Back in the day before networks would dominate daytime programing through an endless barrage of talk mirrors (that currently all seem to be made up of teams of human being sitting about tables and gossiping), morning and afternoon television would covers a myriad of video game shows and daytime soaps.

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These mirrors would dominate daytime programming for so long that lock would come to be synonymous v ‘daytime television’ for generations of viewers. If friend were home sick it to be the only stuff ~ above you could find come watch.

Some that those soaps felt they had been on the waiting forever. A few seemed to have run because that acouple centuries in some capacity. Ns think a couple of started the end as cave paintings.

As the daytime television landscape changed most of these video game shows and soaps would gradually fade away and now their reruns idly reside top top The Game display Network and also The Soap Opera Network. The seems any type of program can discover a house today.

One of the most popular and also enduring daytime programs would be The Price Is Right. An hour-long game show that would consist of contestants come “come on down” and guess the prices of ordinary family members products.

Over forty years after its debut it still airs. But the gold years were as soon as it was hosted by Bob Barker and he had actually a team the models to assist feature the commodities to viewers. These models would become known as Barker’s Beauties.

Everyday Barker would be surrounding by this trio the lovely females whose main contribution to the present was to respectfully point to products, assist do the grunt work-related with the pricing games, such as flipping carboard indicators around and keep up with an ever-changing wardrobe throughout the show.

Like v any great team there has actually been a continual change of players with the years, however the actual Hall that Fame women that comprised Barker’s Beauties, the crucial three were – janice Pennington, Dian Parkinson and Holly Hallstrom.

They would aid Barker with the gamings from the mid-70’s as much as the 90’s. From over there the trio began to get damaged up, all leaving the present having very little love because that Bob. Together a an outcome The Tower the Barker began to crash to the ground. An ext on that in a bit.

They were attractive gals who many of the time upstaged the assets you were meant to be focusing on. That wasn’t constantly easy to get your gears winding about the sleeve price of a bottle of Palmolive dish detergent when there to be a hot babe standing beside it!

I’d endeavor a guess the Barker and the mirrors producers knew specifically what they to be doing with their Beauties, what their donation to the present was and also the tantalizing allure they had actually on the viewers.

They were essentially eye-candy and also no one seemed to have any kind of problem with the or tried to pretend they to be something different. In the late 70’s and also througout the 80’s the didn’t seem to stroked nerves anyone the this chaste price guessing game present was objectifying women in this manner. Everyone simply rolled through it.

The Price Is right family, Announcer Johnny Olson, hold Bob Barker & his Beauties – janice Pennington, Dian Parkinson & Holly Hailstorm

Plus, we have to remember the time as soon as The Price Is Right and Barker’s Beauties delighted in it’s most popular years and also was in the heyday. This to be a time as soon as most civilization only had three tv stations to watch. Over there wasn’t easy access to porn and nudie magazines were something marketed in the back of seedy small stores. For this reason to most young kids, – and even to their fathers – see a sexy woman was standing in front of a camera seductively rubbing a grandfather clock was nirvana.

And this to be being shown in the middle of the day! This to be programming because that the entirety family. Girlfriend could constantly say you were staring so vigorously at the tv screen since you were really trying to figure out the price of this garbage! In fact you were dreaming how great it would be to have a jello wrestling enhance with the Beauties.

With the assist of the popularity of the display Barker’s Beauties came to be one the many recognizable group of gals ~ above television. And they didn’t even have to release a sex tape or embarrass us on some fact show. They were the daytime equivalent of Charlie’s Angels.

Janice Pennington

Janice Pennington, Bob Barker & Anitra Ford

Pennington was one of the initial Barker Beauties and served as the show’s longest running model. She join the display from the start in 1972 as soon as she was among the 2 featured models through Anitra Ford.

When ns was old enough to get approximately to experiencing the display I constantly viewed Pennington together the ‘Mom Model’. She to be obviously older than the two various other girls and also seemed to be the classier and an ext mature of the bunch.

I constantly had her pegged together the leader that the trio. She to be the no-nonsense worker. She did she job and never tried to upstage the products or Bob. She would dutifully hand Barker his ridiculously long microphone at the beginning of every display for twenty-nine years.

A year before landing The Price Is ideal Pennington to be Playboy’s Playmate that the Month in may 1971.

