The famousBar Rescue pirate bar Piratz Tavern is closeup of the door Saturday, one day before it will again be featured onBar Rescue, the present it blames for its demise.

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On Sunday, Spike’s Bar Rescue will air a special “Back to the Bar: Hot-Headed Owners,” i beg your pardon re-vists bars featured in the past, includingPiratz Tavern.

The silver- Spring, Maryland, pirate-themed bar was first featured top top the show’s second-season premiere in 2012.

Jon Taffer dumped the pirate theme and renamed itCorporate Bar and also Grill due to the fact that of its place near office buildings.

The makeover to a corporate-themed bar appeared to be a kind idea but likewise a prick move draft to develop drama v the staff, which was deeply and also emotionally committed to the theme.

Piratz Tavern to be vandalized, got fake reviews

Being ~ above the display leads to harassment, consisting of vandalism and also fake digital reviews (here’s how Yelp encounters fake TV-inspired evaluate from viewers of reality makeover shows).

Bar Rescue Updates first reportedthe closeup of the door “due to the bar shedding their lease” after it was announced in a on facebook group.

Later, Piratz Tavern post thisto Facebook,blaming the present for the end:

“Hear Ye, listen Ye! Piratz Tavern will open up it’s doors because that the last time top top Saturday April 4th. Unfortunately the negative publicity, constant prank calls, vandalism and bogus reviews produced by our unfortunate joining on Bar Rescue have actually taken your toll.

To include insult come injury, late last year Taffer’s crew reached out to me again asking the we take part in a earlier to the bar episode. Lock promised the it would be complied with by a re-rescue and that lock would best all the wrong’s committed during the very first episode. Obviously ns don’t learn. I believed them.

On December 1st we saw the effort to open on a Monday, the at some point a week we have actually been closed because that 8 years, through a skeleton staff of previous employees who agreed come play the parts. The was usually coerced and staged to it is in an opened act for a re-rescue. I was said to bring in several alters of clothes to make it show up that filming covered numerous days.

As normal they lugged in a bunch of extras to fill the house and we were told what come say and also with who to speak. Throughout the entire shoot the director coached Juciano come curse and say negative things around John Taffer. He described me as the “hero”, my daughter as the “victim” and also Juciano as the “villan”.

Total bullshit basically we have actually been fucked by truth TV again and with know one to blame yet ourselves, us have made decision not to renew our lease. Just can’t take it anymore. Manager James Agiesta sweet talked me right into the deal and also then left united state behind choose carnage, just like the very first time. A substantial thanks to all of you that worked and played so tough to make Piratz Tavern the awesome place it has been because that the critical 8 years.”

Owner Tracy Rebelo said the Gazette she assumed this episode would lead to another full makeover episode, however was later on told the display was “going in a different direction.”

It is curious why she’d speak yes again after all the problem the show has caused her, but at the very least she takesresponsibility because that that.

Interestingly, she said she was initially contacted by Kitchen Nightmares but declined; Bar Rescue contacted her later.

The document reports that “Rebelo claimed last year was challenging for she personally — she father died and also her mommy was very ill. The persistent ‘Bar Rescue’ tension has included to that.”


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