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Barry Bonds changed major League Baseball. As soon as the Arizona State college product came to be the sixth as whole pick the the 1985 MLB Draft, it took simply 115 minor league games before Bonds arrived in The Show.

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But ~ 22 seasons, 14 All-Star selections, 12 silver- Sluggers, seven National organization MVP Awards, eight gold Gloves, plenty of MLB records, and also the most home runs in background (762), there continues to be a big, fat asterisk alongside his name.

The BALCO investigation lugged down many professional athletes that were offered anabolic steroids, i beg your pardon was referred to as “The Cream.” amongst them were Olympic yellow medalist Marion Jones, NFL All-Pro Bill Romanowskiand Barry Bonds.

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While countless attribute Bonds’ entire career to steroids, the wasn’t until roughly 1998 once Bonds hired an individual trainer Greg Anderson that things began to gain suspicious.

Barry Bonds prior to Steroids

A polarizing player through a surly personality, Barry Bonds was the only player to win 2 NL MVP Awards attract a
Pirates uniform (1990 & 1992).