Janice Pennington showing up in Playboy 1971

I would imagine she Playboy appearance assisted land her the slot ~ above this gameshow. It absolutely couldn’t have actually hurt. Just looking at she photos one could see she to be attractive….and I’m sure she could suggest to products. There might have to be some issue over exactly how she looked with garments on, but that seemed like a minor trouble to overcome. She appeared like suitable candidate!

Had I checked out Pennington earlier during this time she could have quickly been my favourite Beauty, yet I wasn’t treated to seeing the early on 70’s version of she on the show. I never even knew around her Playboy layout until years later and also when I uncovered she do nude i was shocked! ‘Janice? No she would never do that!’. Luckily she did and also we deserve to admire her photographic today.

During most of her operation on The Price Is appropriate she seemed to have the least troubles with Bob and the show. Heck, she operated there because that twenty-nine year so points couldn’t have been as well bad.

There to be an accident top top the show in 1988 wherein a camera knocked Pennington unconscious and she fell into contestants row. She recovered, yet surgery led to leaving her v scars and leaving among her shoulders slightly shorter than the other. She days the modeling swimsuits were over after that. Yet, she would outlast her companion Beauties lastly leaving the show in 2000 in some mysterious circumstances.

Pennington was ‘dismissed’ after ~ taping a display in October the 2000. No cite of her exit was announced on the show and also Barker, who at that time was also the reflects executive producer, never ever spoke to her. Reportedly Pennington signed a negotiation forbidding she to talk about the details of she dismissal, so most likely we’ll never ever know specifically what happened.

The popular belief is the the then fifty-eight year old Pennington was let walk to do room for younger models to tempt a younger audience. Along with it gift Barker’s way of retaliating versus Pennington for testifying in a wrongful termination suit lugged on by Hallstrom versus Barker.

You would never ever think through the funny jovial chats between the 4 of them on the display in prior of the cameras things were therefore ugly behind the scenes. Yet there’s juicer ingredient to discover.

Dian Parkinson

Parkinson was the sexy Beauty. V her blonde hair and toned body we would frequently see her sporting a bikini when a trip to Hawaii was up for grabs. She showed up to be the ‘Bad Barker Beauty’.

She was the one you might have the most fun through behind the collection and furniture displays. She most likely would have won the peak slot of being the most famous Barker beauty beauty for male viewers.

She was the winner that 1965 Miss people USA contest. Not sure what that title exactly is, yet it method she to be very great looking.

Parkinson join Price in 1975, not quickly after Pettington. She seemed to be the Beauty many willing come wear a two-piece bathing fit every show. She would also eventually it is in the one to offer Barker his best headache.

Dian Parkinson’s pinup poster

With Parkinson’s sexy looks and knack for looking great in swimsuits she parlayed her Price fame right into other modeling venues. She would have actually her own sexy posters throughout the eighties.

That appeared to it is in the point for stretch. Any great looking tv star or sexy model would have actually their own poster for boys to hang up on your walls. Ns guess it started with that Farrah poster and it just kept to run throughout the eighties. Together I psychic Parkinson had actually quite a few of them.

She then upped the stakes and also dropped her threads when she showed up in Playboy in 1991 and also 1993. The didn’t much result in anything for her. Uneven you want to count her showing up in a VHS Centerfold video, but that used to be a package deal.

No one ~ above daytime television currently wore a bikini as great as Dian! Just check out this compilation that clips! friend forget all about the prizes they’re talk about.

The standard Price Is Right started its end in 1993 v Parkinson’s departure from the show. She was enabled to say goodbye come the home and studio audience and said she was leaving come ‘pursue other interests’. Maybe to make much more posters.

At the moment tabloid reports were circulating the rumor that Parkinson left due to the fact that of a nasty feud in between her and also Pennington. Back the two didn’t obtain along really well and the show tried no to pair them up and be required to cooperate at pointing in the direction of bathroom cleansers together, the was not the key reason why Parkinson had left.

A year later on Price Is best fans would discover out why. Parkinson to be responsible for the most high-profile scandal on The Price Is Right. In 1994 she sued Barker and the display for $8 million, claiming that she had actually been required to have sex through Barker in bespeak to keep her job. Barker admitted come a consensual sexual partnership with Parkinson for a year and a half.

