After a delay of end 5 months, we lastly have one opening day for Enchanted tale of Beauty and also the Beast, Happy Ride through Baymax, Minnie’s style Studio, and the shops & restaurants in the brand-new Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and also Toontown “large-scale advance of Tokyo Disneyland.” asian Land company just announced the the park’s largest expansion ever before will official debut ~ above September 28, 2020. In this post, fine share ide art, offer info & details and carry out some commentary.

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This large-scale growth is component of an extraordinary $3 billion growth of Tokyo Disney Resort the has continued to plow front in the last few months (even during the closure) without hold-up or budget plan cuts. The enhancements to Tokyo Disneyland & DisneySea will carry Beauty and the Beast, huge Hero 6, Frozen, Tangled, and also Peter Pan attractions come the parks, add to two brand-new hotels come the will complex.

The Enchanted story of Beauty and the Beast is the marquee addition to the Tokyo Disneyland expansion, which will be Disney’s latest in a wire of mega E-Ticket attractions. While details line item budgets haven’t to be released through OLC or Disney, this is meant to be amongst the most expensive attractions Imagineering has ever before created, possibly on par v Star Wars: climb of the Resistance in ambitiousness. (Here’s hoping it’s an ext reliable!)

Most of this development is new Fantasyland, and also most of the is a Beauty and the Beast mini-land. This area follow me from Belle’s village to the secluded forest home to Beast’s Castle. In this area, La Taverne de Gaston restaurant and town Shoppes heat the street. This trio the shops is composed of La Belle Librairie, small Town Traders and Bonjour Gifts.

Leaving the town behind, guests enter the forest and also approach Beauty and the Beast’s Castle, i beg your pardon is home to the abovementioned E-Ticket. The Enchanted story of Beauty and also the Beast is a trackless dark ride featuring magical cups that dance in rhythm come the animated film’s music as they take guests v scenes depicting the story that Belle and the Beast.

Deep in Fantasyland lies Fantasyland forest Theatre, the first indoor theater at Tokyo Disneyland. This will certainly be the future home to “Mickey’s magical Music World” show, i m sorry will open up at a day to it is in announced later. Other indoor phase shows, including the comparable huge Band Beat and Song that Mirage, are not operating during Tokyo Disney Resort’s phased reopening.


In Tomorrowland, the Happy Ride v Baymax is usually Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree yet with large Hero 6. The looks cute and also will have actually fun music and lighting effects, yet it’s a level ride–hardly a blockbuster addition. Adjacent is The huge Pop, a cosmic-themed shop specializing in popcorn.

Moving to Toontown, wherein Minnie’s format Studio will open. World-renowned fashion designer Minnie computer mouse will greet guest while attract her recent design, i beg your pardon will change each season. Decked out through a big, polka-dot bow, Minnie’s style Studio is whereby she designs, creates and photographs her new fashions.

This is just a capsule synopsis of what’s opened on September 28, 2020. For an ext detail and concept art, examine out Details for Tokyo Disneyland’s Colossal 2020 Expansion.


To stop congestion, several of the new experiences have been modification operations and entry will be limited on a short-term basis. A brand-new entry request system via the Tokyo Disney Resort app will be supplied for assigned time bookings at the new attractions and also greeting experience. In addition, entry to the brand-new restaurants and shops will be limited to guests who have actually made development reservations.

Last year when Soaring: terrific Flight debuted, FastPasses were gone in ~ minutes of park opened for the an initial several months. The was through the attraction operation at common capacity. With decreased capacity, this is going come be an ext akin come the Star Wars: increase of the Resistance boarding happen dash, i m sorry is basically a lottery.


This is on peak of the current limitations on entering Tokyo Disneyland. For every one of the complaints among Walt Disney World yearly Passholders around the Park happen system, Tokyo Disney will APs arguably have actually it worse. There, an annual Pass lottery is held for the chance to visit Tokyo DisneySea and/or Disneyland once in a offered month. We recognize some locals who have not won the lottery at all due to the fact that the parks reopened!

The termination in that case has to be waiting till the following month, or purchasing 1-day or partial day tickets 30 days in advance. In fairness, the clock has not started ticking ~ above Tokyo Disney resort expiration dates (meaning they proceed to be extended) and solitary day ticket are just $78, therefore it’s not quite as bad as the sounds.

As a rapid aside, we’ll it is in curious to watch whether Disneyland will in California complies with the Tokyo or Florida “model” for yearly Passholder entry. Indigenous a demographics perspective, the Tokyo technique makes an ext sense. From a domestic parks infrastructure and also continuity perspective, the Florida strategy makes an ext sense. Both room going to reason a ton that outrage among Disneyland APs, as there is method more need than over there is park capacity, but I digress…


It’s no bombshell news the Tokyo Disneyland has announced an official opening day for this large scale expansion, as actors Member previews have actually quietly been hosted for the critical week. Given that, it seemed like that the brand-new land and also attractions would certainly debut sooner rather than later. However, we’re however a little surprised the this is the direction OLC has chosen come go through the blockbuster enhancements to Tokyo Disneyland.

Our expectation has been that oriental Land company would simply sit top top the huge scale development until it can have a splashy, full-capacity opening. Us were really reasoning it wouldn’t open up until feather 2021. It’s been finished because that months, therefore they’ve already been sit on it for a while. However, with OLC’s recent financial woes and issuance the bonds, maybe the reasoning is it’s far better to acquire the expansion open and guests spending money on tickets and also merchandise.


Ultimately, this is bittersweet news. It’s amazing for those who obtain to experience it, yet a little bit anticlimactic–and will most likely be a frustrating process even for those able to score park tickets. This development is a really big deal, and also deserves a truly grand opening. Also, we room (admittedly) jealous. Perhaps part of that “belief” the Tokyo Disneyland development wouldn’t open until feather 2021 to be wishful reasoning on our part. We were reserved to be there because that the initial opening day ago in April, and have been closely watching Japan’s reopening procedure for the last couple of months.

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During the time, it’s been progressively clear that travel to Japan in the next few months is the end of the question. In ~ this point, also Spring 2021 feels too many optimistic. Suffice to say, if you have a trip to Tokyo Disney resort planned because that 2021, you might want to check out our write-up When will Japan Reopen & enable Foreign Tourists? That consist of a timeline that Japan’s reopening progress, and when we can realistically mean to resume leisure travel come Japan.