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Stevens, pedestrian react to the disastrous news of Terrence Clarke"s fatality (1:36)Brad Stevens and Kemba pedestrian talk about the news of former Kentucky guard Terrence Clarke dying in a vehicle accident ~ above Thursday. (1:36)

Terrence Clarke, a student in the first year guard because that the Kentucky Wildcats men"s basketball team this past season, passed away following a automobile accident in the Los Angeles area top top Thursday, it was announced.

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Clarke to be 19 year old.

Los Angeles Police department Sgt. Man Matassa, that works in the Valley traffic Division, called vxcialistoufjg.com"s Ramona Shelburne the Clarke to be a solo occupant in a auto that ran a red light going "at a really high price of speed" in the mountain Fernando sink area that Los Angeles at roughly 2:10 p.m. PT.

"The occurrence was captured on security video. That collided with one more vehicle that was prepare to do a left-hand turn. He struck the vehicle, struggle a street light pole and ultimately hit a block wall," Matassa said. "He was transported come Northridge Hospital and was later on pronounced deceased together a result of the collision."

Matassa stated the driver the the other vehicle, who remained in a truck, did no claim any injuries. Clarke to be driving a 2021 Hyundai Genesis, and also he was no wearing his chair belt properly, follow to Matassa.

Clarke"s mom was in ~ his side when he died, according to vxcialistoufjg.com"s Adrian Wojnarowski.

Terrence Clarke averaged 9.6 point out in eight games for Kentucky this previous season.Brett Carlsen/Getty Images"I to be absolutely gutted and also sick tonight," Kentucky coach man Calipari said in a statement. "A young person who us all love has actually just lost his life also soon, one with every one of his dreams and hopes front of him. Terrence Clarke to be a beautiful kid, someone who owned the room through his personality, smile and also joy. Human being gravitated come him, and also to hear we have actually lost that is just tough for every one of us come comprehend ideal now. We are all in shock.

"Terrence"s teammates and also brothers love him and also are for sure devastated. They recognize we are here for lock for whatever they need.

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"I am on my way to Los Angeles come be with his mother and also his brother to aid wherever i can. This will be a an overwhelming period for every those who know and love Terrence, and also I would certainly ask the everyone take it a moment tonight come say a prayer because that Terrence and also his family. May he remainder in peace."

Former Kentucky players in the NBA additionally expressed their emotions about Clarke"s fatality on society media.

My heart is very heavy appropriate now!