The wrongful discontinuation suit was dismissed, yet the sexual harassment fee stayed. However, Parkinson would finish up dropping it in 1995 saying the lawsuit was inflicting clinical distress on her well-being and also she lacked poor funds to salary for her legal fees.

Barker is yes, really sounding choose a skunk here. The seemed much more concerned with gaining pets spayed and also neutered than treating his Beauties an extremely kindly. It makes you wonder what else was going ~ above behind those giant sliding doors.

Barker feeling vindicated. Parkinson slowly disappeared from the public eye and also the pristine wholesome image of The Price Is right would start to tarnish. It would certainly be helped more along a few years later by my favorite Barker Beauty.

Three that the Barker Beauties Dian Parkinson, Holly Hailstorm and Kathleen Bradley showing up on The Vicki Lawrence show in 1993 – this was throughout much more joy times.

Holly Hallstrom

The one redhead in the bunch. Holly was indeed my favourite Barker Beauty. She appeared to have an ext of a personality than Janice or Dian.

Granted we would certainly rarely have actually time to acquire to understand their individual individualities throughout the show. They would spend most of their on-air time pointing come furniture and revealing prices. However in the few instances where they gained to speak Holly was constantly a standout and also her easygoing attitude and also smile as soon as she modeled the products won her over for me.

She was funny and had a an ext bubbly demeanor than the other Beauties. If Janice was business and Dian to be sexy, Holly looked come be having actually a grand old time. And she looked awfully cute come boot! She would certainly be the one I’d take v me if i won the pilgrimage on that showcase showdown.

When Anitra Ford left the present in 1977 Holly come to fill the vacant slot and also would end up being the final member that the standard Barker Beauties team that us would have actually until the early on 90’s.

Holly ended up being a fan favorite. She was kind of clumsy at times and when things would walk wrong it was entertaining to see how she handled it. Generally she was prepared to laugh in ~ herself and also not afraid to look at silly.

It was always a genuine treat when she donned part swimwear. The was largely Dian’s point who would continuously wear bikinis. So as soon as Holly acquired into a bathing fit it ended up being a good episode! She generally would stay a one-piece, but still ns was all eyes!

Sadly we never obtained a Playboy layout native her. She could have done a poster at least though!

An funny clip that Holly acquiring pranked through her fellow models

One of the things I most remember from the time I would certainly watch this show was Holly throughout the close up door credits. Since I had actually such a like on Holly back then i would just watch to watch what she would do as the credits zipped past Barker and also his Beauties.

Along through all the waving and smiling everyone did Holly would constantly hold up a tranquility sign at the camera. Always! ns would begin to begin to look at for that everytime i watched the show.

I began to suspect that probably it to be a an individual message come her mommy or someone. Kind of like how Carol Burnett would famously tug on she ear, which started as a secret message to she grandmother.

Could over there be a mystery message hidden behind Holly flashing the tranquility sign? i never found out. That would be a fun an enig to unravel. But it to be probably just a straightforward and clear post she want to provide to viewers.

Holly Hailstorm’s informing the push her allegations against Barker and also the show

In 1995 things ongoing to gain ugly for Barker and also The Price Is Right. Girlfriend know, for a present whose main job is come showcase mop cleaner and ugly furniture there sure was a the majority of drama going on behind the scenes!

Holly to be ‘dismissed’ indigenous The Price Is Right. She said she was let go by Barker due to the fact that she had gained fourteen pounds because of a prescription medication she was taking.

Then she later on alleged in addition to her load gain, the factor she was provided the boots was because she refuse to assistance Barker throughout Parkinson’s lawsuit and also didn’t go in addition to the story Barker had instructed she to say. Holly refused and was consequently escorted turn off the stage.

Barker sued Holly because that slander, but ended up dropping the suit. Barker to be ordered come pay every one of Holly’s legitimate bills. Then Holly countersued Barker because that age, weight and also medical discrimination, wrongful termination and also malicious prosecution.

After a long lengthy court proceeding lastly in 2005 Holly got a multi-million disagreement settlement. She started a foundation for world who have been the victim of wrongful and also malicious treatment in their workplace however don’t have actually the funds to struggle it.

