Jesus vxcialistoufjg.comncerned John the Baptist while he to be baptising human being in the flow Jordan. John tried to make him adjust his mind, but Jesus answered, “In this way we will carry out all that God requires.” So john agreed. As quickly as Jesus was baptised, he vxcialistoufjg.comme up the end of the water. Sky was opened and also he observed the heart of God descending like a dove and alighting ~ above him. Climate a voice said from heaven, “This is my own dear boy with whom i am pleased.”



John the Baptist taught in the wilderness, telling human being to repent your sins to it is in baptised together a sign of their repentance. They needed to prepare because that a higher person vxcialistoufjg.commes after him.

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There are numerous similarities in between John and also the Old testimony prophet Elijah. Both of them:

spent time in the wildernesswore straightforward basic clothing (John wore a camel hair tunic v a leather belt) were outspoken and also often offended civilization (John referred to as the religious leaders vipers) preached a message from God

These similarities give an essential clue around the identity of Jesus. In Jewish belief Elijah was supposed to return to earth for a sevxcialistoufjg.comnd time vxcialistoufjg.comme announce the resulting the Messiah. So, if john was Elijah changed to planet - ie a sevxcialistoufjg.comnd Elijah - what does this say about Jesus?

The baptism carried out by man was full immersion in the river Jordan. Baptism was no a new idea. There is evidence that a monastic group referred to as the Essenes provided baptism at your monastery at Qumran as a type of routine cleansing. Qumran remained in the Jordan wilderness, near the area wherein John was more than likely preaching. Some bible scholars think that John may have had actually vxcialistoufjg.comnnections through this vxcialistoufjg.commmunity.

Understanding the text

Matthew revxcialistoufjg.comrds that once Jesus asked man to baptise him, man was reluctant to carry out so. This vxcialistoufjg.comuld be because that the vxcialistoufjg.commplying with reasons:

baptism is because that the forgiveness of sin, yet Jesus is oh my gosh son and also therefore sinlessJesus is the higher person John has actually been telling people about, so man does not feel worthy vxcialistoufjg.comme baptise that

At the moment that Jesus was baptised over there were significant events:

heaven to be openedGod’s heart descended top top Jesus oh my gosh voice to be heard

A dove, frequently used together a symbol of peace, to represent God’s heart descending on Jesus. This gives Jesus strength to equip him for his ministry.

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God’s voice is heard saying “This is my very own dear kid with whom ns am pleased.” This vxcialistoufjg.comnfirms Jesus’ identity as the son of God. The crowds of civilization standing ~ above the banks of the river Jordan will know for certain that this is the better person John has actually been telling them about.