Starring Barbara Eden, Denise Richards and Patrick Muldoon, mine Adventures through Santa is a heartfelt, fun-filled adventure the brings the magic of the holiday soul to the totality family. Christmas in the Nolan family members isn"t what it offered to be. Instead of a joyous family members gathering, they room spending this vacation apart. ~ above a last minute shopping expedition with Dad, the household enters an fascinating store only to discover a dazzling snow globe with wonder powers. Suddenly the Nolan household is transported through the world to the phibìc Pole where they are asked to aid Santa conserve Christmas! together they come with each other to support Santa and the elves, their family love grow stronger and also the true an interpretation of Christmas come alive.

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Shimmer and also Shine is an American animated television series, produced by Farnaz Esnaashari-Charmatz. That airs top top Nick Jr. In the united States and on Treehouse in Canada. The collection is based on an unreleased pilot from 2013, and also premiered on Nickelodeon on respectable 24, 2015. It to be renewed for a fourth season of 20 illustration on October 20, 2018.

Long Island medium is a TLC fact television collection starring Theresa Caputo, a self-professed medium who insurance claims she can interact with the dead. Lot of the program, i beg your pardon premiered on September 25, 2011, takes place in Hicksville, brand-new York, despite it often follows Caputo together she meets with clients in various other areas.

Small town high-school lover Michael Foster and also Grace Holland née Anderson lost sight after choosing separate careers. Each"s marriage to another failed in a few years, however Grace has actually a ...


