The safety and security to coeliacs of this beers — i m sorry are frequently made through the addition of an enzyme to failure the gluten pieces — continues to be hotly debated.

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In the UK / EU, such beers can be explained gluten-free.

In the US, Canada, Australia and new Zealand, lock can’t. They space often explained instead as ‘gluten removed’ or ‘gluten reduced’, and also can be labelled ‘processed to eliminate gluten’.

Some celiacs, not unreasonably, prevent all such wheat- or barley-based beers.

So because that them, below is a perform of beers do only from different and GF grain sources — because that example, quinoa, rice, millet, sorghum, buckwheat, corn — available in UK, the united state / Canada, Australia, and also Europe.

United Kingdom

AltGrain CoOne that the couple of naturally gluten-free brewers in the UK, operation from the tiniest brewery in Essex. Currently producing 2 NGCI ales, based on their very own malted UK-grown millet, through quinoa, rice and buckwheat — Blonde Ale (pictured right), and Random Pale. Marketing on-line only.

Golden Era ancient GrainAn American beer (pictured right), made with millet, quinoa, and also buckwheat, accessible only indigenous UK stockists Beer Hawk.

Green’s Some barley beers, plus five beers do using different grains such together sorghum, brown rice, buckwheat, millet.These are discovery (an amber ale), dry Hopped Lager, IPA, plus the stronger Tripel (8.5%) and Dubbel (7%) ales.Distinguishable from their barley-based beers as they lug ‘naturally gluten free’ labelling.

Riedenberger GlutenfreiA German millet-based beer, accessible from Beers the Europe in the UK.

StironeItalian normally GF beers, made through sorghum, accessible through Taylor’s GF Beer Network in the UK.

Suspect BrewingCircuit Breaker — made through malted millet and buckwheat. 4.2%ABV.

Unites claims / Canada

Alpenglow Buck Wild Pale Ale — made through millet, buckwheat and also brown rice syrup.

Alt Brew Large range of naturally GF beers — from seed such as rice, millet, sorghum and also Ethiopian teff.

Aurochs BrewsLarge an option — offers millet, buckwheat, quinoa.

Bard’s‘The original Sorghum Malt Beer’.

Burning brothers BrewingLarge selection, including Irish Red Ale, cacao Milk Stout and more.

Dogfish Head Tweason’ale — sorghum-based fruit ale.

Epic BrewingGlutenator — made through millet, sweet potatoes, and brown rice.

Evasion BrewingUse oats in most products, and millet, rice and also buckwheat.

Ghostfish Brewing

Uses rice, millet and also buckwheat.

Glutenberg (Canada) / Glutenberg (US) Use quinoa, corn, millet, amaranth and other naturally GF grains, add to coffee, chocolate, chestnut, orange and also other botanicals.Ten beers, including an APA, IPA and also a Stout.

Ground Breaker Brewing Use ingredient such together chestnuts, lentils, tapioca, brown rice and sorghum.Includes a Dark Ale, light Ale and also an IPA.

Holidaily BrewingColorado-based wholly GF brewery.

Ipswich Ale Brewery Their Celia Saison is brewed through sorghum and citrus peel.

James page BrewerySorghum beer — A Capella.

Joseph James Brewing Their Foxtail Brown Ale is brewed “from a basic of necessary rice”, also sorghum.

Lakefront BreweryNew Grist, made v rice and also sorghum.

Lakeland Brewery New Grist pilsner-style beer — brewed using rice and sorghum.

Moonshrimp BrewingVegan millet beers indigenous Oregon.

New earth Brewery Some gluten-reduced beers make from a barley base, but likewise three (blonde ale, pale ale, raspberry ale), making use of no gluten-containing ingredient (sorghum, brown rice, corn).

Redbridge Sorghum beer.

Steadfast Small choice of sorghum-based ales.Also sell an Oatmeal Cream Stout, which uses certified GF oats.

Whistler Beer Co Forager Lager — do from millet and also rice.


Billabong Brewing Uses millet, rice, sorghum, amaranth and also buckwheat.Australia Pale Ale and Blonde Low-carb.

Glutenberg This Canadian beer is stocked through Dan Murphy’s.

O’Brien Beer Use sorghum and millet.Pale ale, brown ale and several lagers.

TwoBays BrewingUse millet, rice and also buckwheat.Pale ale.

Wilde Beer Gluten complimentary ale making use of sorghum — one, raspberry flavoured.


Riedenberger Glutenfrei (Germany)Millet-based beer.

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Stirone (Italy)Italian ‘barley free’ beer, made v hops and sorghum.

Quinoa Italia (Italy)Italian brewed quinoa beer, albeit offered in a sparkling alcohol bottle!