Head to phibìc Carolina come sample several of the 366 beers top top tap in ~ this world-record-making beer garden.

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Craft beer is exploding in phibìc Carolina and also there’s no better place to sample it than at a brand-new beer garden opened this week in Raleigh, the state’s capital city. Aptly called Raleigh Beer Garden, the bar and restaurant boasts a world-record-breaking 366 separation, personal, instance taps, through a chuck 144 of those comes from NC.

“It’s a small bit the a homage to neighborhood beer and also craft beer as a whole,” describes owner Niall Hanley. No stranger to the neighborhood beer scene, Hanley own a variety of other establishments in the area, including the Hibernian irish Pub, a neighborhood staple, a couple of blocks under the street.

“There are so plenty of really, really, good craft breweries roughly here and also North Carolina together a whole, not just Raleigh,” states Hanley. Additionally the designer for the Beer Garden, he claims the original arrangement was to incorporate fewer taps, but once he started looking at all the breweries popping increase in the area, realized he necessary more.

The 8,500-square-foot, two-story beer garden master 144 regional brews ~ above the an initial floor, and also 222 beers native the remainder of the US and also the human being upstairs. There’s additionally a cocktail bar whereby Hanley plan to market rare whiskeys and also bourbons, and also of course, a huge outdoor garden space.


The beer garden"s exterior is do of locally-sourced phibìc Carolina wood.

North Carolina reflects up not only in the beer choice but likewise in the architecture of the building. The countertops, bars, and also tables room all made from pecan trees that were top top the property before the bar being built and, in the front, yes sir a rebuilded 40-foot pecan tree native a farm in Creedmoor, NC; both a homage to north Carolina and also to Hanley’s indigenous Ireland. He gained the idea because that the tree native a pub in Galway the was his stomping soil 25 year ago.

Beer is poured through taps ~ above the restaurant wall surface that feed straight into coolers. The short-draw mechanism ensures that the bar doesn’t have to worry around beer gaining stored in lines and potentially coming to be stale. Top top the second floor, a glass wall surface allows patrons to watch the draft system in action.

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“We don’t store any kind of backups,” says Hanley. “We have actually one keg on. If the keg kicks, that’s it, us don’t make any kind of apologies.” The bar’s considerable beer food selection is it is provided by madness Hunter and drinkers have the right to view a real-time tap list on display screens inside as well as on the Beer Garden’s website.

While 366 is currently a civilization record, it’s likewise just the beginning for the Beer Garden. Hanley watch the an option getting also bigger end time. “We in reality have an additional cooler, for this reason we’re most likely going to include another twenty or for this reason taps upstairs,” that says. “Eventually we could be simply under 400.”