Bay ar Schools

Bay district schools provide high quality education in a collaborative, safe, and also respectful environment. Our commitment is to accumulate students in the advance of character with the acquisition and also use of knowledge and an abilities as us prepare them for life and work in a diverse, worldwide economy.

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The Superintendent, institution Board, college leaders, teachers, and staff are wholly committed to education excellence with consistent, incremental development in college student achievement. There space learning methods for every students, from the intellectually gifted come the academically challenged. Handicap students are offered in timeless schools throughout the county and likewise in number of targeted special purpose schools.

Middle and also high institution students have the advantage of preparing for experiences past high college with a broad range of advanced academic programs and also career education opportunities.

The installation and also integration of advanced hardware and software allows educators to tap into and engage students with the digital human being to i m sorry they room accustomed. Multimedia instructional tools provide teachers and also students an sheet in the classroom with interactive white board lesson delivery, connection to an international resources and devices that administer immediate college student assessment together instruction is delivered.

Students and also schools likewise benefit from award-winning business partnerships and a legion that mentors and volunteers through the assistance of business leaders, army ranks, and community members.

Additionally, many thanks to our community’s regeneration of a half-cent sales tax, our colleges are undergoing scan safety and security enhancements, a revolving renovation schedule and also an ongoing upgrade of technology.

44 Schools

4 High Schools4 middle Schools16 elementary school Schools4 linked Grade Level schools (PreK-8 and PreK-12)3 Special function Schools1 Adult/Technical School11 Charter Schools1 online School

28,024 Students

Educational solutions are listed to second 1,000 college student in adult education and other education programs exterior the public college district.

EthnicityWhite = 19,015/67.9%African American = 4,255/15.2%Hispanic = 2,030/7.8%Other = 2,565/9.1% (i.e., American Indian, Asian, Pacific Islander and also multi-racial)Free/Reduced lunch Recipients/66%Disabled Students/4,942Homeless Students/Nearly 1,545English Language Learners(ELL)/More 보다 80037 different languages spoken by ELL students native 50 countriesGraduating SeniorsStudents are recognized in the nationwide Merit Scholarship program every yearFederal Graduation price (Standard Diploma) DistrictA. Crawford Mosley High School/90.1%Bay High School/84.5%J.R. Arnold High School/86.4%Rutherford High School/77%Deane Bozeman High School/89.8%


The Bay college District is among the optimal employers in bay County.

 More 보다 2,720 full-time employeesInstructional Staff/63%School Administrators/4%District Administrators/1.7%Professional/Non-Professional support Staff/28%TeachersStarting incomes (with 0 years experience); average Salary = $44,500; median Years experience = 12.5 yearsBachelor’s degree/$36,000Master’s degree/$38,500Specialist degree/$41,100Doctorate degree/$44,800

Elementary Schools

Middle Schools

High Schools

K-8 School

K-12 School

Special function Schools

Adult/Career & technological School

Charter Schools

Virtual School

For more information on Bay district Schools, visit their website or speak to (850)767-4100.

Private Schools

Covenant Christian college – (850)769-7448

The right education and learning opens doors, but a classical and Christian education will prepare your son for life and eternity. The heartbeat of covenant Christian college is rigorous academics, loving personal attention, and a daily Biblical focus in all topics as seen from a Christian world and life view. Students discover to view the large picture of background and time v the combined study the Literature, Theology, History, Latin, Logic, Math, Science, physics Education, Music and also Art. CCS students rank amongst the highest possible in your peer teams on the country standardized IOWA Assessments. CCS, whereby students learn to love and love to find out to the glory of the mr Jesus Christ.

Holy Nativity Episcopal School – (850)747-0060

Serving Bay county for virtually 6o years, divine Nativity Episcopal School gives an education and learning for students native pre-K with 8th grade. Accredited by the Florida board of directors of elevation Schools and the Florida Kindergarten Council, holy Nativity has actually integrated, progressed subject area food work, and education in the arts and an individual fitness. Before and also after-school care is obtainable daily. Holy Nativity, like other members that the nationwide Association of Episcopal Schools, is an inclusive Christian setting welcoming student of varied religions, races, and also economic backgrounds. Tours of the campus, a historical landmark in only County, have the right to be i ordered it by contacting the Office that Admissions.

