Becky G is a mexican American singer, actress and also spokesmodel who started her entertainment career at the age of nine.

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Who Is Becky G?

California indigenous Becky G uncovered fame singing songs like "Shower" prior to moving ~ above Spanish-language hits such as "Sin Pijama" and "Mayores." her music incorporates rap, pop hooks, reggaeton and Latin influences. In 2013, she signed on as a representative because that the beauty line CoverGirl. Becky has guest starred on the television display Empire and also was among the leader in 2017's big-screen Power Rangers adaptation. She began her job at ripe years old, following a jae won setback that expected her family members had to move right into her grandparents' garage. All four of Becky's grandparents left Mexico to concerned the joined States, and she has talked around how their courage and also hard job-related led to more opportunities for their granddaughter.

Family and Early Life

Becky G to be born together Rebbeca Marie Gomez on in march 2, 1997, in Inglewood, California. Becky's parents, Alex and also Frank, to be high school sweethearts that met at Santa Monica High School. They had actually Becky, her brothers Frankie and Alex, and Becky's younger sister Stephanie. Becky's grandparents emigrated indigenous Mexico. She's component of the second generation the her family members to be born in the united States.

After the family members lost their home due to a ballooning mortgage payment and also went come live in a little converted garage, a nine-year-old Becky chose to start a career in entertainment come bolster her family's finances. She looked for child talent agencies, discovered an agent and also began getting work in commercials, voiceovers and modeling. Becky has attributed being part of a large extended household with providing her the attention-getting skills that aided her accomplish entertainment success.

Becky has shared some details around her battle with anxiety, crediting her family's assistance with helping her cope v this issue.



Becky G

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The video for "Mayores" — a catchy track that features Puerto Rican rapper bad Bunny — has an ext than one billion see on YouTube. Becky has said the videos for her Spanish-language songs should assist the music with English-speaking audiences, together they'll have the ability to grasp definition via these "mini movies."

Becky has admitted she Spanish wasn't perfect when she started producing Spanish-language music. However, she was still proud and happy to call her heritage.

Movies and Television

In 2015, Becky guest starred together Valentina ~ above the TV show Empire. She made her big-screen debut together Trini, the Yellow Ranger, in 2017's film variation of the 1990s TV show Power Rangers. Trini has actually been called the very first LGBT protagonist to appear in a big-budget superhero movie, despite the character's sexuality was just addressed in a brief bit that dialogue.

Becky additionally voiced a character in Gnome Alone (2017) and also starred in the family members adventure film A.X.L. (2018).


In December 2017, Becky do a declare on social media about her half-sister, who had just rotate 18. She had known around this sister since she was 13, but the two had minimal contact. After share her really hopes that your relationship could further develop, Becky wrote, "I want you to know that i wish you all the finest in life and also that you discover happiness wherever your heart take away you."

Political Views

After Donald Trump started his presidential campaign in 2015 by disparaging Mexicans, Becky devoted "We space Mexico" to Trump. The song talked around immigrants' family values, tough work and also other optimistic traits.

Becky has encouraged people, specifically her demography cohorts, to vote. She's also voiced assistance for DACA, Deferred action for Childhood Arrivals, the routine that detailed educational and also job avenues to human being who short legal status but had resided in the joined States due to the fact that they were children.

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Personal Life

In 2016, Becky began dating football player Sebastian Lletget. The two were introduced by Naomi Scott, a Power rangers co-star. Prior to this relationship, Becky was involved with singer Austin Mahone.

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