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A dinner right here is never 2nd best! Be our Guest Restaurant at Disney world has a lot to live up to, based upon the tune it’s named after. So, that time to put its service to the test!

Recently, us hopped over to be Our Guest to check out its menu adjustments and also overall new experience because Magic Kingdom Park reopened. If there space some major changes (limited capacity, no breakfast and also an all-day prix fixe menu, just to name a few), the restaurant still maintain the miracle ambience that it’s so renowned for. Be our guest as we review everything from the theming to the food!

Overview of it is in Our Guest Restaurant

As one of the most popular dining areas at Disney World, be Our Guest creates a memorable suffer for the whole family with its French-inspired cuisine and elaborate theming. Guests space toadally immersed right into a storybook world, as they dine choose royalty at the Beast’s enchanted lock in Fantasyland.

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Upon Magic Kingdom’s reopening, it is in Our Guest Restaurant currently offers lunch and also dinner, both the which function the same three-course prix fixe menu. It prices $62 every adult and also $37 every child, ages 3 to 9. (Previously, breakfast and lunch were quick-service options, if dinner to be table-service only.) return not considered an main character dining experience, the Beast renders a distinct appearance together he walks about the restaurant and also greets each of the dining rooms.

Before the COVID-19 closure, an advanced dining preventive was highly sought after and also hard come come by, as the restaurant would normally be fully booked 180 days in advance. Because Magic Kingdom reopened, that been easier now more than ever to snag a reservation for lunch or dinner (though note that the breakthrough Dining Reservation home window is currently 60 days). Even with restricted seating to enable for physical distancing within the restaurant, recognize a preventive is no unimaginable. While writing this Frog family members foodie review, we checked My Disney Experience and saw the we can make a lunch reservation because that a party of 4 the an extremely next day, as well as some ease of access every day for the following week. If she planning one upcoming expedition to Magic Kingdom and also dining in ~ Be ours Guest is in ~ the height of your Disney people bucket list, then we highly suggest booking a reservation. It"s crucial to note that because that in-park dining, guest must have actually valid park admission and a reservation for park entry v the Disney Park pass reservation device — as well as a dining preventive — to dine at an in-park, table-service restaurant (including be Our Guest). Dining reservations carry out not insurance entry to the park.

However, we’ve lucked out through walk-in access as well. During a recent pilgrimage to Magic Kingdom, we quit by approximately 1 p.m.and request the host exterior at the podium if the restaurant was accepting any kind of walk-ins. She claimed it’d be around a 10-minute wait, so we went because that it — frogtastic!

Currently, the restaurant is making use of mobile check-in for Be our Guest Restaurant to minimize call with the hosts. Be certain to download the mine Disney Experience application (or upgrade to the recent version) to use this feature. Over there is additionally a QR password in prior of the restaurant that you have the right to scan come download mine Disney suffer if you must do so while she there. All you have to do is check your arrival time and also party details! once you inspect in, you can request a certain dining room (more info below!). There’s no guarantee, however cast members will do their best to shot to accommodate you.

Be ours Guest Restaurant’s Theming and Ambience

All confirm in? You’ll then cross end the bridge towards the rocky facade, finish with a flowing waterfall, to get in the Beast’s castle. Gothic-style gargoyles host up huge lamp articles along the method and large lion statues safety the doors. Once you action inside, yes a beautiful mosaic that Beauty and the Beast ~ above the left and also a corridor v knights in armor ~ above the right. (Listen carefully to hear the knights whispering amongst themselves!) as soon as it’s time to it is in seated, you’ll proceed through the foyer to enter the grand Ballroom. (We noticed that the key doors were kept open during our recent visit, likely to rise airflow.)

At be Our Guest, the restaurant is split into 3 enchanting dining areas — the cool Ballroom, the castle Gallery and the West wing — transporting you right into a storybook setting. The details are so captivating that you’ll froget you’re in ~ a template park!

The elegant cool Ballroom is centrally located and the biggest of the 3 dining rooms. It has a high, domed ceiling, chandeliers, columns and also archways, and also was designed to be a replica that the ballroom in the beloved animated film. Us love sit by the floor-to-ceiling windows whereby you can watch snow falling “outside” in the night sky. Be sure to look at up at the ceiling as well. You’ll watch a mural of cherubs, which are said to be the deals with of Disney Imagineers’ babies. Since of the size, the room deserve to be rather loud. However, the tables are spaced out for physics distancing, therefore the dining room does not fill up as lot as before.

The lock Gallery, additionally known as the increased Gallery, features a almost 7-foot-tall music box centerpiece with larger-than-life figures of Beauty and also the Beast swirling atop. Transparent the room, framed portraits, paintings and tapestries of standard scenes native the movie (and brand-new scenes too!) cave on the walls. The bright and cheery atmosphere of this smaller sized room strikes a pretty balance that elegance and also simplicity.

