In this week's problem of PEOPLE, the above I Dream that Jeannie actress, 90, opens up about her exceptional journey throughout the years, the challenges she's faced, the lessons she's learned and why she doesn't plan on retiring any type of time soon.

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"Sometimes one is forced to sluggish down, yet I'll execute what I execute until ns can't," she says, v a laugh.

She's long been one of Hollywood's many beautiful and also ageless stars, but, this days, Eden has actually largely provided up glam to gain a low-key life in Beverly Hills through her husband the 30 years, real estate developer Jon Eicholtz, 83, and their Labradoodle puppy Bentley.

"I don't wear any kind of makeup, simply usually a mask and dark glasses," she says.

The Tucson native, who spent many of her childhood in mountain Francisco, uncovered her love because that performing early, to sing in the church choir and competing in pageants. Her huge break in Hollywood came in 1955 when she came to be a recurring lay out performer ~ above The Johnny Carson display before she landed she career-making Jeannie function on the NBC sitcom in 1965, certification alongside Larry Hagman.

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These days, Eden — who newly published her first children's book, Barbara and also the Djinn, with coauthor Dustin Warburton — is happy with where life has actually taken her.

"I'm really lucky," she says. "I have dear friends. I have actually a exorbitant family, a really supportive husband, a dog that is adorable, however a brat! Yes, I'm an extremely happy. Ns think life, everything, needs to work itself out. There's a reason for most things, and also I can't wish because that it."