Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor, keyboardist and also vocalist in Walk turn off the Earth, has died, the band has actually confirmed.

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Mike "Beard Guy" Taylor that Walk turn off the planet performs at August room on Aug. 26, 2018 in mountain Francisco, Calif.Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images

Mike “Beard Guy” Taylor, keyboardist and vocalist inWalk off the Earth, has died, the band has confirmed.

The team postedthe complying with statement on society media Sunday night (Dec. 30):

“It is with extensive sadness that us announce the pass of our beloved brother and also band member, Mike ‘Beard Guy’ Taylor. Mike had a love for life the was unmatched and a willingness to offer that went past ordinary means. The passed peacefully from natural reasons last night in his sleep. Our deepest sympathies room with his 2 children, who he adored more than anything else in the world. Us ask because that privacy for his family members in this trying time.”


— Walk turn off the planet (
WalkOffTheEarth) December 31, 2018

The Canadian indie popular music band, recognized for their well-craftedcover songs on YouTube and also originals consisting of recent single “Fifth Avenue,” was booked to carry out on new Year’s night in Niagara drops for CBC.

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“I’ve trained quite hard at being a key-board player due to the fact that I was 4 years old, worked my lifetime trying to get my chops up at the greatest level ns can,” Taylor said in one interview in 2012, once the group’s sheathe of Gotye’s “Somebody the I supplied to Know” go viral.

Just prior to Christmas, Taylor shared hisbeautiful solo piano rendition that “O holy Night” ~ above Facebook, wherein he stated it to be “hands under my favorite Christmas song.”


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