Before I placed It In i Smack that Ass

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Akinyele Adams - placed it in her mouth

meLeft me sad and blueI didn"t know what come do...Without my baby baby baby baby ... And also then I met his ideal friendAnd hetook me come his ... HouseAnd I said... I said...(what you said baby) let

The game - put it in the wait

19 2nd instrumental come open> ... Who"s hot, who"s not; I to be the sexy thingon ... The West, ever due to the fact that the death of TupacKept ... My crack in clean capsules with blue topsAnd it"s still

Talib Kweli - put it in the wait

Kweli>We be blazin" (uh)So amazin" (yeh) ... Get down (uh, yeh)We be blazin" (uh)So amazin" (c"mon, uh ... Get downYehNew year, brand-new record, time

M.o.p. - put it in the air

C"mon, c"mon It"s the M, period O, period P, ohh! ... M, period O, period P, ohh! ... M, dot O, dot PFIYAH! FIYAH! Now, to fill yo" cup up (PUT IT IN THE

Duffy - placed it in view

it in perspectivePut it in perspectivePut it in ... PerspectiveIt"s to be a longAnd uphill ... JourneyGettingTo wherein I am todayIt"s been actual ... ToughAnd I"m still learningThat workin" hard"sThe

Blue October - placed it in

t work couldn"t workNow it"s everybody wants some ... Who to say who to sayThat we"d never really walk far.

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I wouldn"t care wouldn"t careIf that"s every you ever before hoped

Lil" Keke - placed it in reverse

it in reverse homie, change da gearI"m buyin ... All brand-new whips in ~ da height of da yearI"m a ... Mudaf***in G, go I make that clearNigga an initial I gained they ... Hearts, then I stole they earSo come to

Mike Doughty - placed it down

cut by the torns awhilehave to loosen my fixed ... Flower loss my handsDown Put It put it DownPut It DownPut It DownPut It DownGo permit it let it goLet It walk goLet

The Knux - Fire (put the in the air)

(Put It In The Air)FIRE (Put It In The Air)FIRE (Put It In The Air)FIRE (Put It In ... The Air

Mac and also Devin go To High school - You have the right to put it in a zag, i’mma placed it in a bl..

Can Put It In A Zag, I"mma Put In A blunt by Snoop Dogg and ... Wiz KhalifaIs the large mack i obtained the ..You might wanna hit thisHook:You can Put It In A Zag, Imma Put It In A

Kelly Rowland - work (put it in)

ain"t walk be easyUhYou acquired it, you acquired itPut it in ... Tables turned right into a situationNow friend standing in mine face and also you been patiently waitingFumbling over

Closure In Moscow - had to put it in the soil

t let friend love me, had actually to put it in the soil.Buried it and ... Gave you come the night.Didn"t watch it growing, climate you ... Covering me in that is leavesjust in time for us

Akon - Smack that (feat. Eminem)

ConvictUpfrontAkonSlim ShadyI check out the one, ... Because she it is in that lady! Hey!I feeling you creeping, I can see it from my ... ShadowWhy don"t you popular music in mine Lamborghini Gallardo

Lmfao - put that ass to work

girl all around the world just ... Shake your hips and put that ass to occupational (x4) when you ... Song, don"t just bob along Girl present me that thong and also put that ass to work We acquired sir rock

Eminem - Smack that - akon

ConvictUpfrontAkonSlim ShadyI check out the one, ... Due to the fact that she be that lady! Hey!I feel you creeping, I deserve to see it from my ... ShadowWhy don"t you popular music in mine Lamborghini Gallardo

The Dream - placed it under

.. O... That (like old times)Wooooo (haha)O Whoo ... T avoid what girlfriend can"t see nigga correctly sir...DSL)Who (L.O.X ... Ooo Ooo (radio killer)Ooo Whoo (the R&B

Rich young - Touch that ass

Yeah rich Boy man I"m pimpin" favor that)I ... Save flickin" these dollars girl and... You understand I just gained ... Somethin" on my mind... Organize on Polow guy stop

Jedi psychic Tricks - placed "em in the tomb

"So who the following to acquire it?""I"ll take the ... Life of everyone tryin" to adjust what"s left" ... Dro and also spark, a bunch of pets like Noah"s ArkA rapper

Akon - placed it on me (feat. Young swift)

yeaAkon, Young SwiftGirl, do your dance, let"s beat ... Ring around the RosayMoney in the air and also my pockets complete ... Of mo cheeseAsses, asses, drop "em to the floor

Dr. Dre - placed it on me (featuring dj quik & mimi)

Dr. Dre>Y"all ready to get dirty?Do y"all yes, really wanna ... Rated?Heh, bottoms upJust struggle me up when you ... And HennesseyWon"t you just put it on meI just want yo

Illy - placed em in the air

yeah, yeah, yeahIlly, IllyTaku top top the beatLet"s ... Go!Turn it onGet em offset it off ... Shut it down (smash it out the speakers)Put em in ... The air choose (smash it out the speakers)Put em in

Public enemy - placed it increase

some of this Rhymin in circlesNow patroitic emcees ... ~ above bent knees By 6 degreesLord have actually mercy ... Even the voice of god rehearsesAttack of ... The 50 ft versesSupermama this time roughly gotta couple of curses

Drake - put it down(with bun b)

Bun B - verse 1>Now as soon as it come to making money I"m a ... Printing pressWhen it involved being Trill I"m a litmus testI run it like a fitness testAnd once it come

2 Live Crew - put her in the buck

NOW PUT "ER IN THE BUCK!!!!Verse 1: ... Fresh kid IceThere"s only one way to ... Have actually a an excellent time F*** that p**** and make it mineLay ... The bitch ~ above the bed, flat on her

Blood top top The run Floor - It"s on like donkey kong

go ape shit, go ape shitGo, go ape shit, walk ape shitGo, go ape shit, go ape shitWell, I"m around to let it ... Go downF***ing hopped up like Dennis Hopper on speedI"m

Crash check Dummies - placed me in a edge of her mind

could be away for rather some timeBut you"d never leave my ... Foolish mindYou have the right to step right on my foolish heartYou ... The startTake me to a ar I"d fairly seePut me in a

Nightcore - It"s on prefer donkey kong

ape sh*t, go ape sh*tWell, I"m around to allow it go under ... F*ckin" hopped up favor Dennis Hopper ~ above speedI"ma acting ... Your ass choose Cheech and Chong smokes

Mac and Devin go To High college - That an excellent

Wiz Khalifa> I’m smoking anywhere I go (No rod ... No seeds, simply Al Green) I always gotta save one rolling ... (I keep that, need that, gained that) I’m rolling

Roscoe Dash - put it on girlfriend

s the night, we gonna do it occur (we gonna make it ... Happen)We have the right to make love currently I"ma obtain cracking (I"ma get it ... Crackin")Girl I wanna love you under (Girl I

Audio press - placed it ~ above ya

It on Ya,Put It ~ above Ya,Put It ~ above Ya,Put It ~ above Ya,Put It top top ... Ya,Put It ~ above Ya,Put It top top Ya,Put It on Ya,Put It on Ya,Put It ... On Ya,Put It top top Ya,Put It top top Ya,Put It top top Ya,Put It On

Big l - placed it ~ above

Big L:>Aiyyo, friend betta flee Hobbes, or ... L store rapper"s hearts pumpin prefer ReeboksAnd every year ... I get clout and also my surname sprouts ... Some brothers"d quiet be large if the cracked never

Snoop Dogg - That good

Chorus - Wiz Khalifa>I"m smoking almost everywhere I go ... (No stick, no seeds, simply Al Green)I always gotta save one rolling ... (I save that, need that, obtained that)I"m rojo every gram I

The Cataracs - put it ~ above the floor

It on The Floor Put It top top The FloorPut It on The ... Floor Put It ~ above The FloorPut It ~ above The Floor Put It ~ above The ... FloorPut It top top The Floor Put It ~ above The

Fatboy Slim - placed it ago together

was relocating forwardFrom the allude I ... Ve come fromI was rolling lowlyThis is our song currently ... I was relocating forwardFrom the point I ... Ve come fromI to be rolling lowlyThis is our track now

Chris Brown - placed it up ft. Rihanna

Rihanna:> infant you don"t require ... To be scared of me I guarantee that I"m no a failure I"mma give you every one of ... My love and also I hope that you won"t misplace it You

Diana Vickers - placed it back together

you think you"re sinking you more than likely areOnly friend ... Deserve to know only you deserve to knowIf girlfriend think you"re falling friend ... More than likely willYou"ve gained to shed ... Yourself and also not let walk I think we"ll it is in alrightI think we will surviveEverybody

Kisum - placed it under (ft. Mim hoon ki)

it d d downput it d d downput it d d downput it d d under ... Yeogi moyeo complimentary your mindlet"s execute gonna run ... Oneureun bultaneun geumyoil bam jaju gadeon suljibeuro

Dolly Parton - placed it off till tomorrow

it off until tomorrowWo-woYou"ve ... TodayYou say our love is overThat girlfriend have found ... AnotherYou say you"re walk awayBut leaving me ... You"ve pains me enough todayI can"t think the indigenous you

Don Diablo - put it on because that me (ft. Nina nesbitt)

lights, red and also goldPretty girls on their phonesOther life we live aloneHigh heels ... Run choose dominoesOn SoHo roadways to midnight showsTryna hide from

Sarah Bettens - put it the end for great

hear the rock show winding down at the high schoolKids the end on the sidewalk, waiting for a rideAll the punks ... Freaks and the smokersFeel favor they"ll be wait for the

Tragically Hip, The - placed it off

wrote it is not kind things, truly cruelOn the work that you to be bornTo prove that ... Cannot touch beautyBut I to be tornI put it off, I put it off, I put it turn off againI

Sin v Sebastian - placed it top top

sex sex gnome 7xSee the birds and beesThey perform it in ... The threesThe birds and beesThey must wait ... Because that mePut it on, come onDo it conveniently ... And won"t take longPut it on, come onSex sex sex

Ben Cristovao - put it on me

u ever before think ur babywould be well known ... Now I´m on the wholeworlds i pod pat listlooks choose we ... Madeits been a lengthy roadbut i ... Love u for ur patiencethat why ur my favoritesee

Dean boy name - put you in my pocket

you understand i like,You know, i like the wayI really favor ... You look.And also though it"s hard,You know, it"s daunting to say.Without gift mistook.I desire toPut girlfriend in mine pocket.

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Put friend in my

Gunz because that Hire (ran-d and Adaro) - placed it ~ above

it - put itPut it onPut it - pu - puPut it on, come ... On!Put it - put itPut it - put itPut it on, come on ... Put it upYou recognize what I"m sayin"?My man big L, running points for the nine-four

Hatebreed - placed it to the torch

mine words to win a nerveAm I supposed to be sorry That I ... Background dust wherein my footsteps ... When wereMaybe I’m supposed To care for ... Grand principles never expressedIt took no heart, pierced

Keane - placed it behind you

goes by at such a paceIt"s funny how it"s basic to ... Forget her faceYou hide the cracks, the facts will ... Uncover youTurn your earlier and ... Leaving the lonely work behind friend nowYou"d better put

Kottonmouth monarchs - put it down ft. Cypress hill

off ..shit comes at friend live and also on fireKottonmouth kings, and Cypress Hill…”You ... Understand southern California be residence of the highest possible ... In between the Hill and kottonmouth we smoking

Bob Marley - put it on

them soul Feel them heart Feel them spirit Lord, I ... Thank you Lord, I say thanks to you feeling all right ... Currently Feel all right now Feel all right now

Kylie Minogue - placed yourself in my location

can"t take this situationIt"s make me feel so blue ... One moment you walked into my lifeAnd nowYou"re ... Saying that we"re throughI hear that you"re in love now

Jessica Reedy - put it ~ above the altar

whoa, whoa, whoa, whoaIt’s been a actual hard couple of ... Friend had sufficient (mm hmm)But it’s been difficult for everyone, ... (uh uh)You’ve to be hurting way too long, allow it go and

The Adicts - put yourself in my hand

is nothing come be fear ofIn mine trapFrightened the Love ... Don"t try to hit meYou might even choose meSends a shiver down your spineTod girlfriend that you would certainly be mineHush baby

Danger silent - put it the end

Not FoundNot FoundNot FoundNot FoundNot FoundNot FoundNot FoundNot FoundNot FoundNot FoundNot FoundNot Found...

Plies - put it on ya

Chorus:>Shorty I wanna know if you come overIf girlfriend don"t ... Psychic girl put your legs up on my shoulders ... Don"t lie, I can see it in her eyesYou desire for you

Redman - placed it down

Timbaland:>YeahOh oh ... YeahYeah, obtain nigga ... Redman obtained fire niggaShots space in her hood ... Once I"m high niggaShots the Cuervo space f***in up mine liverShots indigenous the

Reverend Horton warm - placed it come me directly

it to me straight,Baby up and also downMove in a circle,A-baby, "round ... And also "roundWiggle castle hips, baby, next to sideWoo! ... And it"s a stunner rideAbout come shake, baby, one

Ben Harper - put it ~ above me

eats nectarines through honey and also spends her daddy ... For this reason easyShe cut cherry pie if she looks you in the ... Eye therefore easyThe innocent naivety the hairless cheekThe

Lana Del Rey - put me in a movie

camera, actionIf the likes me, bring away me homeLights, ... Camera, actionIf the likes me, takes me homeLights, ... Camera, actionIf he likes me, take away me homeCome

Nicki Minaj - placed you in a room

Hook>Put girlfriend in a roomYou ain"t gotta ... LeaveYou ain"t gotta leaveBut friend can"t ... Sleep v mePut you in a roomYou ain"t gotta ... LeaveYou ain"t gotta leaveBut friend can"t

New children On The Block - placed it on mine tab

sexy body, keepin" low key, is v nobody Chillin" in ... They wanna shot to get up in her face and also holler talk ... They obtained Don"t they know that you"re no that kind of Girl to take it "em home for one night, no You just came to



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