The celebrity toy-couple who shocked the civilization with their split after 43 years together have reunited.

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By Parija Kavilanz, senior writerFebruary 14, 2011: 12:16 afternoon ET

NEW YORK ( -- Ken to be on a mission this year. He want Barbie earlier he prospered ... ~ above Valentine"s Day.

Ken and also Barbie"s on facebook status currently says "in a relationship."

And that"s no the just thing that"s to be updated.

The new Ken is sporting a new Justin Bieber-like look, and also a brand-new name: Sweet Talkin Ken.

Ken didn"t hold ago in his search to woo Barbie back.

Fans saw billboards in new York and Los Angeles v Ken professing his renewed love because that his ladydoll, declaring "Barbie, you are the just doll for me."

Even better, " Barbie, we might be plastic however our love is real."

Ken and Barbie fans may also have picked up on the famed exes flirting on facebook recently, or noted that Ken confirm in ~ above Foursquare at the famous Magnolia Bakery in brand-new York to acquire special cupcakes for his favourite girl.

Breakup the rocked the world: Ken and Barbie shocked your fans -- and also the civilization -- when the doll world"s "golden couple" go splitsville in 2004.

The couples" romance began 50 years back when castle met top top the set of their an initial television commercial with each other in 1961.

When they unexpectedly split, their PR reps claimed both Ken and also Barbie required to spend "some high quality time apart."

Even celebrity dolls" relationships deserve to crack under the constant glare of the media.

More skeptical observers called it a an extremely clever publicity stunt aimed in ~ reviving sagging sales the Mattel"s (MAT, fortune 500) most iconic brand.

Barbie was slowly but surely acquiring knocked off the toy shelf by her funky hip-hop nemesis at the moment -- Bratz dolls.

So Mattel essential to spice up Barbie"s game. What better way to execute that than with a carefully crafted split up with Ken?

It lugged Barbie a many attention.

Mattel repositioned Barbie together a single, live independence woman and also used the break-up with Ken to extend the Barbie brand to clothes, perfume and also other merchandise that would likewise appeal to older consumers.

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Did the gimmick pay off?

Barbie sales in the united States have improved end the last few years. Currently that she has taken earlier her "arm candy," Ken may help Barbie become this year"s queen the dolls.