go Becky G deal with Her Teeth?

Becky G is renowned for the gap between her former teeth. Becky G is constantly proud to speed her huge smile in prior of cameras, showcasing the space in the middle. She as soon as told us Weekly, “I’d be lying if I stated I’d always taken on . Ns think it’s component of cultivation up to find out that imperfection is perfection — finding out to love you yourself for the method that you were created. It’s component of me, it gives me character, girlfriend know? ns love it — it’s never ever crossed my mind to take it it away.”

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Credit: (left) Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images, (right) Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Becky G Teeth gap Over the Years

So, as soon as did Becky G have actually her teeth gap? Let’s take it a look back her early on years.

Ok, we are a tiny extreme here. Listed below is a photo taken once Becky is just a cute little girl. Her smile proved that her teeth void was there at the an extremely beginning.


Here is Becky G attending the screening of Columbia Pictures and also Sony images Animation’s “Hotel Transylvania” in ~ the Pacific Theatre in Los Angeles, California. The photograph was tackled September 22, 2012. Dressed in a fashionable patterned optimal and big earrings, Becky G was no afraid to present off her this gap:


Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Back in 2013, Becky G was not bothered by her teeth space at all. Three months later in November 2013, Becky G to visit the 14th yearly Latin Grammy Awards held in ras Vegas. She tied she hair neatly and showcased her teeth void again:


John Parra/Getty Images

Four months later in November 2014, Becky G was at it again. This time, pull in a “window” themed dress, she readily available some peekaboo of she cleavage. And also who can forget her this gap:


Brad Barket/Getty Images

In December 2015, Becky G appeared to gain some weight together she attend the “Musicians On speak to Rock The Room Tour” in West Hollywood, California. Her eight looked thicker than normal. She cleavage looked shallower, probably because of her slight weight gain. But Becky G’s teeth space still shone through:


Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Here is the transforming POINT! In October 2016, Becky G to visit the La Banda in ~ Univision Studios in Floria. She smiled widely yet her teeth space looked smaller than ever. Her teeth appeared to have undergone part alteration. Her front this looked enlarge too. And, walk she go for this whitening too?


Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Her latest photograph taken in June 2017 during the premiere of “Despicable Me 3” proved that she teeth gap is gone because that good. walk she look far better without the teeth gap? inspect out the picture below:



Overall, Becky G surrendered to the attract of a nice collection of teeth. The assumed of having perfectly aligned this was too great to ignore. Becky G kinda went ago on her word of not doing something to she teeth. The is obvious that she has acquired some teeth work-related done. What perform you think? go Becky G experience her teeth alignment procedure?

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