Lastly, the mysterious and foreboding West wing is the the smallest dining area and offers the most intimate dining experience. In the dark edge of the Beast’s forbidden room, the enchanted climbed sits in its case, as thunder roars intermittently. Once a rose petal falls, clock the slashed portrait that the Prince turn into the Beast momentarily. Because of the dark atmosphere, the smallest tadpoles might be frightened. As soon as Lily was younger, she refused to walk in there, yet during this recent visit, she want to acquire a picture taken in prior of the enchanted rose. (She climate promptly speed hopped out of the room.)

No issue where you sit, you’ll be entranced by the magical details everywhere you look. Choose before, guests room still enabled to wander roughly the restaurant and also visit various other dining locations after you eat. However, you need to put your mask ago on if you’re no seated at her table.

Be our Guest Restaurant Menu

Time to discuss the ideal part: the food! choose we mentioned before, lunch and dinner now have actually the exact same three-course prix fixe menu. This method you’re may be to choose your selection of appetizer, entree and also dessert because that a solved price. The doesn’t matter which ones you pick ... The price is the same: $62 every adult and $37 every child, ages 3 to 9. As soon as seated, you’re offered a QR code that directs you come a digital menu, together with bread rolls.

As for the appetizers, there are 4 different alternatives to begin off your three-course meal:

French Onion Soup - toasted crouton, Gruyère and Provolone Maine Lobster Bisque - garnished through Crème Fraîche and poached lobster Mixed ar Greens (plant-based) - hazelnut brittle and also seasonal fruit with a rock fruit vinaigrette Assorted Meats and also Artisanal Cheese - Chicken Liver Pâté, shaved Serrano ham, chorizo sausage, pleasant Ridge Cheddar, Truffle Tremor and also Stilton Blue with seasonal garnishes

Leap had actually the Maine Lobster Bisque, while i opted for the French Onion Soup. Ns really enjoyed my choice — the French Onion Soup to be rich, so ns wasn’t maybe to finish it all. But the melted cheese on top was the main draw for me!

Don’t fill up too rapid (like me!). You’ll be faced with the hardest decision yet … the entrée. Select one main dish native the complying with mouthwatering creations:

Herb-salted Pork Tenderloin - crispy pork belly, seasonal vegetables-two ways, pork jus and also candied pecan Center-cut Filet Mignon - robuchon Yukon potatoes, seasonal vegetables and Cipollini marmalade through a red alcohol glaze Poulet Rouge Chicken - savory bread pudding and also seasonal vegetables through a chicken glace Roasted Corn and Spinach Tortellini (plant-based) - roasted corn and also peppadew relish, rainbow cauliflower and asparagus, corn nage Pan-seared Sea Scallops - seasonal risotto v wild mushroom and also butter sauce

As a creature of habit, Leap bespeak the Filet Mignon. He loved the flavors and also thought it tasted even much better than before. Meanwhile, I decided on the Poulet Rouge Chicken, which to be nice and also crispy on the outside and tender top top the inside. Tad, who was old enough to order from the “grownups menu” this time, had the herb-salted Pork Tenderloin, and as usual, this farming tween devoured every bite.

The tadpoles have actually a special youngsters menu, which permits them to pick their very own appetizers, entrée and sides too. Because that the appetizers, they can select either an iceberg wedge salad, house-made peach applesauce or a fruit and cheese plate. Each entrée comes v two next selections. This is the break down of entrées and also sides.

Entrées (choose one):

Grilled Beef Tenderloin House-made Macaroni and also Cheese Pan-seared Chicken Breast

Side Selections (choose two):

Sauteed Zucchini Wild Rice Steamed eco-friendly Beans Sweet Potato Wedges

Lily picked out her go-to macaroni and also cheese through sweet potato wedges and green beans. The serving size was just right for she tadpole tummy!

It’s dessert time … FINALLY. The Dessert Trio is composed of a lemon jam macaron, a dark coco truffle (filled v dark coco Grand Marnier ganache) and also a white chocolate “Chip” cup filled with the Grey Stuff, i m sorry is indeed delicious! The kid-version the the Dessert Trio come with coco “paint” so the the tadpoles have the right to decorate the Chip cup.

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Cheers! Beverages such together soda, tea and also coffee are had with the meal price. Nonalcoholic signature drinks (which come in light-up souvenir cups), wines, beer, ciders and champagne are easily accessible for an additional price (and most, naturally, space from France).

Our final Thoughts about Be our Guest Restaurant at Disney World

Tadpoles and frog parents alike will surely love dining together guests of the Beast in his castle. If the breakfast and lunch quick-service choices have been removed, you deserve to now view the Beast throughout lunch and also dinner, rather of dinner only. The restaurant is an intricate enough to do a meal there feel prefer a distinct occasion, but not too many lavish the you"ll feel underdressed in your template park clothes. We absolutely recommend taking your time by eating leisurely and also roaming about the restaurant so you have the right to observe all of the details! girlfriend won"t be in and also out quickly because it"s a three-course enjoy the meal (we spent around an hour and also a fifty percent in there). For this reason if you"re pressed for time and it"s not a must-do experience, it"s much better to sit this one out. "Beauty and also the Beast" fans will appreciate the immersive theming, as they dine like their favorite characters. Bon appétit!