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to speak cheese. Batman: The Animated collection
Suicide Squad was an alleged to show the human being why so numerous Batman fans love Harley Quinn, the so-called sidekick who so diabolically magnetic that she virtually always manages to overshadow the Joker, who an initial inspired she to revolve to a sordid life of crime.

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Instead, both the personality and Margot Robbie’s energetic power threaten to it is in swallowed up by scathing evaluate of the film’s nonsensical editing, charges of violent misogyny, and the watch endless debate over what provides a great superhero movie. It’s sufficient to make even the most die-hard fans ago away progressively (and toward a well-stocked bar, if they’re lucky).

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It’s an dreadful shame the Suicide Squad is for this reason muddled. Yet from where I’m sitting, enabling the film’s numerous flaws to undercut what should have been a breakout moment for the personality is just around inexcusable.

Harley Quinn is the best — and I can prove it, with simply one illustration of a cartoon.

Harley Quinn’s beginning story belongs to Batman: The animated Series

Harley (née Harleen) gives Batman part shit in Arkham Asylum. Batman: The Animated collection Harley Quinn made her very first appearance in a Batman world in 1992, ~ above the mid-"90s TV display Batman: The animated Series. In an episode titled "Joker’s Favor," viewers were presented to Harley as the Joker"s enthusiastic sidekick. Later in an episode referred to as "Mad Love," us learned about her backstory as Dr. Harleen Quinzel, an ambitious brand-new psychiatrist in ~ Arkham Asylum; by episode’s end, she was drawn in by the Joker’s diabolical charisma and also transformed right into his girlfriend-slash-sidekick, a.k.a. Harley Quinn.

The character’s flirty chemistry through just around everyone — not to mention Arleen Sorkin’s endearingly squeaky voice job-related — easily made Harley a pan favorite. And in the 20 years since she an initial burst onto the Batman scene, the character has actually handily outlived the collection that produced her (Batman: The animated Series ended in 1995) via succeeding comics special Harley and also the Joker’s twisted adventures, enthusiastic pan cosplay, and now Suicide Squad.

But because that as much as Harley’s story is linked with the Joker’s, her best episode of Batman: The Animated collection by a lengthy shot is one the wrenches away her from his side to embark top top a different adventure v an entirely different iconic Batman villain: the smirking, slinking poison Ivy.

"Harley and also Ivy" lets Harley be her bonkers finest (with bonus toxicity Ivy!)

Forty-seven episodes into Batman: The man Series, after gift featured in numerous episodes together, Harley and also the Joker rest up — or at least he kicks her the end after a diamond heist gone wrong, blaming she for an entire team’s fuck-up, together is his wont.

But Harley no let the Joker’s rejection get her down, at the very least not in ~ first. Instead, she marches right earlier to the step of the crime to steal the rock herself … and runs straight right into Poison Ivy, trying to carry out the precise same thing.

The two end up escaping native the police together, stolen home safely in tow, and quickly grow close. Harley’s freewheeling mischief perfectly offsets Ivy’s laser-focused brand of villainy, and also their taking place reign of terror end The animated Series’ Gotham is a beautiful point to behold.

The pairing won’t last; by the finish of "Harley and also Ivy," Harley return to the Joker’s side. However even in their quick time together, the women’s relationship runs deep.

Ivy teaches Harley to stick up for herself, i beg your pardon she sure as hell wasn’t going to discover while attached to Joker’s hip like some yes-(wo)man barnacle. Together the duo tears about Gotham scary havoc, they also take the time to teach a group of drooling frat boy catcallers a lesson they won’t shortly forget:

And if you’re feeling let under by the Suicide formation movie"s fail to provide on the whiplash-inducing, empowered, and also extremely fun iteration of Harley Quinn that promised in that trailers, friend can’t execute much far better than that.

And, yes, over there are absolutely overt references to Harley and Ivy being an ext than simply friends. The females lounge about Ivy’s apartment attract oxford shirts and also no pants, v Ivy snapping jealously in ~ her brand-new lady anytime she mentions she neon-haired ex.

Harley and also Poison Ivy make for an explicitly feminist pairing: In "Harley and Ivy," they proud boast that they can outdo any type of male villain who could only check out them as sidekick product (*cough* Joker *cough*), and at one point they even tie increase Batman v vacuum and iron cords to protest — as Ivy puts it — "the icons of female residential slavery!"

These two mean business, and also woe betide the guy who gets in their way.

Suicide Squad didn’t should recreate "Harley and also Ivy" (nor might it have, because Ivy’s not a part of its details band of villains). However if the actually wanted to have actually as much fun v Harley Quinn as its trailers promised the would, the movie could’ve excellent a lot of worse 보다 let Robbie’s Harley and also a languid Ivy tear shit increase on a big screen in the supervillain equivalent of a wink and also a smirk.

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You can watch the full episode that "Harley and also Ivy" and also bask in their wicked glory here.

Corrected to reflect the Harley"s backstory come in "Mad Love," no "Joker"s Favor."

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