Earlier this week, bill Condon, director of the brand-new live-action adaptation that Beauty and the Beast, make headlines when he called Attitude magazine the BATB would have actually an “exclusively gay moment.” that didn’t get in much detail so as not to spoil it, however he walk say that it had something to execute with LeFou, whose unshakeable admiration for Gaston is easily taken as somewhat much less than platonic. “LeFou is somebody who on at some point wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston,” Condon said. “It’s someone who’s just realizing that he has these feelings. Mockery provides something yes, really subtle and also delicious out of it. And that’s what has its pay-off in ~ the end, which ns don’t want to provide away. Yet it is a nice, solely gay moment in a Disney movie.”

Maybe it’s since Condon mentioned kissing, yet I spent a good portion the the movie’s two-hour-plus operation time hoping that Gaston and also LeFou were going to make out, or at the very least share a chaste peck ~ above the lips. However as you’ll not-so-quickly find out, the “exclusively gay moment” is kind of a huge dud, and if girlfriend hadn’t to be warned in breakthrough that it was going come happen, you might not even an alert it in ~ all.

Throughout the movie, LeFou dotes top top Gaston as he did in the 1991 animated version, yet the large moment come at the finish of the movie, as soon as LeFou look at the error of Gaston’s ways and also reforms. During the finale ballroom scene, after ~ LeFou has actually joined up with Team Belle, LeFou dances through a man. That’s it! That’s every there is, uneven you counting the moment where LeFou’s dancing companion gets struck with a madame Garderobe makeover and also reacts through pleasure rather of disgust. Condon go say that it would certainly be “subtle,” yet if girlfriend think that sounds a little bit too subtle, you’re right.

Representation matters, and Disney, despite making usually strides toward actual diversity in current years, is not all over near as steady as it could be. The very mention that LeFou might it is in gay led to one Alabama theatre to traction the movie indigenous the schedule, due to the fact that god forbid kids see two men dancing (false imprisonment and implied Stockholm syndrome are fine though). Yet if you’re walk to slip in a nod come homosexuality the you recognize will piss off bigots — and Disney must have actually known that also this throwaway moment would — girlfriend may too go all in. Have actually LeFou in reality confess his feelings for Gaston. Don’t protect against at interracial kisses, encompass a same-sex kiss, as the Disney Channel cartoon Star vs. The pressures of Evil newly did. Far better yet, permit Lumière and also Cogsworth consummate your obvious and undying love. Anything but this sneeze that acknowledgement that’s less a watershed minute for accept and an ext a fast reminder the LeFou renders it out of the movie alive.

It’s not totally the fault of invoice Condon that the LeFou case has been accumulated so much — everybody needs clicks and all that — however he had actually to have known that this would take place as soon as the indigenous “exclusively gay moment” come out that his mouth. He’s since walked earlier his comments and also said that LeFou’s sexuality has been “a small overstated,” however at this point, all the chatter seems choose nothing but an effort to add liberal cred come a movie without in reality doing the job-related to do it progressive. Beauty and the Beast, a movie that weaves a love story the end of compelled isolation, could certainly benefit from part updating, however this “exclusively happy moment” doesn’t quite gain it done.

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