bee Gees star Barry Gibb and also singing sensation Barbra Streisand to be presenting a Grammy Award once the Australian sex symbol tenderness kissed the Funny Girl star as the human being watched on. Picture: CBS
after an introduction from Simon & Garfunkel's Paul Simon, Barbra and also Barry walk on stage holding hands and also to a was standing ovation and to offer a little presentation of your own. Picture: CBS
The kiss came just months after the pair released your smash-hit duet 'Guilty', and also earlier in the night Gibb and Streisand had won the Grammy award for best Pop performance by a Duo or team with Vocal for the historic song. Picture: CBS

"Barry," Barbra begins, "do you feel guilty?" she says, in a tongue in cheek nod come their renowned song.

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"No," Barry says gently.

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"No?" Barbra says, staring right into his eyes, "I do."

"Why would you feel choose that?"

"I don't know," she says, "I feel choose i'm cheating ~ above Neil Diamond," together the audience roars through laughter.

Then, in a moment that seems completely off script, Barry gently says: "Give me a kiss" and leans forward to lock lips through Streisand.

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Accompanied by wolf-whistles native the happy crowd, Barry doesn't miss out on a beat and pulls away to then seamlessly announcement the nominations because that the finest Rock Vocal performance by a Male, together Barbra smiles and looks on.

The kiss came just months after ~ the pair released their smash-hit duet 'Guilty', and earlier in the evening Gibb and also Streisand had actually won the Grammy compensation for best Pop power by a Duo or group with Vocal for the historical song.

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The pair were ideal Rock Vocal performance by a masculine at the 23rd yearly Grammy Awards in 1981 as soon as the kiss took place. . Picture: CBS
In a minute that seems totally off script, Barry says: "Give me a kiss" and also leans forward gently to lock lips through Streisand. Picture: CBS

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The writing and producing pair were a musical force to be reckoned with, already winning 15 Grammys in between them.

At the time, Barbra Streisand had actually been awarded 12 Grammys, consisting of Album of the Year and Song the the Year and Barry had actually won three: two for previous albums and once because that Producer of the Year.

Barbra approached Barry Gibb to create songs because that her brand-new album, Guilty, in the late '70s, however what was an alleged to be a cooperation on a handful of songs confirmed so successful that Barry finished up co-writing and producing the totality album.

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The two duets to be released by Barry and also Barbra from the album were widely acclaimed.

'Guilty' to be released together the album's 2nd single and also had vast success, ultimately peaking in ~ number three on the Billboard hot 100 and 'What sort of Fool' remained in the optimal ten chart for ten weeks.

Guilty was the 22nd studio album through Streisand and also is her best-selling album to date internationally, with sales of over 15 million copies worldwide.

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Barry Gibb and Barbra Streisand have had actually a long writing partnership. Pictured circa 1981 in new York City. Picture: Getty

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In 2005, Barry Gibb and also Barbra Streisand paired up once again to relax Guilty Pleasures, a follow-up to your 1980 album featuring live performances and also remastered audio to mark its 25th anniversary.

Speaking to Diane Sawyer top top the beginning the follow-up album, the pair questioned their long writing career and close friendship.

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“Working through an artist prefer Barbra is one in a lifetime, and I really thought it was once in a lifetime!” Barry joked around their brand-new collaboration. “Barbra take away a song and also does it she way, and there’s no real means to put that right into words," that said, adding: “There the ten best female artists…and climate there’s Barbra Streisand. It is the truth.”

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Barbra has actually been married come her 2nd husband, James Brolin, since 1998. Pictured at the Oscars in 1997. Picture: Getty

While the chemistry in between the pair is undeniable - in spite of their decades of participation - the duo have never remained in a relationship.

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Streisand has been married twice. Her very first husband to be MASH actor Elliott Gould, and also they to be married from 1963 come 1971 and her second husband is actor James Brolin, whom she married in 1998.

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Barry Gibb was married come Maureen Bates native 1966 come 1970. Later on that year he married previous Miss Edinburgh, Linda Gray, and the pair celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on September 1, 2020.

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