AMIkids Panama City maritime Institute – (850)872-4715

The AMIkids Panama City naval Institute (PCMI), developed in 1974, is a not-for-profit organization whose mission is to redirect and also motivate at-risk youth come accept responsibility for their actions, build respect because that themselves and others, and become fertile members the the community. PCMI operates a marine themed alternate school for middle through high college students who space in hazard of dropping out. Youngsters can find out scuba and also seamanship while they job-related towards a diploma or a GED. Career and technical education and learning courses are offered in food service and carpentry together well.

St. John Catholic college – (850)763-1775

St. John Catholic college is a colorful community comprised of families, teachers, and also community members who believe a Catholic education and learning is essential in creating kids who love God and also will excel in the future. We provide a foundation in i beg your pardon students realize their complete potential in school and also beyond, by teaching academic and life lessons in ~ a spiritual context. Our distinct classes space sized to permit for very individualized attention. College student use resources that store them engaged and learning, help our college student rank amongst the top private institutions nationally, and we mean nothing less.


Florida State college Panama City


FSU Panama City provides students the opportunity to earn a nationally well-known Florida State university degree, while giving a four-year undergraduate suffer on a beautiful waterfront campus. FSU Panama City supplies liberal researches courses and lower-division prerequisites compelled to complete any type of of the high-demand undergraduate degrees with smaller course sizes and much more one-on-one support.FSU is ranked 26th among all public nationwide universities in U.S. News and World Report’s 2019 America’s ideal Colleges, and also aspires to be in the height 25 nationwide in ~ the following several years. In 2018, U.S. News and also World Report known FSU together the No. 2 most reliable of the nation’s highest ranked universities, and also Military times ranked Florida State No. 22 in the recent “Best Colleges 2018” rankings, which space published every year by the magazine.Undergraduate and also graduate level programs in ~ FSU Panama City include Electrical, Computer, Civil, Mechanical and Systems Engineering; computer Science; windy Safety and also Security; Business; Entrepreneurship; Education; Psychology; society Work; Recreation, Tourism and Events; Nurse Anesthesia and also much more.The Bachelor of scientific research (B.S.) degree in computer Science (an ABET-accredited program) and also a Bachelor of arts (B.A.) degree in computer Science are obtainable on campus or online. The public Safety and Security B.S. Program, which offers major tracks in Crime step Investigation, law Enforcement Operations and Law Enforcement Intelligence, additionally is easily accessible on campus or online. The grasp of scientific research in Nurse Anesthesia regimen is designed to develop critical-care nurses into top-tier clinical practitioners who carry out patient care before, during and after operation procedures, and also emphasize analysis, evaluation and decision-making quite than memorization.The high-quality, personalized educational suffer is amplified by the Holley scholastic Center’s state-of-the-art academic laboratories, “smart technology” classrooms and high-tech digital library and also learning center.

Troy University


With two areas to serve the citizens of only County, trojan University offers a range of educational program at the undergraduate and also graduate level in traditional in-class setups or through our TROY virtual programs. Adult students select TROY for the high top quality courses and also wide variety of academic programs the are offered in multiple, flexible formats. V over 125 years of experience in education, troy is regionally accredited and also prepares you to make an ext than a living; Troy college prepares friend to do a life.

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Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University


Embry-Riddle Aeronautical college (ERAU) is known for more than simply world-class aviation and also aerospace programs. ERAU supplies degree options ranging indigenous Project monitoring to Engineering. The Embry-Riddle Tyndall/Panama City Campus provides 16 bachelor’s degrees, and 20 master’s degrees, plus 4+1 level programs the earn a bachelor and also master degree in five years. ERAU, situated at Tyndall Air force Base, has actually been working through U.S. Military service members and also civilians since 1970. Us have an ext than 130 an international locations, and more than 90 campuses on army installations about the globe. Our flexible degree delivery methods encompass courses in a classroom, webcam based device of learning, online, and blended. Every little thing your finding out style—ERAU has actually you covered.