Today, I’m 100 pounds lighter than I was as soon as I started my load loss journey.

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My story is not among overnight success. Ns didn’t take it a magic pill. My results were not from a fad diet or a product native an infomercial. My journey has been more like a roller coaster ride of trials, many errors, and a repertoire of little milestones along the way, at some point leading to more than I ever before expected to gain.

I to be an unhappy girl v no self-esteem, trapped in ~ baggy t-shirt and stretchy jeans and desperate to shed weight to simply be normal. I had no idea that it would turn into a trip of self-discovery, freedom, and also finding joy.

Oh yeah, and also 100-pound weight loss.

Before and also After weight Loss Pictures




Diets i Tried top top My load Loss Journey

Over plenty of years of trying to lose weight, ns tried a many of different weight loss diets, programs, and even some gimmicks.

I great I had actually been blogging if I’d been on every one of them, yet I tried numerous of them when I was rather young, so there is no written record of mine experience.

Here are simply a couple of of the plenty of things i tried:

Slim Fastweight loss pillsWeight Watchersab beltsstomach shrinking wrapsskipping meals

One little Change

I lost 100 pounds one tiny change at a time.

There to be so lot trial and also error (a lot of error).

I love junk food, city hall TV, and also being as lazy together possible, so as appealing together the excessive diets were, they never stuck.

For me, the key to success was one small change at a time.

Going indigenous soda to lemonade. Climate to irradiate lemonade, flavored water, fruit infused water, and finally level water.

Going from no vegetables to hiding vegetables come a couple of microwaved frozen vegetables then finding out to chef fresh vegetables and also now I load my meals full of vegetables.

I might give girlfriend hundreds of examples of one small change at work-related in mine life.

Every diet ns tried or exercise program I joined, i learned something native it the I lugged on through me to create a healthy and balanced lifestyle i genuinely love living.

Read more about the life-changing power of one little change.

Growing Up as The Fat Kid

I to be a cute kid. A really, yes, really cute child (that’s me being cute in in between my 2 older sisters in the picture below)….until first grade.

That’s when I started to end up being the chubby kid.


And climate I became the fat kid (that’s me top top the bottom best in the huge blue poncho).


I don’t really understand why I began overeating in the first place.

Maybe since I to be a daddy’s girl and also I want to keep up through his sections to be similar to him.Possibly due to the fact that I to be stubborn and knew my mom wanted come eat healthily, so ns rebelled through sneaking junk food.Perhaps I just really love food (and still do!). ~ above the job after i was born, my mom wrote, “It seems favor you just want come eat all the time!”

Whatever the reason, I started overeating and also just couldn’t stop.

I remember my grandmother do a comment once around how shocked she was that I could eat so countless slices that pizza.

And i remember feeling proud of gift able to carry out so.

I loved junk food and also would sneak right into the kitchen late at night and also find the unhealthiest food mine mom had hiding in the kitchen…and I’d eat it every in one sitting.

Whether it was a crate of Nutty Bars, a bag the chips, or some really delicious leftovers, I’d devour them.


Food (more specifically,junkfood) was a precious commodity come me. Once it to be there, ns felt choose it was a source that can run out at any given time, so I had actually to eat it every as fast as possible prior to someone rather dared to shot it themselves and leave much less for me.

I to be pretty lot like Joey from Friends. “Becky does not share food!

Confession – periodically I quiet feel choose that.

It’s not prefer I was ever before deprived.

My mommy was (and still is) a terrific cook. She constantly made a ton of flavorful, healthy, homemade meals, however I never appreciated them.

I was constantly begging because that processed foods, prepackaged foods, and fast food.

I would have taken a Lunchable end a sandwich any type of day and also wished I can live turn off of donuts, tater tots, and cupcakes.

I vividly psychic wishing someone would replace all water fountains v Kool-Aid fountains (fun reality – ns didn’t begin liking level water until I was 27 years old).

Bullying together An Overweight Kid

In center school, ns was teased.

I was referred to as fat in the hallways.I was dubbed fat by random strangers who saw me help my best friend supply her paper route.I was called fat through so-called friend not-so behind mine back.

It hurt. A lot.

