Margot Robbie has actually some tiny, plastic shoes to fill, but with director Greta Gerwig paving she dream-house driveway, Barbie"s less likely to stumble in those stilettos. Variety shown on July 9 the Little Women director Gerwig will certainly helm the live-action Barbie film, through Robbie attached as Mattel"s size-zero superstar. Under Gerwig"s stewardship, the blonde symbol who"s juggled careers together a president, doctor, teacher, fashion designer and also Tokyo-bound Olympian will certainly be forced to confront her feminist critics.

Revealed Robbie in a covering story with British Vogue, “Right, the comes with a lot of baggage! and a most nostalgic connections. Yet with that come a lot of of exciting ways to strike it.” Here"s what we know about the doll drama for this reason far.

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When will certainly the film release?

The Warner Bros. Job was first announced in 2019, but numerous other projects—and, no to mention, a pandemic—have maintained Gerwig and also Robbie liven in the interim. Variety confirms that Gerwig and also co-writer noah Baumbach will finalize the script after completing work on the Baumbach-directed 2022 film White Noise.

Barbie will certainly film in London in early on 2022 and also will it is in slated for a 2023 theatrical release. There"s no word yet on when, where or if the film will certainly be easily accessible on streaming services.

Who"s playing Ken?

It to be announced on October 22 that Ryan Gosling is in final negotiations because that the role of Ken, the popular romantic interest of Barbie and a wonderful choice for a leading guy to star the opposite Robbie. Apparently, Gosling at first rejected the role, saying he was also busy, but the delay in production lined it up through a free spot in his calendar. The hope is to shoot at the peak of 2022, and Gosling just wrapped on the Russo brothers" Netflix film The Gray Man, exhilaration alongside chris Evans.

While Gosling is undeniably gorgeous, Evans does it seems ~ like much more of a Ken, doesn"t he? perhaps Gosling"s variation of the top Mattel character will certainly be a small spicier 보다 expected.

Who else is in the cast?

So far, the only cast member announced is Robbie as the titular star and Gosling as Ken.

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What will certainly the story it is in about?

Gerwig will certainly pen the manuscript with Marriage Story"s Baumbach, which method this won"t be your usual toy-to-television adaptation.

“People usually hear ‘Barbie’ and think, ‘I recognize what the movie is going to be,’ and then they hear that Greta Gerwig is writing and also directing it, and also they’re like, ‘Oh, well, maybe I don’t...,” Robbie told British Vogue.

While us wait for more news, could we indicate a rewatch that the ground-breaking 2004 film Barbie: The Princess and also the Pauper?

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