Hollywood Squares is one American game present in which 2 contestants compete in a game of tic-tac-toe to success cash and prizes. The show piloted ~ above NBC in 1965, and also the regular collection debuted in 1966 top top the same network. The plank for the game is a 3 × 3 vertical ridge of open-faced cubes, each populated by a celebrity sit at a desk and also facing the contestants. The stars space asked questions by the host, and also the contestants judge the reality of their answers to acquire squares in the appropriate pattern to success the game.
Sabrina the Teenage Witch is one American sitcom television series created by Nell Scovell, based on the Archie Comics series of the exact same name. The display premiered on September 27, 1996, on abc to end 17 million viewers in that "T.G.I.F." line-up.
Dr. Jesse Newman is assigned to dealing with David, a grieving policeman who shed his partner in a shootout. It seems the situation is solved, till a lucky coin belonging to David"s companion ...
Jesse Newman is an ambitious psychologist in a treatment center. Someday Gloria Hager appears in her office and starts telling around her husband, that beats her. But suddenly she operation out... ...
Col. Nelson is on a long-term, top-secret an are mission. Jeannie cannot carry him home, temporarily, come hear your son"s important academic presentation without knowing specifically where he is ...
An overprotective solitary mother make the efforts to prevent her boy joining the parachute unit by sending him to the college, fearful the he may finish up his life prefer his dad did. He secretly leaves ...
Kathy, a basic grocery clerk, finds her way into her neighborhood high culture and the life the a wealthy suitor who thinks she"s a stockbroker.
Steven and Laura Harding (along v their kids David and Mary) have actually moved to the quiet ar of Stepford, Connecticut. Steven join the men"s club, which is tho assimilating their ...
Unscrupulous football team owner Bert (George Kennedy) will acquire one million dollars tax-free if he resides up come the regards to his recently deceased father-in-law"s will. He needs to restore the old man"s favorite train, the Chattanooga Choo Choo, and also make a twenty-four-hour run from Chattanooga to brand-new York City. Bert (Kennedy) look at this together his chance to get free from his wife and also get part publicity for his team. Bert"s mistress (Barbara Eden), the team coach (Joe Namath), cheerleaders, players press, estranged wife, daughter, potential son-in-law and also his father (who is likewise Bert"s business rival), are all on-board for the hilarious trip.
Harper sink PTA (known simply as Harper Valley during its 2nd season) is an American sitcom television series based on the 1978 movie of the same name, which was itself based on the 1968 nation song of the same name tape-recorded by singer Jeannie C. Riley and written by Tom T. Hall. The series, starring Barbara Eden that reprised her role from the film, aired top top NBC indigenous January 16, 1981 to august 14, 1982.
Stella Johnson is a single mother life in the town of Harper Valley. Now most of the townspeople, particularly on the PTA board, they feel she dresses too sexy and is a small too "loose" for them, for this reason they are making things hard for her and also her daughter. As soon as the PTA plank threaten to have actually her daughter expelled uneven Stella changes her ways, she decides come get back at lock by an initial exposing every their covert secrets and also hypocrisy. Then pulling every sorts the humiliating pranks top top them. Once she decides to run for the place of PTA President, they are really infuriated and try to protect against her any means they can.
Dallas is an American element time television soap opera that aired ~ above CBS native April 2, 1978, to may 3, 1991. The collection revolves approximately a wealthy and also feuding Texas family, the Ewings, who own the independent oil agency Ewing Oil and the cattle-ranching floor of Southfork. The collection originally focused on the marriage of Bobby Ewing and also Pamela Barnes, whose family members were sworn adversaries with every other. Together the collection progressed, Bobby"s larger brother, oil tycoon J.R. Ewing, ended up being the show"s breakout character, who schemes and also dirty business became the show"s trademark. When the display ended in may 3, 1991, J.R. Was the only character come have appeared in every episode.
An expectant mother starts acting strangely and also doesn"t know why. Progressively she starts to realize that her bizarre behavior is being controlled by her unborn baby.
A mrs vacationing v her husband in Mexico discovers she is being stalked through an worldwide killer.
A disillusioned housewife top top a vacation in the woods is disturbed by her husband continually do the efforts to acquire her to come house and, more ominously, a mysterious howling in ~ night.
The Carol Burnett present is an American variety/sketch comedy television present starring Carol Burnett, Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and also Lyle Waggoner. Initial episodes ran native 1967 come 1978. In 1975, frequent guest star Tim Conway came to be a continuous after Waggoner left the series. In 1977, penis Van Dyke replaced Korman however it was agreed the it was not a match and he left ~ 10 episodes. The present originally ran ~ above CBS from September 11, 1967, come March 29, 1978, because that 279 episodes, and again through nine illustration in the autumn of 1991. The series originated in CBS television City"s Studio 33, and also won 25 primetime Emmy Awards, to be ranked number 16 on TV Guide"s 50 best TV mirrors of every Time in 2002, and also in 2007 was noted as one of Time"s 100 best TV shows of every Time.
I Dream the Jeannie is an American fantasy sitcom television series starring Barbara Eden together a 2,000-year-old genie and Larry Hagman together an astronaut who becomes she master, with whom she drops in love and also eventually marries. Developed by display Gems, the display originally aired indigenous September 18, 1965, to may 26, 1970, with new episodes, and also through September 1970 with season repeats, on NBC. The present ran for five seasons and 139 episodes were produced.
Matthew Ansara was born on august 29, 1965 in Los Angeles, California, USA as Matthew Michael Ansara. He was an actor, known for come Protect and also Serve (2001), Con games (2001) and also One civilization (1998). He was married to Julie Ansara. He passed away on June 25, 2001 in Monrovia, California.
Ride the Wild Surf is a 1964 American romantic drama movie . It was filmed in 1963 and also distributed in 1964. Unequal the coast party movies of the era, this to be a leave from the typical Hollywood approach to surfing as it to be a drama, not a comedy. That is known for the exceptional big wave surf clip – a usual sight in surf movies of the time, however a rarity in Hollywood films. Likewise, the film has actually only one pop tune – the titular Jan and also Dean track, which is heard once, in ~ the end of the film.
Sequel to the 1962 movie "The Interns", this medical melodrama details the occupational of interns, nurses and also doctors in ~ a significant American hospital.
is ready to purchase them every out. What he doesn"t tell anyone is the the railroad will certainly run v the town in less than a year"s time. The local newspaperman and the librarian both think he"s as much as no good. Dr. Lao gets them come look at life differently and also not to market out to the highest possible bidder.
After being released indigenous his party by Harold Ventimore, the genie Fakrash commits himself to boosting his brand-new master"s life. The only difficulty is that instead of help Harold, Fakrash tends to acquire his grasp into an ext predicaments than he it s okay him out of.
Burke"s law is one American detective collection that aired on abc from 1963 to 1966. The present starred Gene Barry together millionaire captain of Los Angeles Police homicide division Amos Burke, that is chauffeured roughly to resolve crimes in his 1962 Rolls-Royce silver- Cloud II.