And ns retreated inside myself even more, thinking if ns was quiet and just flew under the radar, then ns wouldn’t draw attention to myself and also nobody would an alert that ns was fat. Ns ate in secret.

Then i beat myself up for overeating, i m sorry drove me come eat also more. It’s yes, really a vicious cycle the keeps you spiraling downward.

I was never ever able come wear any type of of the same clothes that my friends wore due to the fact that I couldn’t fit into girls’, or even teen, clothing. Ns remember wearing a 24W as a 14-year-old. So, ns dressed in the ever-so-fashionable stretchy jeans and also super baggy t-shirt, believing that every one of that excess cloth would hide every one of my ship rolls.

I yes, really Hated Exercise

In middle school, ns played volleyball, which helped to keep my weight in inspect at the very least a little bit.

I love the actual game and also even do the A team, but I hated the running.

I was constantly the slowest, I constantly finished last, huffing and puffing, needing lots of go breaks, even just during the warm-up laps. I might block, bump, and spike prefer nobody’s business, but I remember always feeling 2nd best due to the fact that I to be the girl who had actually to take the highest number of uniform due to the fact that the numbers correlated to the size.

High number = huge uniform.

It was choose my load was gift announced come everyone, wearingmy dead on the outside.

I play tennis from mine freshman with junior year the high college and, again, really enjoyed the sport, butabhorredthe running. Our coach was a middle-aged guy who could run circles around me. The entire team would have finished their laps around the field, while ns was quiet stumbling along alongside the (also middle-aged) assistant coach, that I’m rather sure they sent in as an effort to acquire me to operation faster.

It to be ineffective.

But since of the continual exercise, i did start shedding some weight.

The Dreaded Yo-Yo Dieting

In high school, the teasing had pretty lot stopped, but I tho felt as huge as ever. It seemed favor everyone about me was dating and also I was persuaded that if I just lost the weight, then guys would start to notification me.

So, i was continuous trying come diet.

Emphasis top top thetrying.

I’d skip breakfast (always the brilliant way to shed weight – NOT), I’d make certain everyone could see that ns was only eating bell pepper strips or half of a Slim rapid for lunch rather of the pizza available at key Club meetings, and also I’d applaud myself as soon as my stomach was rumbling in hunger, because, obviously, starvation=weight loss (face-palm).

But, those efforts were fairly temporary, and also the following day, I’d be v my friends at the food court eat a substantial burrito for having lunch (and sneaking cookies into my bedroom in ~ night).

The freshman 15 In Reverse

When i went turn off to university in 2004, ns was actually able to turning back the freshman 15.

Because the rec facility was just across a ar from my dorm, there was a time that ns was going end there twice a day come swim or background weights or hop top top the elliptical and I was acquisition full benefit of the salad bar in the cafeteria.

I probably might have to reduce a lot an ext weight, however I to be still ordering late-night pizza with my dorm-mates and keeping our room’s mini-fridge stocked v cookie dough and also soda.

When I moved out of the dorms and also off campus (away indigenous the rec center) the next year, I slowly started obtaining weight back.

I’d practice occasionally and kind of try to watch what i ate, yet I didn’t really know exactly how to cook, so I mostly stuck with boxed options.

Macaroni and also cheese and also Hamburger Helper room not the right meals for load loss and also after I’d regained those pounds, lock stayed.

And stayed.

Until so late 2007.

The the contrary Extreme

That year, I dropped in love.

We dated, we obtained engaged, and also then he was deployed, and I lived in a consistent state of stress.

I drifted come the other extreme of unhealthy load loss.

I to be miserable. I thought worrying to be the only thing I might offer at that point and since I couldn’t regulate what was going on overseas, I decided to regulate my eating. Ns was life alone and, for most that year, I most likely ate between 500-800 calories a day.

I to be hungry a lot, not working out at all, had no energy, and also my stomach to be constantly in knots, yet I shed 40 pounds, happen me down to 160. Thatwas the lightest I’d been due to the fact that I can remember (literally. Ns obviously had actually to have actually been 160 pounds in ~ some suggest in mine life as I was acquiring the weight, however I have actually no idea once that was).

