St. Pete seeking windy input as it upgrades infrastructure arrangement to resolve flooding

The city that St. Pete wants to listen from occupants as it proceeds to develop an infrastructure setup to deal with flooding concerns.

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2 hours ago

Clearwater man calls police after ~ finding 5-foot line hiding within couch

A Clearwater male recently acquired a new couch, yet it came with a surprise: a red tail python. Police physically gotten rid of the couch indigenous his condo, plucked the 5-foot boa, and also gave it a one-way trip to a pets store.

23 hrs ago

Tarpon Springs residents launch legit battle versus city, developer over Anclote apartment plan

Tarpon Springs occupants who opposed a controversial arrangement to construct an apartment complicated in an undeveloped part of Anclote flow promised a legal fight after commissioners authorized the proposal. Now, they have actually filed a lawsuit versus the city and developer.

1 day ago

St. Pete’s Biff burger restaurant, assets will be marketed at auction

that the finish of an era because that Biff Burger fans in Pinellas County. The last location has actually closed, yet you have the right to take a piece of the home.

1 day ago

Clearwater police recognize victim in weekend shooting; still in search of suspect

Clearwater police say the adult shoot victim from end the weekend remains in critical condition.

1 day ago

SPPD: Woman killed after crashing into tractor-trailer

A mrs was eliminated Sunday morning in a vehicle crash in St. Petersburg, according to the St. Petersburg Police Department. 

2 job ago

Clearwater man, child injured in 2 separate shootings

Clearwater police room investigating two different shootings that sent a man and also a son to the hospital through gunshot wounds. 

2 job ago

‘Lighting her way home’: Co-workers of absent woman catalen Moore organize onto hope she’ll return soon

because that the third night in a row, catalen Moore’s friends and co-workers have lit candles surrounding by her photo external the Whiskey wings restaurant ~ above Roosevelt Boulevard in St. Petersburg in wishes of pass the lacking woman home.

2 work ago

Clearwater police investigating after body discovered floating in ~ Sand crucial Park

Clearwater police space investigating ~ the human body of an adult male was discovered floating in the water Saturday afternoon. 

3 work ago

Injured, underweight manatee rescued from St. Pete canal

A team native the Clearwater marine Aquarium, along with partners in ~ FWC and also ZooTampa rescued an hurt manatee native a St. Petersburg canal on Thursday afternoon.

3 job ago

Largo police investigating fatal head-on crash

One person was killed and also two were hurt in a three-vehicle crash beforehand Saturday morning, according to the Largo Police Department.

3 work ago

Teens learn life great by painting larger-than-life murals top top downtown St. Pete buildings

Recently, a group of teenage arts students from Gibbs High institution were allowed to sign a structure owned by St. Petersburg Distillery in downtown St. Petersburg.

3 days ago

PSTA"s an initial SunRunner station will help more people to get to Pinellas beaches

~ above Friday, the Pinellas Suncoast Transit authority unveiled their very an initial SunRunner station. It will be among the stop on the brand-new Bus fast Transit system, i beg your pardon is set to open next year.

4 job ago

Mannequin "ambassador" for annual children"s toy drive in Pinellas County to be stolen, organizers say

A local non-profit is questioning for the safe return of an essential player in your team"s toy journey – your mannequin.

4 days ago

St. Pete PD approve program benefits community with money seized from criminals

SPPD offered out $53,000 that was taken from criminals back to city and county departments, neighborhood schools and community institutions as component of the forfeiture provide program.

5 work ago

‘We cannot delay’: mayor Kriseman names developer tasked through transforming Tropicana field property

on Wednesday, St. Petersburg mayor Rick Kriseman announced the Midtown breakthrough out of Miami will certainly redevelop Tropicana Field’s 86-acre property right into a massive room for retail, offices, housing, and green space that may or might not save on computer a stadium.

5 days ago

St. Pete murals celebrate ‘art because that art’s sake’ in an the end gallery

because that the previous several years, St. Petersburg has actually invited few of the world’s ideal mural artist to usage its downtown buildings as their personal canvas throughout the light Mural Festival.

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5 days ago

Clearwater police: NY driver who caused Gulf-to-Bay crash had actually blood-alcohol level that 0.371

Clearwater police stated the driver had actually a blood-alcohol level the 0.371 after ~ crashing into guidewires and snapping a utility pole in half. The crash caused a total shutdown the Gulf-to-Bay during the afternoon rush hour.

5 work ago