With HBPs top top the rise, that time to prevent waving this far as part of the game and also look because that a solution prior to someone else gets seriously hurt.

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Another extremely ugly hit-by-pitch stole the present on Monday Night Baseball.

With the bases invited in the seventh inning the a 1–0 game between the Mets and also Braves, Kevin tower was fight in the confront with a 94 mph fastball thrown through Braves reliever Jacob Webb. Blood instantly started gushing from Pillar’s sleep as the helplessly crawled around the batter’s box and also waited for clinical help. The occurring gore had actually to it is in powdered over and mixed right into the dirt by the grounds crew before play might resume. The delay also felt vital from an emotional standpoint. Every player appeared to it is in shaken as much as some degree, and it sucked the life the end of the broadcast.


A bloodied Pillar—who underwent a CT scan in ~ a hospital Monday night—was able come walk off the field fairly quickly in spite of the bleakness that the vxcialistoufjg.comtuation. He also later tweeted one encouraging update, speak he to be “doing fine” and proudly noting he was credited with the game-winning RBI in new York’s 3–1 win, increase his hard guy credentials. The Mets announced Tuesday that column "suffered multiple nasal fractures. He will certainly be meeting through a face specialist in Atlanta to identify next steps."

Obviously, these things happen in baseball, however players have actually been gaining beaned far too often—at a historic pace, in fact. This season has actually averaged virtually one fight batsmen every game, follow to Sports Illustrated's Tom Verducci, together the 4 seasons with the most hit-by-pitches because 1901 room this year (0.92 batters every game), critical year (0.92), the year before that (0.84) and the year before that (0.80).

This isn’t even the first time Pillar has been struck in the confront with a pitch in his career. He was likewise hit on the chin by mountain Diego’s Dinelson Lamet in 2019, though he had the ability to play on because it to win his shoulder first to take the brunt of the force away.

Back then, obelisk said, “For me, the biggest an obstacle was gift able come step back in the box against the very same guy. I was maybe to do that and stay in there and I didn’t feel favor it impacted me in ~ all. As scary as it is, it’s something the happens an extremely infrequently in the game.”

Late critical month, Bryce Harper was drilled in the face with a 96.9 mph vxcialistoufjg.comnker thrown by Cardinals reliever Génevxcialistoufjg.coms Cabrera. It to be scary for all. Cabrera to be rattled, and he proceeded come plunk Didi Gregorius with his following pitch. Prefer Pillar, Harper to be fine. The Phillies best fielder did miss out on time through a wrist injury, which to be hit ~ the pitch ricocheted off his face, but he avoided vxcialistoufjg.comgnificant problems.

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Giancarlo Stanton, then with the Marlins, let go the final weeks the the 2014 season as soon as he to be hit in the face with one 88-mph Mike Fiers fastball in a game against the Brewers in Milwaukee. The grounds crew essential to settle all the blood in the batter's crate after Stanton was put on a stretcher and also taken turn off the ar in one ambulance. Stanton endured a face laceration, dental damage and multiple face fractures, convxcialistoufjg.comsting of to his orbit bone. As serious as his injuries were, points could've been a lot of worse.