Love that or hate him, Barney Stinson was one of the many popular characters on How ns Met your Mother. So as soon as the time involved end the series, the press was ~ above to get his sendoff ideal — particularly because there were a lot of worrisome theories the he wouldn’t make it come the finish of the show alive. As it rotate out, though, fans were worried about the dorn thing: though Barney survived, he and also Robin got divorced and also he had actually a baby with a stranger.

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A couple of short weeks before the collection finale, Barney and also Robin’s marriage dropped apart. In the very same episode that confirmed the two’s wedding agree (Episode 22, “The end Of The Aisle”), we witnessed their divorce simply three year after tying the knot. Apparently, Robin"s continuous traveling for occupational took a toll and Barney was struggling through the distance. That"s why castle drank so much in the "Rally" flash-forward — to prevent their emotions just prior to making the decision come split.

A couple of years later, Barney adjusted forever. ~ engaging in what he thought about “The Perfect Month” — ie sleeping with 31 ladies in 31 days — among his partners finished up pregnant. In ~ first, Barney comment terribly, denying paternity and insisting his life to be over. Yet after laying eyes on his new daughter Ellie, things finally snapped into perspective for the longtime womanizer. “You space the love of mine life. Every little thing I have and also everything i am, is yours. Forever,” that told her.

Ultimately, that didn’t issue that Barney never got ago together v Robin — or that we’ll never understand the surname of the mother of his baby. Seeing his development as a person and also parent to be a good enough ending.

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Things didn’t got as swimmingly for the various other characters. In a widely controversial ending, Ted got along with his kids’ mother — yes, the mrs from the train — just to have actually her later on pass away. By the moment he finished his story, his children had realized the truth: Ted was in love v Robin. They motivated him to go to her, and he arrived at her apartment with the blue french horn. The present ended through them getting earlier together.

This triggered outcry indigenous fans, who felt it was a cop-out, yet Neil Patrick Harris — who plays Barney — has since defended the decision. “It no necessarily the happy finishing that world were expecting,” he said on The Late present in 2014. “But Carter and Craig , who were when writers on your show and the EPs and creators, knew this finishing years back and had actually played in the direction of that. And also I to be a big proponent of it and also a huge fan of it.”

He added that he was happy with Barney’s ending, too. “Sometimes, people’s growth doesn’t really typical that they thrive up. Over there are specific people who you desire them to obtain into a hard relationship and really clear up down and also learn native things. And also you want Barney to it is in the male you can carry your mom house to — but Barney’s the man who desires to bang her mom,” the said. “At the end of the day, that not always meant come be the way.”