I believed skinny intended healthy, yet even though ns was finally a normal weight, ns was FAR from healthy at the point.

I began buying smaller clothes and also noticing that things fit me so lot better, however it was short-lived.

Unhealthy Relationship, Unhealthy Body

The deployment ended, he came home,and we got married. Ns was ready for a blissful honeymoon stage, however it was not a happy or a healthy marriage.

I didn’t understand it in ~ the time, yet my deep insecurities from gift the fat kid mixed with the desperation for attention from guys had led me right into an emotionally abusive marriage.

My load loss journey spiraled down and also my weight shot up as soon as again.

We a lot of rapid food, seldom exercised since we were glued come our TV and also computer screens, and also the anxiety of the continuous conflict in between us was almost unbearable (especially for this people-pleasing, peace-loving girl!), so ns started acquiring the weight back quickly.

And climate I retained gaining.

And gaining.

Until January 2012. I was 194 pounds and was terrified of creeping back up into the 200’s.

I’llExercise…In Secret.

So, ns joined a gym.

I was really just comfortable utilizing the elliptical. I was too scared to shot any the the classes offered and the weight equipments were just intimidating. Gym people always seem to recognize what they’re doing and I just…didn’t.

I didn’t feel choose I right anywhere and also I specifically didn’t want people to see mine gym inadequacy, so I invested a many time in the cardio movie room, where every one of the lights space dimmed and they projected movie onto a display in prior of the cardio equipment.

I make the efforts a an individual trainer for awhile and also hated it.

A human watching me practice was. The. Worst.

Mostly due to the fact that I was so weak that ns struggled with a lot of the practice she provided me and also as sweet as this girl was, she consistently expressed just how surprised she to be at how small I might lift/push/squat/whatever else. Also though i was quiet 55 pounds less than mine heaviest, ns felt fully inadequate and also just want to hide.

So, Iditched the gym and also the trainer because that workouts the I might do myself at house (these are few of my favorite house workouts).

That’s when I determined to begin running.

Yes, running.

Running for load Loss

You know, that thing I called you ns hated through a passion? The bane of my existence? The killer of my self-esteem? That. I looked it in the metaphorical confront and embraced it (sticking to side roads with few spectators, mind you).

One action at a time. One panting breath at a time.

Running was SO tough for me.

In June 2012, i ran my first 5k (even though my mommy beat me. Totally embarrassing.).

If you want to operation for load loss, check out this beginner’s overview to running.


The Year whatever Changed

After a rough begin to the year with a damaging divorce, 2014 ended up being one the the most prominent years of mine life (and my load loss journey).

That was the year that all of the pieces of healthy habits that I had actually been building over the year finally dropped into place.

Running had actually started to offer me confidence.

I didn’t feel favor hiding anymore. I still didn’t want all of the attention drawn to me, but I dabbled in a range of exercises the year and was always working on something to store myself healthy.

I tried Zumba and cardio kickboxing classes, which majorly propelled me out of my comfort zone, yet I appreciated immensely!

An instructor talked to me after ~ class and also asked me mine story and also recommended i look into teaching fitness. I was therefore flattered, but just placed that right into the earlier of my mind.

I did some yoga, part pilates, and some Jillian Michaels videos.

I used my Fitbit every year, i beg your pardon really encouraged me to move more throughout the day.

I take it my border collie, Boots, for more walks, i parked farther away from stores, ns walked the long method around whenever I could – noþeles to gain up to my 10,000 steps!

I ran off and also on as soon as I felt prefer it (and often when i didn’t) and also ended up running 6 5ks.

Outside the exercise, mine confidence was building, too.

Instead of simply helping out through slides in ours church services, i joined the praise team and started to sing in prior of ours congregation every week.

I dated. Ns left my teeny small comfort zone and also went ~ above adventures. I began striking increase conversations v neighbors and people in the grocery store.

I was officially excellent hiding from people, and I to be finally, after ~ 27 years, starting to believe my worth together a boy of God.

Until that year, I had no idea that God would certainly care about my weight loss journey.

Oh, exactly how I Love Food (Apparently healthy Food, Too! who Knew?)

The various other thing that happened in 2014 is that my tastes started to change. Those little changes had added up!