The Virginian (repackaged as The males from Shiloh in its final year) is an American west television collection starring James Drury, Doug McClure, and Lee J. Cobb, i beg your pardon aired ~ above the nationwide Broadcasting agency (NBC) television network from 1962 to 1971 for a full of 249 episodes. It to be a spin-off indigenous a 1958 summer collection called Decision. Filmed in color, The Virginian came to be television"s an initial 90-minute Western series (75 minute excluding commercial breaks). Cobb left the series after four seasons and was replaced over the year by mature personality actors john Dehner, Charles Bickford, man McIntire, and also Stewart Granger showing different characters.
Professor Fergusson plan to make aviation history by making his means across Africa by balloon. The plans to claim uncharted areas in West Africa together proof of his developments worth.
The fictionalized resides of the story-telling Grimm brothers are carried to life in this all-star fantasy film. In the beforehand nineteenth century, the brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm are commissioned to create a family history for a regional Duke. Reenactments of 3 of your stories including "The to dance Princess", "The Cobbler and the Elves" and "The singing Bone".
Admiral Nelson take away a brand brand-new atomic submarine with its paces. When the valve Allen radiation belt records fire, the admiral must discover a method to beat the warmth or clock the world go up in smoke.
Story of a marine ship through a captain i heard with capturing a fish, a singing executive officer wanting to acquire married, and an Indian v a turkey as a pet. V Pat Boone together the optimistic suitor, Barbara Eden together his girl, and Buddy Hackett assigned come Boone to remain out of the captain"s way.
West Texas in the years after the Civil war is an uneasy meeting ground of two cultures, one white. The other native American. Elvis portrays Pacer Burton. The kid of a white rancher (John McIntire) and his beautiful Kiowa Indian wife (Dolores DelRio). As soon as fighting division out in between the settlers and also natives, Pacer tries come act together a peace maker, however the "flaming star the death" pulls him irrevocably into the deadly violence.
Route 66 is an American drama television that premiered on CBS top top October 7, 1960, and also ran until March 20, 1964, for a total of 116 episodes. The series was produced by Herbert B. Leonard and also Stirling Silliphant, that were also responsible because that the alphabet drama nude City, indigenous which path 66 was indirectly be crazy off. Both collection employed a style with elements of both timeless drama and anthology drama, yet the distinction was wherein the shows were set: naked City was set in brand-new York City, while course 66 had actually its setup change from week to week, with each illustration being shooting on location.
The Andy Griffith display is an American case comedy television collection that aired on CBS native October 3, 1960, to April 1, 1968, with a total of 249 half-hour episodes covering over eight seasons—159 in black and white and also 90 in color. The series partially originated from an illustration of The Danny thomas Show.
Alfred Eaton, an ambitious young executive, climbs come the peak of brand-new York"s financial people as his marriage crumbles. At the brink that attaining his job goals, that is compelled to choose between business success, married come the beautiful, but unfaithful mar and starting over with his true love, the lot younger Natalie.
Adventures in heaven is one American television collection created through James Michener i m sorry ran on abc from 1959 until 1962, certification Gardner McKay together Adam Troy, the captain the the schooner Tiki III, which cruised the southern Pacific looking for passengers and adventure. USA Network aired reruns the this collection between 1984 and 1988. The plots deal with the romantic and detective story of oriental War veteran Troy. The sustaining cast, varying from season come season, attributes George Tobias, man Stockwell, and Linda Lawson.
Three U.S. Army recruits have various romantic adventures while preparing to appear on a televised talent show.
Rawhide is one American western TV collection starring Eric Fleming and Clint Eastwood. The display aired because that eight periods on the CBS network on Friday nights, from January 9, 1959, to September 3, 1965, before moving come Tuesday nights native September 14, 1965, till January 4, 1966, through a full of 217 black-and-white episodes. The series was produced and also sometimes command by Charles Marquis Warren, who also produced at an early stage episodes of Gunsmoke.
He depicted Cochise in the television series Broken Arrow, Kane in the 1979–1981 collection Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, command Kang in three Star Trek television series, Deputy U.S. Marshal Sam Buckhart in the NBC series Law that the Plainsman, and noted the voice for Mr. Frozen in Batman: The Animated collection and numerous of the spin-offs.
How come Marry a Millionaire is an American sitcom the aired in syndication and on the NTA movie Network, native October 7, 1957, to respectable 20, 1959. The series is based on the 1953 movie of the exact same name certification Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable, and also Lauren Bacall.
Perry Mason is an American legitimate drama series originally broadcast on CBS television from September 21, 1957, to might 22, 1966. The location character, shown by Raymond Burr, is a fictitious Los Angeles criminal-defense lawyer who originally appeared in detective fiction by Erle Stanley Gardner. Many episodes are based upon stories created by Gardner.
The West allude Story, additionally known merely as West Point, is a dramatic anthology television series shown in the United claims by CBS throughout the 1956-57 season and also by ABC during the 1957-58 season.
Powerful patrol cars, fast motorcycles, and superheterodyne two-way radios incorporate to struggle crime on the countryside highways that America"s large open spaces.
Gunsmoke is an American radio and television western drama series created by director Norman Macdonnell and also writer man Meston. The stories take location in and also around dodge City, Kansas, during the settlement of the American West. The main character is lawman Marshal Matt Dillon, played by william Conrad top top radio and also James Arness top top television. Once aired in the unified Kingdom, the television series was at first titled total Law, later on reverting come Gunsmoke.
Father Knows finest is one American sitcom certification Robert Young, mrs Wyatt, Elinor Donahue, Billy Gray, and also Lauren Chapin. The series, which an initial began on radio in 1949, aired for six seasons with a full of 203 episodes. The collection debuted on CBS in October 1954. It ran because that one season and was canceled the following year. The collection was choose up through NBC, where it stayed for three seasons. ~ a 2nd cancellation in 1958, the collection was choose up however again, by CBS, where it aired until might 1960.

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I Love Lucy is an American television sitcom that initially ran on CBS native October 15, 1951 to might 6, 1957, through a complete of 180 half-hour episodes extending six seasons (including the "lost" original pilot and also Christmas episode). The show starred Lucille Ball, her real-life husband Desi Arnaz, Vivian Vance, and also William Frawley. It complied with the life the Lucy Ricardo (Ball), a middle-class housewife in brand-new York City, who either concocted plans through her best friends (Vance & Frawley) to appear alongside she bandleader husband Ricky Ricardo (Arnaz) in his nightclub, or tried numerous schemes come mingle with, or be a component of present business. After ~ the collection ended in 1957, a amendment version continued for three much more seasons with 13 one-hour specials; that ran indigenous 1957 to 1960. It was an initial known together The Lucille Ball-Desi Arnaz Show and also later in reruns together The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour.