When recovering meth addict Brent walker posted before-and-after picture of him and his mam on Facebook, he hope to inspire change in old friends.

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But when, 10 job later, they had been shared practically 200,000 times. Brent, of Tennessee, was pleasantly surprised.

In the "before" photo, Brent and Ashley are at the height of your addiction. The "after" one was shot last month, together they celebrated three drug-free years.

Brent told vxcialistoufjg.com News: "It was just for mine family and also friends, several of whom are recovering addicts. The next day, my phone was blowing up.

Image source, Ashley Walker

"Meth messes through your brain, it renders you paranoid, it makes you shed your memory and also hallucinate," that said. "I couldn't eat. I didn't sleep because that days ~ above end."

The pair lost custody the the five youngsters they had in between them. Ashley went into rehab yet relapsed, and Brent was in and also out of prison on dealing and also possession charges.

Image source, Brent Walker

"We decided to walk to church and also we got rid of anything the was connected with the medicine life," Brent said. "That consisted of cutting human being off and getting brand-new friends.

"One that the biggest difficulties for recovering addicts is remembering the 'good times' with friends and also falling ago into it, for this reason we had to avoid seeing those people."

Image source, Brent Walker

The 2nd was to uncover a ar to live, as they had been sleeping on the floor of your friend's apartment.

Despite your addiction, they had actually been maybe to host down jobs, Brent in ~ a carwash and Ashley in ~ a factory, however they would invest all their money top top drugs.

"We would walk long distances to the grocery story, our clothes were in garbage bags and we walked to work," Brent said.

Now, the pair have collection themselves an ext goals to achieve, including improving their credit transaction score therefore they deserve to put a deposit under on a house, and also taking actions to reclaim custody that Ashley's children.

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On on facebook the couple's post has received over 18,000 comments, some from various other recovering addicts.

One facebook user called Cynthia wrote: "They deserve a medal since it's a battle every day once you're make the efforts to acquire clean.

"Getting turn off the drugs is just the beginning, ex-drug users have to learn how to live again sober, they have to have a plan. Brent and Ashley thanks for share that."

Another, Stephanie, commented: "Great job, I'm sober 5 years. It takes a lot to quit, you have to give up loads of people, friends and also family and so on not to cite the sickness you need to deal with. You have to work for it. Good job on it, y'all watch amazing."

If friend or who you recognize needs assist with addiction, in the united state you can contact the nationwide Drug helpline on 1-844-289-0879, or visit their site.