they acquire to store the cash.

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Chaos ensued after news that a branch ATM in northern Harris County spat the end a $100 bill once a client tried to retract $20 in cash ~ above Sunday, station Click2Houston reported. The guy posted around the incident on social media, prompting a group of world to rush to the ar in really hopes of obtaining their hand on the extra cash.


Bank that America didn’t say exactly how much cost-free cash customers were able to gain away with. (Image courtesy that CNN)

Arguments and even a couple of fights broke out together customers anxiously awaited their revolve at the machine, authorities said. That was nearly two hours before a Department the Public safety trooper alerted the Harris county Sheriff’s Office to the hubbub.

Those still wait in line easily fled the area once authorities arrived, after i m sorry a sheriff’s deputy stood clock to make sure no one else could use the device until the glitch to be resolved.

“This to be an incident at a solitary ATM in Houston led to when a seller incorrectly invited $100 receipt in location of $10 bills,” financial institution of America said in a statement on Monday. “We have actually resolved the matter. Customers will have the ability to keep the extr money dispensed.”

Sgt. Joshua Nowick, Harris ar Sheriff’s Office said had actually the bank demanded the money back, customers who refused could face theft charges.

“There’s no free lunch. If you receive money the you recognize it is not yours, and also you refuse to give it back upon demand, you can, in ~ the discretion of the district attorney, be charged through theft,” claimed Nowick.

Bank that America customer Arz Mohar told regional station KXAN he didn’t think world should have the ability to take advantage of the issue.

“They should recognize that the financial institution will be sending out them letters to return the money ago so ns think castle shouldn’t be also happy,” Mohar stated at the time.

It’s unclear exactly how many people walked away v $100 bills or exactly how much money was incorrectly dispensed by the machine.

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