I have always been a lover of all points fried and junk food-like. As a single person, I had the flexibility to share my cabinets and also fridge with every little thing foods ns wanted.

I began the year to buy all of the chocolate and also chips and also frozen prepared foods items that ns love and I quickly found that those weren’t the foods items I wanted anymore.

I still kept awide variety of coco in the house however ate it sparingly (self-control choose that quiet feels weird come me!).

Surprisingly, I want spaghetti squash, Greek yogurt, zucchini, infant spinach, quinoa, and fish.

I gradually warmed up to fish in my mid-20’s, however that year, i craved it and ate it often!

And, unless I was meeting friends, i didn’t eat out.

I supplied to dream about large Macs and Sonic’s tater tots and also Freddy’s french fries and also then once I actually had actually the flexibility to go to those areas whenever I want to, it turned out ns really didn’t want to.

I tho eat Life Saver Gummies, chocolate, and french fries as soon as I desire to, but now, rather of a crate of Nutty Bars (oh, how I love them!) disappearing in one night, they were lasting me a month or more.

Nothing to be off limits to me and also that in reality was the an essential for me to eat everything in moderation.

I don’t think in forbidden foods items in my diet anymore.

As a result of all of those little changes in my healthy and balanced eating and exercise, i dropped 30 pounds the year.

And I’ve kept it off ever since.

No much more dieting.

No much more forcing myself come go v the motions.

I had functioned my way, one action at a time, to food freedom.

Now, those healthy behavior I arisen in my load loss journey are simply my normal, a typical I happen to absolutely love living. Ns eat what i love, I have actually the energy and stamina to carry out the points I enjoy, and I just feel good.

I was about 250 in ~ my heaviest, which means over the years, I have now lost 100 pounds.


Even despite It’s around The Weight, It’s not Really around The Weight

It’s really no even around my goal weight anymore.

It’s around freedom.

I’m doing things I never thought ns was capable of. It’s about being healthy and balanced and active and taking treatment of myself for this reason that ns can develop the life I want to live. It’s around chasing my niece and also nephew and also running 5ks through my friends.

It’s about seizing the day, rather of trying to hide, hoping no one will notice me.

It’s around being confident in who I’ve become and embracing both mine strengths and also my weaknesses.

Instead of being scared to try brand-new things, I’m eager to take benefit of brand-new experiences. It’s about making great choices most of the time when it comes to both movement and also nutrition, yet not being a slave to counting calorie or forbidding foods items from mine diet.

I would never ever have believed it if girlfriend would have actually told me 10 years back that I would be the girl selecting salmon and also barley end a burger and also french fries, but I did just that the other night.


Breaking Free

I ran my an initial half marathon in 2015, and also that was as soon as I chose that I wanted to in which method share the tools and lessons (and many, countless mistakes) the I have actually learned through my very own journey, so i earned my personal trainer’s certification and my health coaching certification (through ACE – the American the supervisory board on Exercise).

I currently run a Christian load lossprogramcalled Faithful end up Lines 2.0 (along with my partner Sara from The divine Mess who has likewise lost 100 pounds!) the lays the end a step-by-step, grace-based way to shed weight for females stuck in their own weight loss journey, in the cycle that yo-yo dieting and also emotional eating,find freedomin Christ by structure a healthy lifestyle, one small change at a time.

My weight loss journey has actually been so lot bigger than 100 pounds.

It provided me freedom and also such a deep joy.I learned to trade my guilt for God’s grace.It boosted my relationships.I feel so much better.It boosted my confidence.I learned how to discover joy and satisfaction in self-control.I enhanced my partnership with God and others.It changed my life right into one that i am madly in love v living.

And now, I desire to pass the on come others. I want you to recognize that, no matter what your starting place is, you can discover that freedom, too.

As a follower of Christ, you have the power of God on her side, therefore no matter exactly how impossible or hopeless your situation seems, I have the right to assure you over there is a civilization of hope and also possibility wait for you.

Sometimes you just need someone to believe in friend and assist you take it the an initial step.

You can lose the weight and also live a healthy life, no issue how far away you feel from that goal best now. One step, one little change at a time, transform her life.

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You can do this!

Start best now.


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