When the an international Down Syndrome structure launched its first annual fundraiser to support the Linda Crnic institute for under Syndrome, the Be Beautiful Be yourself Fashion Show, numerous questioned the format and the economic viability.

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Meet ours 2011 Ambassador,DeOndra Dixon

To it is in fair, the idea of having actually a expert fashion display featuring human being with under syndrome was a brand-new one in Colorado, together it would certainly be in most parts the the world. V the assist of our international Spokesperson Quincy Jones and also our Ambassadors and also their families, the Foundation’s very first fashion display went off like a dream. The 1200-strong audience to be impressed and truly influenced by the beauty and also brilliance of our models.


Jamie Foxx is one of countless celebrity supporters

Today, the yearly Be Beautiful Be yourself Fashion display is the biggest fundraiser for under syndrome in the country attracting over 1200 guests each year. It has raised end $7,600,000 for down syndrome research, clinical care, advocacy and also education. Same important, it has actually raised significant awareness concerning the shocking disparity of capital for people with down syndrome, while properly emphasizing your abilities.

Celebrity likewise shows up in a big way because that our cause. Annually at the event, the an international Down Syndrome foundation presents the Quincy Jones outstanding Advocacy Award to world who have actually used your celebrity to aid those v Down syndrome and also other developmental disabilities. Recipients include Quincy Jones, DeOndra Dixon, Tim Shriver, Karen Gaffney, man C. McGinley, Sujeet Desai, and also Patrick Kennedy. In addition, celebrity friends and also advocates such as Jamie Foxx, Beverly Johnson, Tom Arnold, Jeff Probst, Chauncey Billups, man Lynch, and also Ed McCaffrey make a huge difference by mirroring up and cheering ours models on.

In 2011, the an international Down Syndrome foundation made the essential decision to launch a comparable fundraiser and also awareness builder in Washington DC, the Global down Syndrome structure Gala – it is in Beautiful it is in Yourself.

The an international Down Syndrome structure staff works tirelessly to ensure the the fundraiser is equal components fundraising and awareness building. However we cannot carry out this alone and we require your assist to for sure the ongoing success of ours events.

2010 Kick off Party

We would very much appreciate your help in the complying with form(s):

DonationSponsor a tableProvide in-kind services or productsPurchase ticketsVolunteer

Every year in July or August, we hold model auditions because that the fashion show. An ext and an ext models are auditioning from out of state, and we encourage this. The is crucial to keep in mind that no everyone is chosen to be a model, but we make sure that the audition chin is lots of fun, and also that human being who perform not get in one year are offered extra factor to consider the following year.

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As a reminder that civilization with under syndrome are component of a larger neighborhood of world with various other developmental disabilities facing comparable human and also civil rights challenges, every year the an international Down Syndrome selects number of models through a developmental impairment other than down syndrome.

*training in state required

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Experience ours inspirational and groundbreaking videos and also photos. Ours children and also self-advocates room beautiful and also brilliant!