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Based on the latest ballot tracking, the Baseball room of Fame’s class of 2017 could include as numerous as 5 players, which would certainly be just the 2nd five-member course in history.

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To knife a plaque in Cooperstown, former significant league players must be retired at least 5 years and receive votes top top at the very least 75 percent the ballots cast by poll members the the Baseball Writers’ combination of America.

Here’s what you have to know around the 2017 hall of fame announcement and induction ceremony.

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When will certainly the 2017 Baseball hall of Fame class be announced?

The announcement on the 2017 course will be made Wednesday, Jan. 18. Ballots had actually to be submitted by Dec. 31, 2016.

Where have the right to I watch the 2017 room of reputation announcement?

The unveiling the the 2017 inductees will certainly be carried live top top MLB Network and streamed live in ~ MLB.com.

What time will the 2017 hall of Fame notice be made?

The unveiling that the course of 2017 is scheduled for 6 p.m. ET ~ above Wednesday, Jan. 18.

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Who will certainly be voted into the Baseball room of reputation in 2017?

We won’t understand for certain until the announcement, but favorites include Astros an excellent Jeff Bagwell, who directly missed induction in 2016, former Expos All-Star Tim Raines, who in his critical year on the writers’ ballot, former Padres closer Trevor Hoffman, who in his 2nd year that eligibility, and former ranger catcher Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, who"s do his debut on the writers" ballot.

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Who is top top the 2017 Baseball hall of call ballot?

There space 34 previous MLB football player on the 2017 ballot:

Jeff BagwellTim RainesTrevor HoffmanCurt SchillingRoger ClemensBarry BondsEdgar MartinezMike MussinaLee SmithFred McGriffJeff KentLarry WalkerGary SheffieldBilly WagnerSammy SosaIvan RodriguezManny RamirezVladimir GuerreroMike CameronJ.D. DrewJorge PosadaMagglio OrdonezDerrek LeeTim WakefieldEdgar RenteriaMelvin MoraCarlos GuillenCasey BlakeJason VaritekOrlando CabreraPat BurrellFreddy SanchezArthur RhodesMatt Stairs

When is the 2017 Baseball hall of call induction ceremony?

The room of Fame class of 2017 will certainly be inducted ~ above July 30 in a ceremony lugged live ~ above MLB Network indigenous the Baseball hall of Fame and also Museum in Cooperstown, N.Y. In addition to whoever the BBWAA selects for induction, Today’s game Era committee selections john Schuerholz and also Bud Selig likewise will it is in inducted.