Left: Garrett Morris on "Saturday Night Live" in 1980. Right: Morris in "Cooley High" (1975). Sources: Alan Singer/NBC/NBCU Photo financial institution via Getty Images; IMDB

Garrett Morris earned his status as a comedy legend by make the cast of the very first season of Saturday Night Live -- nobody knew the yet, of course, but alongside Chevy Chase, Gilda Radner, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, Morris produced funny sketches that ended up transforming TV comedy forever. Together baseball player Chico Escuela and the "School because that The tough Of Hearing" man, Morris rotate in performances that make every highlight reel from the show"s at an early stage years. A Julliard-trained performer, Morris has ongoing his job in television and movie comedy to this day, v recent work in Ant-Man and also 2 broke Girls.

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Garrett Morris showed Musical Talent at A Young Age


Morris to be the an initial child born to his mother. He was actually the product that his mother being raped in ~ the age of 16. Because that this reason, his grandparents stepped in come raise him. His grandfather was a Methodist Preacher and soon realized that Morris had actually musical abilities. His grandfather fostered that talent and also he walk on to study at Dillard University and also trained vocally in ~ Juilliard. This official training enhanced Morris right into a blooming and successful career together a musical arranger and soloist before finding acting.

Garrett Morris to be The Oldest and also Most created Of The "Not all set For prime Time Players"


Although Morris is mental as one of the original cast members the Saturday Night Live, he wasn"t new to show service by 1975. Morris, who was born in 1937, to be the oldest actors member, and he had already been ~ above TV and also in movies. He to be on nine episodes of the short-lived TV comedy roll Out in 1973, and when SNL debuted, Morris also had a movie in theaters: the cult standard Cooley High (1975). Morris actually had actually the most established career the that an initial season"s cast, although some would certainly leapfrog ahead of him as SNL enhanced their visibility.

Garrett Morris Sings!


Although Morris has actually made his career together a comedic actor, the has had actually occasion to use his to sing talent. Together a trained tenor, qualified of singing opera in Italian and also German, Morris regularly sang on Saturday Night Live in segment that had a funny ide while mirroring off his to sing chops. Morris has released a grasp of albums, consisting of Saturday Night Sweet (1980) and Black creole Chronicles (2014). The last explores the music of his hometown, new Orleans, Louisiana.

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A Fixture on SNL


Garret Morris spent 5 years ~ above the late-night show and was an all time favorite. He to be a comedic staple on the “Weekend Update” skit. Among the personalities he depicted on the fictitious news broadcast was as President that the new York institution for the tough of Hearing. His lighthearted answer come the plight the the hard of hearing was not sign language, however to speak very loudly!

Chico Escuela and Other Characters


Another personality Morris depicted on SNL was, Chico Escuela, a baseball player who always declared the “baseball been berry, berry great to me!”

Morris is also credited with plenty of other roles on the huge screen and also in recurring roles on well-known television shows of the era including, The Jeffersons, Diff"rent Strokes, Hill Street Blues, 227, and Roc. Awesome movies he added to include automobile Wash and The Census Takers. Morris is a really talented actor who definitely earned his place in ours hearts in ~ a time when other afri American actors were struggling to do the same. 

Garrett Morris Today

Aside from studying music, and then drama, Morris was also a previous schoolteacher in new York City. Morris, that is now in his 80s, continues to act. Fans acquired to reap his six-year run as Earl top top 2 damaged Girls (2011-17), and also were delighted by his cameo together a taxi cab driver in Ant-Man (2015).