Barbra Streisand is known to the world as among Hollywood’s most iconic singers and actresses, yet did you recognize the lovely filmmaker to be married double throughout she career? while it’s obvious she’s been living a life that wedded bliss through longtime spouse James Brolin, Barbra likewise previously bound the knot v ex Elliott Gould.

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The “Woman in Love” songstress crossed routes with her an initial husband in 1962 as soon as she to be auditioning for a duty on I Can obtain It for You Wholesale. ~ starring with each other in the Broadway musical, Barbra and Elliot hit it off and became a couple.


While living together in a tiny apartment end a seafood restaurant in new York City, the Funny Girl star and the M*A*S*H actor made their love official when they obtained married in 1963. The previous pair came to be the proud parental of their just son, Jason Gould, just three years later in 1996. However, Barbra and also the Long Goodbye actor called it quits by 1971.

Following she divorce indigenous Elliott, the A Star is Born actress discovered love again through James in the mid-1960s. At the time, Barbra met the Life in Pieces gibbs “at a dinner” party. “ intended a moustache mountain-man type, and also he had cut off every his hair and also was clean-shaven,” she recalled come W newspaper in 2016. “I inquiry him, ‘Who screwed up her hair?’ … He later on told me that’s once he dropped in love v me.”


“We space the ideal of friends,” that gushed come Bella magazine in January 2019. “A brand-new marriage is a love affair, and then it i do not care a friendship and a many of people don’t realize how an excellent that is. They question where their love to work went.”

Barbra is one happy lady!

Scroll with the gallery listed below to fulfill the actress’ present husband James and ex Elliot.


Elliot Gould, 81

Around the time he met Barbra, Elliott was renowned in his own right together a Hollywood actor. Aside from his role with his ex-wife top top I Can gain It because that You Wholesale, Elliott plot in loads of old hits including M*A*S*H, The silent Partner, Getting Straight and also much more. Elliott retained up his above career together he’s also starred in 2017’s Humor Me and Contagion in 2011, as well as his latest project, Dangerous Lies, which to be released top top Netflix in April 2020.

Following his divorce indigenous Barbra in 1971, the Ocean’s Eleven actor tied the knot v Jennifer Bogart in 1973. The former pair welcomed kids Samuel Gould and Molly Gould prior to going their separate means in 1975. However, their love story wasn’t over together Elliott and also the actress rejoined in 1978. The ex-pair walked under the aisle as soon as again before calling the quits for the 2nd and last time just a year later in 1979.

Although it’s to be decades since Elliott and also Barbra dubbed it quits, his ex-lover is “a very far-ranging part the life,” the Hollywood alum revealed to Closer Weekly in 2017. “No less far-ranging than the rest of my household — Jason is the light of our lives. Barbra adores him. So we have actually contact.”

Despite the reality that Barbra is “happily married come James Brolin,” Elliott stated he tho considers the actress his family. “I’ve claimed to her: ‘I recognize you’re married come someone rather now and I just wish friend well, but this is a tiny family unit and you’re a component of it, for this reason I’ll constantly be there."”


James Brolin, 79

Like his wife, James has had quite the epic operation in Hollywood. On top of his gigs in Westworld, Life in Pieces, Hotel, Capricorn One and a ton others, he’s likewise received two gold Globes and also an Emmy Award. In 1998, James was likewise awarded a star ~ above the Hollywood go of Fame come commemorate his impressive work.

Before Barbra fell in love with James, the Marcus Welby, M.D. gibbs was formerly married. In 1966, that walked down the aisle with an initial wife Jane Cameron Agee. The pair welcomed boy Josh in 1968, complied with by kid Jess in 1972, and also raised your brood together before calling the quits in 1984.

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James moved on native his an initial marriage as soon as he met second wife jan Smithers simply two year later. The pair married in 1986 and expanded the actor’s family when daughter Molly arrived in 1987. Unfortunately, James and also Jan ended their relationship in 1995. However, it was the adhering to year that he would certainly meet and also fall in love v the Way us Were actress.

Ahead the the couple’s milestone 20th wedding anniversary in July 2020, James specifically dished the mystery to your loving bond. “I’m easygoing, but I’m really opinionated. And also she likes to control everything,” that told Closer at the time. “I’m laconic and also never gain anything done. But she’ll zero in top top one point after the other, so it is what makes ours a an excellent marriage.”