Disney World’s flagship park, Magic Kingdom, is unique for plenty of different reasons. Not just is it the an initial Disney human being park, however it has a details kind of, well, magic that the other three parks don’t seem to have!

Cinderella Castle

If you’ve ever before wandered approximately Magic Kingdom wondering, “Where can I acquire a beer??” …you’re not alone. In Disney World’s other three parks, throw a rock and you’re most likely to struggle a place selling alcohol. But NOT Magic Kingdom. It to be the only Disney human being theme park to not serve alcohol — but that is no much longer the case! If you haven’t to be to Magic Kingdom in the past several years, you may be completely unaware of this change, but it’s true!

Wait…why would certainly this confused anybody?

When Magic Kingdom opened up in 1971, there was no alcohol to be found ANYWHERE in the park. As various other theme parks and resorts opened up over the past 50 years, Magic Kingdom continued to have actually the distinction of being the just Disney world park the did not offer alcohol.

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Main Street, U.S.A.

WHY no booze? Cause that’s exactly how Walt wanted it. He was quoted by Pete young name of the Saturday evening Post ago in the 50s together saying, “No liquor, no beer, nothing. Since that bring in a rowdy element. That brings people that us don’t want and I feel they don’t require it.”



Uncle Walt drew a line in the sand that his Disneyland wouldn’t serve alcohol come the public. Period. (The exemption being society 33 which has actually privately sold alcohol to patrons for decades.) This all readjusted when Star Wars: Galaxy’s edge opened and also alcohol was sold at Oga’s Cantina. Disneyland is additionally preparing to begin serving alcohol in ~ Blue Bayou later this year.


But, at the moment Disney world was built, it to be still an extremely much “dry” in Disneyland. When Roy, Walt’s brother, created Magic Kingdom in Disney World, the did so upholding his brother’s beliefs. In this case, no booze would certainly be sold in the Magic Kingdom.

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Magic Kingdom

In 1982, when EPCOT first opened, it was revealed alcohol would certainly be because that sale in Disney World’s 2nd park. such a large feature of world Showcase was and still is experiencing other cultures. Food and, for numerous countries, drink space a vital component to that. (Could friend imagine one EPCOT international Food and…Food Festival?