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Real Madrid and also Barcelona go into the 2021-22 season v a point to prove after both sides were beaten come La Liga glory.

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Atletico Madrid were crowned champions critical term, with actual coming 2nd and Barca finishing third, 7 points turn off the speed of the champions.

Barcelona are currently without Lionel Messi, while actual Madrid no longer have actually the inspirational figure of Sergio Ramos in your defence.

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When is the following Clasico?

Oct 24, 2021Barcelona vs real Madrid Camp NouLa Liga
Jan 12, 2022Real Madrid vs Barcelona King Abdullah sporting activities CitySpanish super Cup
Mar 20, 2022Real Madrid vs Barcelona Santiago BernabeuLa Liga

The next Clasico in between Barcelona and Real Madrid will be play on Sunday October 24, 2021 at Camp Nou. It will be the first Clasico that the 2021-22 season and the game kicks turn off at 3:15pm BST (10:15am ET).

Barcelona and also Real Madrid room due to face off in the Spanish at sight Cup ~ above January 12, 2022. That game will be played at King Abdullah sporting activities City in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

The 2nd Clasico conference in La Liga will certainly come on march 20, 2022 in ~ the Santiago Bernabeu.

La Liga fixtures 2021-22: Openers, Clasicos & crucial dates

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How to watch El Clasico

In theUK, La Liga matches will certainly be accessible to watch and stream top top La Liga TV, if Premier Sports and also FreeSports likewise have legal rights for part games.

In theUS,La Liga games will be broadcast on the beIN sporting activities network, which has both English language and also Spanish language channels, and also an digital streaming service, beIN sports Connect.

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Fans in the united state can likewise watch El Clasico ~ above Fanatiz through a 7-day cost-free trial.The digital streaming service carries all La Liga matches, and a totality host of other competitions, because that a monthly subscription of just $7.99.