Obviously ns wasn’t around to witness exactly what happened, yet I number something should of to be going on that made Holly for this reason angry and also passionate and willing come endure such a long struggle.

During the prolonged court instance Holly had to market all she possessions and also was apparently living the end of her auto for a stretch, but as she said, “I refused to offer up and also let the evil old bastard win.”

In case you didn’t pick up top top it, Holly’s introduce to Bob Barker in that statement.

Plus, v the consistent rocky dismissals of every of the Beauties I’m tempted to say there appeared to be a little bit of pattern here and also Barker was probably not the an excellent guy he shown to his tv audience.

Holly at some point won she lawsuit – and it had major fallout for the show and also the reflects models.

Pennington and also the newest Barker beauty Kathleen Bradley who arrived in 1990, were both fired after castle both ironically testified during Barker’s lost lawsuit against Holly. Bradley would go top top to compose a sort of tell-all book around her experiences v The Price Is best titled ‘Backstage in ~ The Price Is Right: Memoirs that a Barker Beauty’.

Could every these beauties just have actually been troublemakers and Barker was the misunderstood innocent victim? I uncover that hard to believe. You would certainly think at the very least one beauty beauty would have something nice come say about him after every the years they operated together.

In an ext recent years The Price Is right was hit with a much more seemingly not authorised scandal. In 2008 a contestant made a perfect bid during the showcase Showdown – something that never happened before in the history of the show. This brought about a most questions and theories of exactly how someone could have completed this feat. The story was spanned in the exorbitant 2017 documentary Perfect Bid: The Contestant who Knew as well Much. Price Is appropriate fans should absolutely go watch it.

But that event seems insignificant compared to the scandals that the show challenged by the accusations of The Beauties versus Barker and the producers.

After Hailstorm left, there had actually been six women – models and production aides – who were ‘dismissed’ (there’s that word again) indigenous The Price Is best by the hand of Barker. Hailstorm refused to permit him gain away through her actions, despite her having actually a many to lose she to be the only one to speak up against Barke at the time. She was unmarried with no children, yet was adamant she to be going to stand up to “the miserable tyranny in ~ the hands of a foolish dictator”.

She’s talking around Barker again.

Whoa. I’m proud that her! I’m happy Holly was always my favourite Barker Beauty!

You deserve to hear a little more from Holly it s her after she won her lawsuit versus Barker and also the show.

As Barker continued to host the show there would be a roster that rotating models, some through recognizable names and also who would certainly go ~ above bigger points Cindy Margolis, Gena Lee Nolin, Nikki Ziering, Claudia Jordan – however none would come close to the popularity and close association to the show as those three original Barker Beauties became.

In 2007 during Barker’s retirement native the present he was celebrated and was heralded together a game display icon. The had become a television institution and with a entirety lot of fanfare and acclaim being heaped upon him. Not among the initial Barker’s Beauties were component of it.

When asked around his 4 most famous Beauties throughout the reflects run Barker responded, “They’ve to be such a problem. Ns don’t desire to to speak anything about them. They’re disgusting; i don’t desire to point out them.”

I guess the doesn’t favor them any much more than they like him.

With drew Carey choose up the hosting duties the models space no longer referred to together ‘Beauties’. That term is viewed as derogatory and also sexist today. For this reason they are simply dubbed ‘The Price Is appropriate Models”. That name sound awfully boring in comparison doesn’t it?

Despite the politically exactly name readjusted that has been given to the models since Barker left, the present has still continued to obtain its fair share of lawsuits native its models, consisting of a pregnant lawsuit and also a sex-related harassment lawsuit. Ns guess the display doesn’t realize just due to the fact that you adjust their titles doesn’t automatically readjust the conditions and attitudes these women space subjected to. A simple name readjust isn’t enough.

Or probably if they begin calling them The Price is ideal Ladies will resolve all the problems.

I miss the Beauties and think they gained screwed. Ever since the beauty, beauty scandals began up I regarded Barker much differently. Even just newly with the solemn event of his ninetieth birthday ns couldn’t help but look at him through narrow eye thinking, all that hugging contestants and also being so gung-ho for animals means nothing.

He didn’t act his Beauties an extremely kindly. He can’t be that nice that a guy. His Beauties couldn’t every be wrong.

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Let’s end on a fun product mishap involving Holly and a daunting Gibson refrigerator.