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The idea that President Barack Obama is a passionate and committed monitor of Jesus Christ is a controversial subject in the US. Opponents point to the President's adjust of heart over gay marriage, and also other plan decisions, as evidence that his claims of belief are hollow, however Obama consistently affirms his belief in Jesus. In interviews throughout the past decade, the world's most an effective man has spoken openly of 'my Christian faith and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ'; declared he has actually 'absolutely' read the Bible, and also has 'an ongoing conversation v God.' below are simply a few of the countless comments he's made around his beliefs over that time.

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On coming to be a Christian...

"Yes. Absolutely. That was during a daytime service. And also it to be a an effective moment. It was an effective for me since it no only shown my faith, it no only offered shape to my faith, but I think, also, allowed me to connect the occupational I had been pursuing through my faith."

- indigenous an interview with Cathleen Falsani, march 2004

On the heart of Christianity...

"We room both practising Christians and also obviously this position might be thought about to placed us in ~ odds through the views of others, but, friend know, once we think around our faith, the thing at root that us think about is, not just Christ sacrificing self on our behalf, however it's likewise the gold Rule, friend know, treat others the method you would desire to be treated."

- native an interview with alphabet News, may 2012

On his personal devotional life...

"I do have a couple of favourite . Isaiah 40:31 has actually been a good source of encourage in mine life, and also I quote from that often. Psalm 46 is additionally important come me; I determined to check out it top top the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Niebuhr's serenity prayer is a good one as well. I've also been blessed to get a day-to-day devotional indigenous my faith advisor, Joshua DuBois, that will send me scripture or think from people such as CS Lewis or Howard Thurman every morning."

- from an interview with Cathedral Age, respectable 2012

On his admiration for Pope Francis...

"I have actually been yes, really impressed so much with the way he's connected what ns think is the essence of the Christian faith, and also that is a true feeling of brotherhood and also sisterhood, and a regard for those that are much less fortunate. My suspicion, based upon what I've checked out of that so far, is that he's a pretty secure guy. Ns don't think he needs any advice indigenous me around staying humble."

- indigenous an interview with CNN, January 2014

On discernment together he listens to preachers...

"That's other you learn watching ministers, fairly a bit. What they contact the divine Spirit. They want the holy Spirit come come down prior to they're preaching, right? no to try to intellectualize it yet what I view is there are moments that take place within a sermon whereby the minister gets out of his ego and is speaking from a depth source. And it's powerful. Over there are additionally times when you have the right to see the ego acquiring in the way. Whereby the minister is performing and plainly straining because that applause or one Amen. And also those are distinct moments. Ns think those previous moments space sacred."

- native an interview with Cathleen Falsani, march 2004


On exactly how his belief has grown due to the fact that becoming President...

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"My faith is a an excellent source of comfort to me. I've said before that my confidence has grown together President. This office tends to do a person pray more; and as president Lincoln once said, 'I have been thrust to my knees many times by the overwhelming conviction that I had actually no ar else to go.'"

- from an interview with Cathedral Age, august 2012

Perhaps the many extraordinary moment of Obama's Presidency native a confidence perspective came previously this summer, in the kind of a hymn. In his eulogy because that Rev Clementa Pinckney, the pastor who passed away in June's catastrophic Charleston church shooting, president Obama said, "The bible calls united state to hope. Come persevere and also have confidence in points not seen", prior to going on to offer a amazing mini-sermon around the extraordinary grace of God. As he concluded, listing the surname of those who'd passed away in the shooting and also "found the grace," he began to song the famed hymn to the surprise and delight the the 5,000 strong congregation. It was a minute that no only offered hope to that grieving church, but suggested again that regardless of the critiques the those who oppose him, Barack Obama has actually a real and living belief in God.


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