I to be scrolling v Instagram at part ungodly hour this morning (thanks storm because that waking me up!) once I witnessed this quote. Mine initial reaction to be “sadly true” yet then i was like “wait a minute…is that really?”. Ns felt a sense of apprehension when I very first read it. The couldn’t be good. I determined that if i really thought that, I would be living a life of fear and also not that faith. Ns pondered on that a small further and realised that the human being who were meant to it is in in your life will constantly come back. Allow me re-superstructure a few stories of why I think this to it is in true.

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About 10 year ago, a very good friend and also I had actually a fall out. I was for this reason angry through her and also I walked away from a treasured friendship. My heart was broken but I believed that ns was setting boundaries because that myself and I was. Because that 5 years ns did not watch or speak to she and, although ns missed her terribly, i was ok and so to be she. In those 5 years, ours lives adjusted and we progressed as people. One Saturday evening ns was wait for my pizza to be ready as soon as I witnessed someone that us both knew. In ~ the time, i remember wanting to take it a pic the him and also share it with her because only she would know the memories and also thoughts flashing through my mind at the time. Ns missed her an ext than ever in the moment. Tiny did I know that the world was “softening me up” for she return into my life. The adhering to Monday, I got this heartfelt apology from her in mine inbox with no expectation from me other than to read it. I cried so much and immediately comment to say every is forgiven. We have actually been ideal friends again ever before since. Ours friendship is the same and also yet different but it is more financially rewarding because we had actually grown as human being while us were apart. I think it all happened for a reason and, in hindsight, the time apart was preparing us to it is in the civilization we essential to be support each various other in the future. #noregrets

Another example from around 5 years back which I have actually written around previously is once a family members member and I had actually a falling the end of sorts. I had spent my entire life trying to please this person yet nothing ns did was ever good enough. One day, they stated something that just took it too far and I snapped. I loved this human being dearly yet there was just so much I can take. I drew a heat in the sand and I walked away. Walking away to be a liberating endure for me and, when again, my life readjusted and I progressed as a person. A few months later, this person referred to as offering to assist me in a method that lock never had actually before. There was no officially apology but I knew that the market in itself to be one so i took them increase on the market to let them recognize that it to be ok and that all was forgiven. As with the first example, our partnership was different but more profitable thereafter.

I, the course, have lots of examples where world never go come back and guess: v what…my life has actually gone top top anyway. I am ok and also probably far better off due to the fact that of the experiences and lessons they taught me and also because they were once apart of my life. I thank them for this wherever they are.

The allude is that, in mine experience, us push human being away because that a reason. Usually it is because they have actually disrespected the limits we have collection for ourselves. The truth is that if we don’t honour those borders for ourselves then we set the example for the civilization in ours lives and cause ourself unnecessary misery. Lock will just trample everywhere them.

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Honouring my boundaries has to be liberating and also led come my growth as a person. Mine life experiences have end up being richer because of this growth. I have actually become much more confident in myself and see the world in a different light.

So come get back to the original quote that acquired me thinking in the very first place (at this ungodly hour that the morning