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New DreamWorks animation Dinotrux "5 Minute Favorites" launch November 4 just on Netflix

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Nov. 4, 2015 / -- Parents, acquire ready for your victory lap since your bedtime-stalling children just met their match. It"s no secret kids will certainly say whatever from the outrageous – "I dislike the inside of mine eyelids" – to the hard-to-argue-with "I"m starving-dying that thirst-need come pee" pardon to protect against bedtime o"clock. Now, with the assist of Netflix and DreamWorks Animation, grown-ups have the right to stop the kids" shenanigans if making part mischief of their own.

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Dinotrux "5 Minute Favorites" only on Netflix

Introductory clip for brand-new Dinotrux "5 Minute Favorites" now on Netflix.

With today"s start of five-minute-long "favorites" of the hit collection Dinotrux indigenous DreamWorks Animation, parents deserve to offer up whole SHOW – that"s 300 whole seconds, kids – to motivate tiny ones to get ready for bedtime, pronto. Kids will think they"re obtaining away through murder, but parents will gain the last laugh as soon as the present ends after just five minutes and the kids are tucked in on time. Parents: 1, Kids" Bedtime Stalls: 0.

While brief on time, the brand-new Dinotrux 5 Minute favorite are big on kid-approved action. Netflix and also DreamWorks computer animation engineered the new shows knowing exactly what kids love most: rewatching your favorite scenes. Parents recognize when children like a show, lock really like it. And ask come re-watch their favorite scene over, and also over, and over again. The three new 5 Minute Favorites, launching this particular day on Netflix, showcase favourite scenes following the fast adventures that Ty-Rux and Revvit together they show important great of teamwork and friendship – even amongst the unlikeliest that pairs. To clock on Netflix merely search because that 5 Minute Favorites.

It turns out the bedtime stalls are a universal problem challenged by parents roughly the world. Netflix polled parents throughout seven nations (US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and Mexico) and found 61 percent of parental who are in charge of acquiring their kids tucked in at night are dealing with their kids" an imaginative stall methods at bedtime. All of that lollygagging adds approximately parents spending practically 20 minute every single night negotiating with kids to get them into bed.

While the bedtime battle is real throughout the globe, exactly how the antics unfold different by region.

Brazilian youngsters are the best bedtime negotiators. parental in Brazil space most likely to say your kids" stall tactics "frequently" work-related (52% vs 44%, on typical globally), with children in this nation most most likely to use the ""just 5 much more min" negotiation tactic (51% vs 42%, globally). Kids in Mexico speak the darndest things: parental in Mexico are significantly an ext likely to say that they offer in and permit their children to continue to be up past their bedtime many thanks to cute stall techniques (60% vs. 41%, globally). Mums and also dads in the UK lure kids to sleep with bedtime bribes: Although they space reluctant to admit it, a 3rd of parents in the UK speak that among the quickest methods to acquire their kids into bed is a bribe (33% vs. 28%, globally); through the opportunity to remain up afterwards weekends (30% vs. 29%) and also food or snacks (21% vs. 18%) amongst the most renowned tactics used. Australian parents the very least likely to bending the bedtime rules: parents in Australia are amongst those most likely to speak they never make compromises to get their child into bed (26% vs. 21%, globally). Warning to Canadian kids--don"t try anything cute: Parents in Canada space significantly more likely come disagree the their child"s stall tactics can be as well cute or for this reason clever that they provide in and also let them continue to be up previous their bedtime (61% disagree vs. 51 globally). Bedtime in France is a dream come true. Not just is France the No. 1 country where kids get to bed top top time most days the the mainly (5.1 days per week in France vs. 4.8 days a main globally), but parents there additionally spend the least amount that time getting them to bed (12.3 minutes vs. 17.5 average). The us is the biggest bedtime battleground. American youngsters are the most most likely to try an innovative stall methods (66 % vs 61% average globally), and it takes parental the longest to obtain them to bed (19.3 minute vs. 17.5 minute globally).

No matter just how long it takes to gain there, at the end of the day, every one of the hard work acquiring them to bed is worth it. 87 percent of parental agree that the critical snuggle once their child is quietly tucked into bed is just one of the many special components of your day. Tucking castle in is magic, it"s just getting there that"s the difficult part.

About the Research

The Netflix inspection was conducted online through Ipsos public Affairs on behalf of Netflix from September 2-23, 2015. Because that the survey, a sample of 7,277 parents v a child periods 2-10 in the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Brazil, or Mexico, was interviewed online, consisting of 7,087 respondents who say the they room the main parent responsible for obtaining their child tucked right into bed in ~ night at the very least some the the time. The precision the Ipsos virtual polls is measured utilizing a credibility interval. In this case, the poll has actually a credibility interval of to add or minus 1.3 portion points for all parents.

About the Netflix giving for Kids

Netflix has actually a dedicated section for children featuring dozens the original series for kids and TV shows and also movies from an excellent partners prefer PBS, Disney Channel, DreamWorks Animation, Mattel, Hasbro, Scholastic and also Lego, all in a commercial totally free environment. The committed section for youngsters is accessible across a broad range of devices including PCs and Macs, iPads, video game consoles, streaming devices and smart TVs. Members are detailed a kids profile upon authorize up and can customize added profiles for their children. The children experience functions a personality bar whereby you can find a deep choice of good TV shows and movies featuring the character. Kids, parents and caregivers will additionally be able to scan through row after heat of movies and TV shows organized by easy-to-understand genres prefer superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs and girl power, featuring clear and straightforward descriptions of each title. In 2015, typical Sense Media awarded six Netflix original collection the usual Sense Seal for TV, an honor recognizing standout brand-new TV series and specials that offer distinct or outstanding media experiences for family members with youngsters ages 2 come 17.

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About Netflix

Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) is the world"s leading web television network through over million members in over nations enjoying much more than 100 million hours of TV shows and also movies every day, including original series, documentaries and feature films. Members have the right to watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on nearly any Internet-connected screen. Members deserve to play, pause and also resume watching, all without advertisement or commitments.

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