Be ours Guest may only have actually one character, however the beautiful setting definitely helps to consist of for that.

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Even despite it’s pricey, us still wanted to inspect it the end after the parks reopened come see exactly how things have actually changed.

Here’s exactly how it went.

Dining in ~ Be ours Guest

Location: Magic Kingdom (Fantasyland) Meals available: lunch & dinner Price: adult (ages 10 and up) $62.00 / child (ages 3-9) $37.00 Characters: The Beast

One of the most popular restaurants in every one of Walt Disney World, the real attract here is the setting.

Themed come look favor The Beast’s Castle, when you go into you’ll uncover 3 distinct dining areas:

The cool Ballroom (which is the room you enter into) The West wing (where you’ll uncover the enchanted rose) The lock Gallery (home the a giant music box)


All 3 are good but if you’re interested in one an ext than the other, just let your hostess know and also they’ll shot to accommodate your request.

Traditionally this restaurant to be a hybrid in between Quick Service and Table company where breakfast and lunch to be served fast Service-style while Dinner was a Signature Table organization Dining experience.

Since the reopening, though, be Our Guest is solely Table company with only lunch and dinner services available.


Of course, you’ll have to make reservations to dine here – for the restaurant and also for the park. Both are required.

Restaurant reservations deserve to be do 60 days out (either virtual or in the mine Disney experience app). Park pass reservations deserve to be made with mid January 2022.


Both lunch and also dinner are the very same prix fixe, 3-course menu.

And building on the Beauty and also the Beast theme, the food is definitely French-inspired.

For your appetizer you can choose one that the following:

French Onion Soup Mixed field Greens Cheese and also Meat bowl Maine Lobster Bisque

And for entrées you have the an option of:

Herb-salted Pork Tenderloin Center-cut Filet Mignon Poulet Rouge Chicken Roasted Corn and also Spinach Tortellini Pan-seared Sea Scallops

And finally, a dessert trio (you gain all 3):

Lemon Jam Macaron Dark cacao Truffle White coco “Chip” Cup


What we chosen

On our recent visit we had French Onion Soup, Maine Lobster Bisque, the Pork Tenderloin, and Filet Mignon, and while we assumed it was every delicious the entrées and also dessert were absolutely the highlights that the meal.

What us didn’t choose

The French Onion soup was simply okay.


Unlike other character meals where you’ll see multiple various Disney favorites, it is in Our Guest has just one: The Beast.

If you’ve saw here before you know that in the previous The Beast remained in a side-room wherein guests would certainly line increase to meet him. Now rather of gift stuck in one location he now roams through the restaurant together guests dine.

He doesn’t move from table-to-table, though. For this reason those tables close to the key walkway will have actually the finest view.

And, although the doesn’t protect against long, he will certainly pause for a selfie:



The Beast walk not authorize autographs and also there are none the the cute postcards through autographs below (like you check out at other character meals).

Final thoughts

Be our Guest is always great for a splurge or die-hard Beauty and also the Beast fans, however now through your just option gift an high value Table company meal we’re not certain it is precious it for many families. Specifically if your goal is to see characters.

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Want to check out what we believed of your other character enjoy the meal options?


Our many recent visit to be Our Guest is had on our day-to-day vlogs. Check it the end for much more information (and some much better food pics!).