The previous Land that Oz theme park the operated during the 1970s atop Beech hill reopens sometimes for us to follow the Yellow Brick road to Emerald City to view the Wizard. Over the years, autumn at Oz (photos top top this page) has grown native a little reunion of former employees to a celebration that draws large crowds for a nostalgic stroll through the stays of the renowned Land of Oz design template park the closed in 1980. It to be a life adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s standard novel, “The Wonderful human being of Oz,” top top which the 1939 movie is based (celebrating the 80th anniversary!). The park atop the mile-high summit reopens just for two special events. Beech mountain is around 80 mile north that Asheville (see directions below).

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Land that Oz Private historic ToursJune 18 - august 1, 2021Take a fun 90 min tour under the yellow brick roadway throughout the soil of Oz seeing original attractions such as the Gale Kansas Farm, the Judy Garland Memorial Overlook, fractional of Youth, and the tornado cellar. Enjoy breathtaking views and do part shopping in ~ the Oz Shop! Tours are reservations only. Group rates begin at $150. Go to your website because that details and also bookings.

Autumn in ~ Oz but on the weekend 2021September 10-12, 17-19, 24-26This is the biggest occasion - three weekends this year with all Oz characters. See details & pics below. Tickets on sale this summer: indigenous $45/person + counting & handling fees, children age 2 & under free. Tickets walk on sale June 30. The event usually sells the end in advance. Go to their website for tickets. 


Autumn at Oz

Each year, the autumn at Oz but on the weekend offer many activities, food, drink, and sights to improve the soil of Oz journey. Experience the recreation of Dorothy’s trip from her farm in Kansas through the twister and also down the yellow brick roadway to Oz. Follow me your journey, you will meet countless of the vibrant personalities that do the novel and also the movie timeless.


Visit v the believe Man, Dorothy, Cowardly Lion, Scarecrow, Professor Marvel, Auntie Em, Uncle Henry, Glinda the an excellent Witch and also the Wizard. The wicked Witch that the West is likewise on hand v her Winkie guards and flying monkeys.


Dress as your favorite Oz character and enjoy a nostalgic stroll through this distinct place in time! The peak of Beech Mountain, at 5,506 ft., is perfect place to endeavor over the rainbow. It"s absent outcroppings and also gnarly, windswept trees motivated the production of the land of Oz design template park.

Keep in psychic the temperature atop Beech have the right to be chilly in early on September (about 15 degrees cooler 보다 Asheville). So carry a jacket! See an ext tips below.


Tips for Visiting soil of Oz

Advance ticket holders should proceed to check-in tables at the suitable time/session.The Oz property has uneven paths, ramps and stairs and also therefore is no wheelchair- or stroller-friendly (late afternoon sessions work far better for people needing assistance, and little strollers or backpacks work ideal for children). The weather on Beech deserve to be chilly and also windy, so please be ready by dressing in layers and wearing comfy shoes. Lug a jacket and an umbrella, simply in case.Bring extra money (cash) together food treats and treasures are for sale.As for this reason many world want to take it photos, it is in respectful that others. Please was standing back, turn off the paths, and make room because that others to pass on by. A full cast of personalities will be near the finish of the yellow brick roadway for family photos as well.

Driving direction The city of Beech mountain is around a two-hour, 80-mile journey from Asheville (near Banner Elk) through the hills with multiple path options. The quickest is via I-40 eastern to Marion, then us 221 north to Linville & Banner Elk. Street deal with for Journey v Dorothy (tour starts in ~ ski resort): 1007 Beech mountain Parkway, Beech Mountain. For loss at Oz (starts in middle of town): 403 Beech hill Parkway, Beech Mountain. You will see indicators as you enter the town of Beech Mountain. Spaceship buses take you to the park atop the mountain.

From the Greensboro/Winston-Salem Area: Take us 421 north to Boone. Revolve left top top NC 105. Monitor 105 for 15 miles and also then turn right onto NC 184. Monitor NC 184 come Banner Elk and also then turn left ~ above NC 194/184. NC 184 will veer to the right and also become southern Beech mountain Parkway. Follow NC 184/Beech mountain Parkway into Town.

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From the Charlotte Area: Take I-85 southern towards Gastonia. Take departure 17, and also turn left onto us 321 North. Follow us 321 come Boone. In Boone, revolve left ~ above NC 105. Follow 105 because that 15 miles and then turn right onto NC 184. Follow NC 184 come Banner Elk and also then revolve left onto NC 194/184. NC 184 will certainly veer come the right and become southern Beech hill Parkway. Monitor NC 184/Beech mountain Parkway right into Town.

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