Baseball room of Famer Roy Halladay was doing stunts and had multiple drugs in his device when he fatally crashed his airplane in November 2017, a Wednesday report native the nationwide Transportation safety Board revealed.

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Halladay died from dull trauma and drowning once the two-seater plane, which he had actually bought around a month prior, crashed into the Gulf that Mexico. He was 40.

The report does not list a definitive factor for the crash but explains the the previous MLB pitcher was flying the aircraft at low altitudes and also in the last 2 and also a half minutes before the crash “conducted three maneuvers through high angle of strike (AOA) and also load determinants of practically 2 Gs.”

It likewise details numerous witness accounts of Halladay’s erratic flying, including one bystander who claimed Halladay flew “really close” to houses.

“Multiple witnesses in the area stated that they saw the plane flying very low, between five and also 300 ft., end the water together the aircraft maneuvered southern close come the shoreline,” the NTSB report says. “Some witnesses reported that the airplane was do steep turns and also high-pitch climbs up to about 500 ft. And also that the engine sound normal.”



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Halladay, who had actually 14.5 hrs of full flight endure in the symbol A5 airplane, likewise had multiple medicine in his system at the time of the crash, i m sorry an autopsy report found ago in 2018.

According to the NTSB report, he had actually a sleep aid, an antidepressant, a muscle relaxer, 2 opioids and ibuprofen in his system, in enhancement to amphetamine levels the were well above therapeutic levels.

Halladay’s father, harry Leroy Halladay Jr., was worried about his drug use, according to notes from an interview had in the report.

“Mr. Halladay declared he was involved that Roy was abusing prescription medications, and that may have played a function in the accident,” the record says.

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“He said that a couple of year prior, Roy to be enrolled in an in-house detox routine for an seeks to Lorazepam,” that continues. “Mr. Halladay talked to Roy as soon as he obtained the new A5 about three weeks before the accident, and he asked him ‘What is the situation with medication? You can not mix that through flying.’ Roy stated that that wasn’t taking any medication.”

Halladay, who played for the Blue Jays and also the Phillies during his 16-year MLB career, to be voted right into the Baseball room of Fame about a year after his death. He was a two-time Cy Young compensation winner and an eight-time All-Star.

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