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2022 All-Star Game rapid Facts

When: Tuesday, July 19, 2022 Where: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles TV channel: on FOX start at 7:30PM ET.

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It"s the Mid-Summer classic -- together the finest players indigenous American League and National Leagues baseball confront off to do fight in July.

This year, the 93rd edition of the MLB all Star game will take place on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 at Dodger stadium in Los Angeles.

Televised nationwide top top FOX, pre-game hoopla starts at 7:30PM ET on Tuesday, July 19, 2022. ESPN Radio will administer exclusive nationwide radio coverage while will administer extensive virtual coverage.

Who selects the every Star team? digital voting amongst players and fans starts just before mid-season. This year, AL and also NL All-Star teams will be announced in late June.

2022 marks the fourth time that the Dodgers have actually hosted one All-Star Game and the very first since 1980.

2022 Baseball All-Star game roster


DID girlfriend KNOW? Baseball All-Star video game fun facts

Yankee legend Babe Ruth heads right into homeafter hitting the very very first All-Star homerunat the initial 1933 game.

• The first All-Star video game was play at Comiskey Park in Chicago in 1933. In that game, Babe Ruth hit the an initial All-Star home run, leading the American league to victory 4-2.

• The player with the many appearances at an All-Star game is Hank Aaron through 25, adhered to by Stan Musial and also Willie Mays who are both tied through 24 appearances.

• new York has hosted the All-Star game eight times. The Yankees have hosted four times, adhered to by the new York Giants through two. The Mets and Brooklyn Dodgers have both held once.

• The just player ever to victory the All-Star game MVP and the World collection MVP in the same season (2000) to be Yankee good Derek Jeter.

• The longest All-Star video game happened in 2008 in ~ Yankee Stadium, lasting a complete of 4 hours, 50 minutes. It went on for 15 innings and also ended in ~ 1:38 a.m.

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