The Bat the end Of Hell UK tour is returning and dates room announced. Bat the end Of Hell the musical attributes the greatest anthems the Jim Steinman and also Meatloaf.

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The Bat out Of Hell UK Tour has beeen rescheduled. The award-winning musical by Jim Steinman, based on the best-selling classic album through Meat Loaf has started announcing tour days – check out below.

Composer, Jim Steinman has actually been developing the brand-new musical because that years based on the trilogy the albums: – Bat the end Of Hell, Bat the end Of Hell II: earlier Into Hell and Bat out Of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose. The initial album marketed over 50 million copies global and had the access time You took The Words ideal Out Of my Mouth, 2 Out Of three Ain’t Bad and also Paradise by The Dashboard Light. The musical will use hits indigenous all 3 albums including I’d carry out Anything for Love (But ns Won’t carry out That) indigenous Bat the end Of Hell II.

Bat out Of Hell West finish Cast. Photo: Specular

Bat the end Of Hell will note Steinman’s return to the London music stage following his cooperation with Andrew Lloyd Webber top top Whistle down The Wind, for which he listed the lyrics. The produced and also wrote the text for the Boyzone hit No matter What which to be taken indigenous the show. Steinman additionally wrote the musical for the hit europe musicals Dance of The Vampires.

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Bat out Of Hell The music is described as a “romantic adventure around rebellious youth and also passionate love versus the background of a post-cataclysmic city. Complying with Strat, who has actually fallen in love with the daughter the the despotic Falco, this new musical is a high-octane rock‘n’roll adventure that tears with over 20 the Steinman songs.”

Sharon Sexton (Sloane) and also Rob Fowler (Falco) in Bat out Of Hell. Photo: Specular

The UK tour of Bat the end Of Hell – The Musical has book, music and lyrics through Jim Steinman, direction by Jay Scheib, through musical supervision and extr arrangements through Michael Reed, collection and costume architecture by Jon Bausor, original costume designs by Meentje Nielsen, video clip design through Finn Ross, lighting style by Patrick Woodroffe, sound design by Gareth Owen, orchestration through Steve Sidwell and casting by ann Vosser.