Jon crashes the party at a failing bar wherein out-of-control bartenders would quite dance than pour drinks.

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When the owner of one outdated college sporting activities bar would quite spend his time play fantasy football, Jon offers him a sheep of reality.

At a castle-themed bar, Jon must compete with a surly tyrant of one owner whose unruly temper has actually pushed his employee to your breaking points.

Maria Menounos help Jon reconnaissance a deeply indebted L.A. Beer bar whereby the owners space divided around whether to litter in the towel and sell or keep plugging away.

Jon have to teach 4 bickering ireland sisters how to manage conflict between one another so lock can lastly start regulating their bar.

Jon revisits Solids & Stripes, Pat"s Cocktails, MoonRunners Saloon and Corporate Bar & Grill to watch if the hotheaded owners of this once-failing bars are keeping their cools.
Jon go head-to-head with a stubborn owner and self-proclaimed "nightlife expert" who"s resistant to implementing any changes.
A family-owned bar is put at risk once a son"s excessive drinking and also poor management choices begin to lure an X-rated clientele.
Jon is dubbed in to assist a retired baseball player turn bar owner that struck out once he hired a boozy staff content to waste the bar"s profits.
Before he deserve to save your failing bar, Jon need to navigate the turbulent organization partnership in between an ex-pilot and his ex-girlfriend.
Jon make the efforts to aid the owner of a failing Portland, Oregon, bar cool the temper of his stubborn chef and his overbearing stepdaughter turned service partner.
Taffer is aided by Alexander Siddig and also Iddo Goldberg, the stars that TUT, to assist him rescue a Moroccan bar v an identification crisis.
Jon tries come motivate the inattentive owner of a failing Portland, Oregon, music meet plagued by mismanagement and also an ant infestation.
Jon checks in on some of the many stubborn owner he"s ever worked with, consisting of the owner of O Face, whereby Jon formerly walked out without perfect the rescue.
The eccentric owner of Brix alcohol Bar is too busy gift the life of the party to an alert his organization is withering top top the vine.
Jon is tasked v rescuing a Chicago sports bar that"s hefty on managers and also light on respect for the owner.
Jon check in on four previously rescued bars, including Dimples and also 22 Klicks, to see if the owners have actually a far better grasp of the truth of your businesses.
A womanizing owner will shed his run-down Caribbean bar, and also his wife, if that can"t change his toxicity behavior.
A lackadaisical owner may lose more than his ireland pub if Jon isn"t maybe to assist him take charge and end the fighting among his bartenders.
The obnoxious behavior of two feuding brothers endangers to placed an end to the storied tradition of imperial Oaks, the earliest bar and barbecue share in Youngstown, Ohio.
Whether it"s journalists, land developers or divisions within their own inner circle, the Dutton household has proven time and also time again castle never ago down indigenous a fight.
As the fight over land rages on, the Duttons space targeted like never ever before, and also everyone is paying the price for power on Yellowstone Season 4, premiering ~ above November 7.

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Expect much more action, drama, humor, side hustles, steamy hookups and also secrets native the past on the debut season of 68 Whiskey.