Ellen Freudenheim is the writer of four guidebooks to Brooklyn, wherein she has actually lived for much more than 20 years.

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Some world might pertained to Barclays center just because that the Brooklyn layout food! The venue has over 3 dozen Brooklyn brand name foods, including classics and gourmet, from warm dogs come brisket come cheesecake and also Tex-Mex classics.

Brooklyn classics: You have the right to nosh on such beloved Brooklyn standards as Junior's cheesecakes (the initial Junior's keep is within a half-mile to walk of the stadium) Nathan’s famous hot dogs and L&B Spumoni Gardens ices.New Bklyn Foodie Tastes: A newer generation that Brooklyn food is represented by delicious, retro-packaged McClure’s Pickles, delectable Brooklyn Cupcake, and also divine Tex-Mex ingredient from the food truck geniuses Calexico.Gourmet Style: girlfriend can also shell out for new Maine lobster rolls from Brooklyn's own Red Hook Lobster Pound, marketed for under $20. Carnivores have the right to enjoy gourmet brisket, the is, "Brooklyn Bangers" brisket hot dogs, cooked increase by Michelin-rated chief Saul Bolton or, alternatively, BBQ brisket or pork native the acclaimed Williamsburg haunt fatty ’Cue.

Don't get Thirsty! You have the right to Only Buy smaller sized Sized Soft drinks

Camels wouldn't care, however some sports fan who get hoarse native screaming might.

NYC market Bloomberg"s obesity-fighting ban on the sale of over-sized sodas is in impact at concessions in ~ Barclays Center, so girlfriend won"t have the ability to purchase a sugary, fattening soft drink larger than the 16-ounce dimension from a stand. Larger sizes that bottled water are available.

However, at sports events, mobile marketers ("hawkers") can sell diet sodas in 20-ounce party of soda — yet only diet soda.

i m sorry Food Stalls & vendors Are whereby at Barclays Center?

Over 3 dozen neighborhood vendors market their foodstuffs at Barclays Center. The entirety operation is overseen by raise Restaurants, the food operator because that the USOpen and other sports and also entertainment venues.

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Ticketmaster main Concourse

Brooklyn burger (Sec 03, Sec 29)Calexico (Sec 03)Avenue K Deli (Sec 06)Fatty Cue BBQ (Sec 07)Brooklyn Bangers & dog (Sec 08)Paisano's Meat industry (Sec 10)Verrazzano (Sec 15)Bed-Stuy Grill (Sec 17)Buffalo ceo (Sec 22)Nathan’s (Sec 24 )Habana (Sec 25)Junior's, Blue Marble & an ext (Sec 26)Fresco's by Scotto (Sec 29)Brooklyn Burger

Barclays Suite Level

Fort green Grill (North Side)Clinton Hill Burgers (North Side)Park steep Burgers (North Side)Williamsburg Grill (North Side)

Metro computers Upper Pavilion

L&B Spumoni Gardens (Sec 206/207)Sec 225/226)Nathan’s (Sec 206/207)Habana outpost (Sec 209/210)Brooklyn burger (Sec 209/210)Prospect Height’s Grill (Sec 222/223)Fatty Cue BBQ (Sec 222/223)Brooklyn Bangers & dogs (Sec 225/226)

because that Those Eating exterior Barclays center

But, the course, nothing"s preventing you native eating before or after ~ a Barclays center show. And also Brooklyn"s full that bars and also restaurants, fairly a couple of within shouting distance of Barclays Center. Examine out faves in ft Greene, possibility Heights, Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue, and even Park Slope and also Carroll Gardens.